Collection: 2CH RC Helicopter

2CH RC Helicopter

A 2CH RC helicopter refers to a remote-controlled helicopter that operates on two channels, typically controlling the throttle and steering. Here's a brief introduction to 2CH RC helicopters, their features, and how to match them:

Definition: A 2CH RC helicopter is a basic model designed for beginners or young enthusiasts. It offers simplified controls with two channels, allowing pilots to control the throttle for vertical movement (up and down) and the steering for directional control (left and right).


  1. Easy to Fly: 2CH helicopters are designed for beginners, providing a straightforward and easy flying experience. They have simple controls that are easier to learn and master.
  2. Stable Flight: These helicopters often incorporate gyro stabilization systems to provide stability during flight, making them more forgiving and easier to control.
  3. Durable Construction: 2CH helicopters are typically built with sturdy materials to withstand crashes and accidents, making them more resilient for beginners.
  4. Affordable: Due to their basic design and fewer features, 2CH helicopters are often more affordable compared to more advanced models.