Collection: JTI Drones

JTI Agriculture Drones

As early as 2016, JTI started researching plant protection and flight control and gathered talents in China to study plant protection and flight control. It is a pioneer in domestic research on plant protection and flight control. Let the plant protection drone industry officially enter the era of semi-automatic operations.

In the past ten years, JTI has been taking technology and quality as the core of its products and has continuously improved the hard power through stable and continuous R&D investment.

JTI Flying Defense Smart Agriculture System

Digitalized agricultural operations, intellectualized agricultural management

The JTI flight defense butler solution is based on intelligent agricultural equipment such as intelligent agricultural drones, surveying and mapping drones, fire-fighting drones, inspection drones, and IoT devices as the core, and takes the big data visualization platform as the top-level interaction to comprehensively monitor farm operations. Improve agricultural information management, use big data analysis to achieve precise operations, scientific early warning, digital support operations, and provide farmers, farms, and agricultural enterprises with scientific production management solutions to maximize farm productivity and profitability.