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AGR B70 70L Agriculture Drone - Spreading Fertilizer Tank Volume 70L Spraying Pesticide Tank Volume 40L

AGR B70 70L Agriculture Drone - Spreading Fertilizer Tank Volume 70L Spraying Pesticide Tank Volume 40L


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Product Parameter

  • Whole Parameter
  • Rated load
  • Max Load
  • Rated no-load weight
  • Rated full-load weight
  • Overall dimension
    1480X1480X820 mm
  • Spreading Parameter
  • Fertilizer tank volume
  • Spreading efficiency
  • Spreading range
  • Max unloading rate
  • Suitable material
    0.5-10mm dry solid particle
  • Spraying Parameter
  • Pesticide tank volume
  • Spraying efficiency
  • Spraying range
  • Max flow rate
  • Atomizing diameter
  • Battery Parameter
  • Battery weight
    about 13.5kg
  • Battery capacity
  • Nominal voltage
  • Empty hovering time
  • Full-load hovering time


Product Application

* Independent Research and Development Product, Core Technology and Exclusive Design by AGR
* Foldable arms, rapid transfer.
* Pluggable tank, convenient to recharge.
* Applicable crops species including rice, cotton, maize, wheat, grape, cherry, orange, eggplant, peanut, sunflower, etc.
* Suitable for farmers who possess 200-1000 acres of crop planting scales.
* Reduce working labor costs effectively and improve the working efficiency.
Details Images

spreading tank with big filter,easy to add fertilizer.
Modular quick removal design makes the spreader structure simpler,faster maintenance and easier cleaning.
4 higher precision senser for judging residual amount.

The opening is matched with the filter screen,which can effectively filter the liquid residue.

The number of nozzles is increased to 16,greatly increasing the spraying range and improving operational efficiency.

With high-precision ultrasonic flowmeter,the spray is more accurate,stronger anti-interference ability,lower failure rate and double working efficiency.


Simple Form And Free Transition

B70 equipped with high-strength aluminum frame and 50mm thickness carbon fiber arms

Combination of modular and integrated design of B70,

Makes it simpler and more rigid.

High-strength down-folding arm, stable and durable,

Eliminate completely risk of arm folding in the air and crashing.

Auto-adaptation of position adjustment, no fear to generate gaps ;

Fast folding four-link,

quick reparation and free transition.

Huge Load Spreader Coming

Newly upgraded spreader, born for fertilizer.

70L huge tankQuick released and quick washingReal-time weighing

70L huge tank with large charging hole design can quickly load a package of fertilizer.

With a large high-strength filter , to break up the caking easily

With a sowing capacity to 80kg/min, and sowing range up to 10 meters.

Upper and lower segmented shaft design of spreader eases washing and maintenance

Screws of whole fuselage are external and quick-detachable, achieving easy cleaning and maintenance in field operations.

The external motor cable avoids direct contact with the fertilizer.

Equipped with 4 high-precision weighing sensor

Real-time monitoring of fertilizer and pesticide weight

Spreading real-time calibration, more accurately

Precise Spraying, Efficient Operation

Water tank: 40L, sprayer nozzle: 16, flowing rate: 10 l/min, spray width: 8 m,

Combined with a high-precision flow meter brings more accurate spraying, stronger anti-interference, lower failure rate and doubled operation efficiency

Multiple Functions To Switch At Will

AGR APP has been comprehensively upgraded with a variety of new functions, achieving a more convenient operation mode.

AGR APP could realize the switching for the different languages(English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French) according to the requirement of customers.

M+ semi-automatic intelligent operation function
allows precise and efficient operation for small plots.
Automatic edge-spraying function
meets the needs of more work scenarios, cover every corner.
Plot cutting function
Allows customized cutting for circled plots.
AB point angle adjustment function
Even irregular plots can be operated with convenience and accuracy.

Front And Rear FPV Renders Operator Free From Worry

Double FPV HD cameras transmit the real-time situation in the fields. Combined with 3D obstacle radar, the drone renders operator free from worry.

High-Brightness LED Lights, No Fear To Fly In The Night

Upgraded Protection, Clean With Convenience

IP67 waterproof criterion for the whole drone allows cleaning with water directly, insulating the drone from dusts, corrosives, liquids, etc.

Charger Of 2 Batteries,Operation Simplified

With just 2 batteries, 1 charger and 1 generator, and one pilot can start working.

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Supported By Real Experimental Data

Hundreds hours of reliability Vibration test, salt spray test,

low and high temperature test, aging test, soaking test

and cyclic damp heat test for whole drone and modules,

eradicate defects in the laboratory, giving escort to the practicability and durability of agriculture drone.

The Sharpness Of Sword Comes From Grindstone, The Stability Of Product Comes From Field.

From wheat, rape, green soy been, potherb to rice,

from base fertilizer to topdressing,

our drone has been spreading fertilizer and spraying pesticide all year round.


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