Collection: Large RC Helicopter

50CM, 80CM Large RC Helicopter

A large RC helicopter refers to a remote-controlled helicopter with a larger size and rotor span compared to standard-sized models,also as huge remote control helicopter, giant radio controlled helicopter. Here's a brief introduction to the definition, features, precautions, brand, and product recommendations for large RC helicopters:

Large RC Helicopter 50CM 80CM Huge Remote Control Helicopter

Definition: A large RC helicopter is typically defined as a helicopter with a rotor span of 450mm or larger. These helicopters are often designed for advanced pilots and enthusiasts who seek more realistic flight experiences and improved performance.


  1. Size and Scale: Large RC helicopters mimic the size and scale of real helicopters, providing a more immersive and realistic flying experience.
  2. Improved Stability: The larger size and weight of these helicopters often result in enhanced stability and smoother flight characteristics.
  3. Advanced Features: Large RC helicopters often incorporate advanced features such as brushless motors, flybarless systems, advanced stabilization systems, and sophisticated radio systems for precise control.
  4. Greater Payload Capacity: Due to their larger size, these helicopters can carry additional payload, such as cameras for aerial photography or other specialized equipment.
  5. Aerobatic Capabilities: Some large RC helicopters are capable of performing advanced aerobatic maneuvers and stunts, providing thrilling flying experiences.


  1. Skill Level: Large RC helicopters are typically designed for experienced pilots who have a good understanding of RC helicopter flight dynamics and control. They require advanced piloting skills to handle the larger size and increased power.
  2. Flying Area: Ensure you have a suitable flying area with ample space and minimal obstructions to safely operate a large RC helicopter.
  3. Safety Measures: Follow all safety guidelines and regulations provided by the manufacturer and local authorities. Be mindful of the rotor blades, as they can cause serious injuries if mishandled.