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RCDrone's story

RCDrone is a platform dedicated to serving the whole society with drones. With our professional operation of drones, you can buy the most abundant and high-quality drones here.

  • In 2021, he founded the company with the goal of establishing a professional drone e-commerce company; and established cooperation with more than a dozen drone production factories in Chenghai District, Shantou, and became one of their product dealers;
  • In 2022, it will be recognized by the Shenzhen Drone Association, become a member of the drone industry, and participate in local drone activities;
  • In 2023, our business covers photographic drones, FPV drones, agricultural drones, VTOLs, and related accessories, and the market also covers North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other regions;


RCDrone participates shenzhen drone events 

We actively participate in activities organized by the Shenzhen Drone Association, including drone learning activities for student groups. As a facilitator of the activities, we provide a lot of drones and professional knowledge guidance, and are favored by drone enthusiasts. good reviews.

Why choose RCDrone?

Located in the world's largest drone production base, we have supply chain advantages
We focus on the sales of drones. The main production place of drones in the world is in Chenghai District, Shantou, China. We have a geographical advantage. We have signed good cooperative relationships with various drone brands and factories. You can here Choose from many makes and models; not just drones, but also the widest range of accessories. From mini drone, camera drones, fpv drone, rc helicopters, agricultural drones, fixed-wing drones, VTOL, etc., as well as accessories such as drone motors, fpv blades, drone batteries, flight control, ESC, etc.;

Focus on drone sales, large sales volume, and good price advantage
Because we only sell drones, the entire store is very professional, and there are many dependent customers and wholesale customers, so we can get low prices from suppliers, so we have a good price advantage;

Fast shipping and good after-sales service
Thanks to the double-clearance door-to-door express delivery service we have signed with carriers such as Yuntu, the courier can quickly deliver the goods to your door. Your shopping experience will be very simple. If you encounter problems, after-sales service is also available. Very convenient for returns and exchanges;

Professional knowledge helps you fly
Drones are fun, but many require certain knowledge and skills. Other platforms cannot instruct you on how to use them. You might damage your drone, or it might not fly smoothly, but we can give you expert advice. Guidance, including setup, flight control, parts replacement, etc.; Because we are focused, we are professional; Because we are focused, we are professional;

 We provide the industry's leading drone blog system and drone manual system to facilitate your further understanding and use of drones.

RCDrone's Secure

Verified Paypal Merchant
We are verified Paypal member which means our account has been confirmed and that Paypal has substantiated our identity.

Highly reputable seller paid by Lianlian
Lianlian Payment is an internationally renowned third-party payment service provider. Users can use credit cards to purchase products on our website. Through Lianlian's payment channel, Lianlian can effectively ensure the safety of your financial transactions.

Shopify Hosting
Our website is hosted through Shopify, which provides basic security, including HTTPS, SSL security protocols, anti-DDOS and other security guarantees;

Private Policy

We respect your personal privacy. The "privacy clause" is responsible for the operation of our online information management, and fully reflects our commitment to protecting your privacy.
We will not public customers' information to any outside parties, the policy of allowing to access to the personal information is only available for our staffs while they need to know.
To protect your privacy and security, and your registered account will be implemented password protection. In certain areas, RCDrone will use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer encryption software (SSL-encryption) to protect data transmission. 


Our company information

-Company: Shenzhen Baichen Trading Co., Ltd.

-Email: buysom2022@gmail.com, rcdrone@baichen.co

-Address: Room 306, building F1, Zhonghao jinyucheng, Bantian, Longgang, Shenzhen, 518000 Guangdong, China

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