Collection: AGR Agriculture Drone

AGR Agriculture Drone

The mission of Qifei Intelligent (AGR) is to make plant protection easier, safer and more efficient.

Hangzhou Qifei intelligent technology co.,ltd. was established in 2015, is committed to the development and promotion of agricultural science and technology, is a high-end equipment supplier for the solution of plant protection drone, flight control system, RTK high precision navigation system,intelligent spray system, agriculture ioT and green prevention and control systems.

In 2018, Zhejiang Qifei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established. It is located in China Geographic Information Town, Zhejiang Geographic Information Industry Park, and is the permanent site of the United Nations Geographic Information Management Forum. As the operation center and production base of Qifei Intelligent, Zhejiang Qifei has more than 150 employees.

AGR will vest drones a higher scientific and technological mission, replace machines, and promote the development of smart agriculture.