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iFlight FPV Drones

iFlight is a leading brand in the drone industry that's known for manufacturing high-quality FPV (First Person View) drones, components, and accessories. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the company was based in China but has a global reach with customers around the world.

iFlight's product line is extensive and caters to a wide range of drone enthusiasts, from beginners to professional pilots. Their product categories include:

  1. Ready-to-fly Drones (RTF): These drones come fully assembled and are ready to fly out of the box. They include racing drones, freestyle drones, and cinematic drones.

  2. Plug-and-play / Bind-and-fly Drones (PNP/BNF): These drones come mostly assembled but need a compatible receiver and sometimes a battery.

  3. Drone Frames: iFlight produces a range of drone frames for those who want to build their own custom drones.

  4. Components: iFlight also produces a wide array of components such as motors, propellers, flight controllers, cameras, and more.

  5. Accessories: The company offers a variety of drone-related accessories including batteries, chargers, FPV goggles, transmitters, and more.

Some of the popular product series from iFlight include:

  1. Nazgul Series: The Nazgul series is known for its versatility and robustness, designed for freestyle flying.

  2. Titan Series: The Titan series is a line of high-performance drones designed for cinematic footage and freestyle flying.

  3. Alpha Series: The Alpha series is designed with portability in mind, featuring compact and lightweight drones ideal for travel.