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AE10 Drone - GPS WIFI Brushless Drone 8K HD Dual Camera Professional 800M Distance Remote Control Foldable Dron

AE10 Drone - GPS WIFI Brushless Drone 8K HD Dual Camera Professional 800M Distance Remote Control Foldable Dron


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AE10 Drone Parameters

Model Number: AE10 drone
Material: Plastic
Power: Battery
Function: Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, with G-sensor, 3D flip, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, Voice control, With Remote Control, Foldable
Operator Skill Level: Beginner
Control Type: Remote Control
image transmission distance: 600M
Maximum Flight Time: 22 minutes
remote control distance: about 800 meters
Flight time: about 22 minutes
battery: 7.4V 2500mAh
Flight height: 120 meters
Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz


AE10 Drone Product Description

Product Specifications (cm) Folded: 12.5*8*4.5cm, unfolded: 17*15*4.5cm (22.5cm diagonally) Product (aircraft) battery parameters: 7.4V 2500mAh battery Flight time about 22 minutes The remote control distance is about 800 meters (no interference environment) WIFI image transmission distance is about 600 meters (no interference environment) Remote control frequency 2.4GHz PTZ ESC 90° remote control GPS Dual Mode (GPS/GLONASS) Fence height 120 meters Motor Specifications Brushless Motor 1503 Camera Resolution Dual Camera Version (Huiyuan) Top Lens 8K (7680Px4320P) / Video 8k (3840Px2160P) (Huiyuan) Under Lens picture 1080P (1920Px1280P) / video 720P (1280Px720P) Lighting front blue, tail white (status display) Visual function Optical flow positioning at the bottom of the fuselage (dual camera version) Packaging material Storage bag + color box Product features "Brushless motor, 8k pixels, 90-degree ESC camera, dual-mode GPS positioning plus optical flow positioning, dual camera switching, ultra-long flight, ascending and descending, forward and backward, left and right side flight, steering, one-key return , headless mode, one-key geomagnetic calibration, one-key horizontal calibration, GPS switch, one-key unlock, photo/video, three speed speeds [Camera function: one-key return, intelligent follow, one-key surround, switch camera, VR mode, picture-in-picture mode, trajectory pointing flight, MV mode, front camera ESC, photo/video, take-off/landing, 50x zoom, APP control, battery display, GPS signal display]" Accessories List "Aircraft*1 Remote Control*1 Body Battery*1 Spare Fan Blade*8 USB Charging Cable*1 Screwdriver*1 Aircraft Manual*1 APP Manual*1 Storage Bag*1 Color Box*1"
AE10 Drone, aerial photography is a high-level activity skyvaal .

Introducing Skyvaal AE10, the ultimate powerhouse in aerial photography - a professional-grade drone capable of capturing stunning 8K HD footage with dual cameras, and reaching distances of up to 800 meters.

AE10 Drone, foldable drone, brushless motor is convenient more stable against strong wind

Experience seamless flight with our foldable drone, featuring a brushless motor that ensures stable performance even in strong winds. Capture stunning footage with our ultra-clear cameras, equipped with film-grade sensors and electronic-controlled lenses, providing exceptional image quality. Additionally, enjoy extended battery life and precise localization control, perfect for automated flights or long-distance surveillance.

AE10 Drone, "ae1o mini" is created with ingenuity

The AE10 Drone, a testament to innovation and dedication, will surely delight you with its impressive SkyMusual HD Cine capabilities.

AE10 Drone, ae1o mini hd resolution pixel lens with

Introducing the AE10 Drone, a new generation of aerial photography pioneers that make it easy to capture stunning HD footage with its high-resolution pixel lens and crystal-clear picture quality. Plus, with its built-in bright night lights, you can confidently fly in the dark, without worrying about visibility.

AE10 Drone, 8k image quality, and film-grade hd output
AE10 Drone, lighter and more powerful ae1o mini a small airplane

Meet the AE10 Drone, a compact powerhouse that combines lightweight design with impressive performance. Its palm-sized form factor makes it easy to take on-the-go, allowing you to capture stunning moments whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

AE10 Drone, ae1o mini dual-camera angle can be switched

The AE10 Drone features a versatile dual-camera system that allows you to switch between angles with ease. Additionally, the front camera is adjustable and capable of capturing stunning 8K HD footage, perfect for creating breathtaking cinematic experiences.

AE10 Drone, transcend oneself the 8k hd lens can improve the sharp

Take your aerial photography to new heights with our 8K HD lens, capable of delivering stunningly sharp images and allowing you to zoom in with precision. Plus, enjoy one-click automatic beauty mode for effortless photography, complete with the option to zoom in again without any post-processing editing required.

AE10 Drone, intelligent flight without complicated operation and control . you can take photos on

Experience seamless intelligent flight with minimal effort required, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning moments with ease. Simply align your shot using the camera and snap away - no complicated operations or controls necessary.

AE10 Drone, ae1o mini equipped with large capacity batteries and the power

Equipped with high-capacity batteries, the AE10 Drone provides extended flight time, with up to half of its power remaining even after multiple circular flights.

AE10 Drone, gps smart to follow experience anytime and anywhere ae

Enjoy seamless GPS tracking with our AE10 Drone, allowing you to capture stunning moments anytime, anywhere. With intelligent dual-mode GPS, automatically track subjects in both portrait and landscape modes for effortless photography.

AE10 Drone, AE1O MINI has GPSloptical flow positioning; it can hover stable both indoor

With advanced GPS and optical flow positioning, the AE10 Drone ensures a safe and reliable return journey home. Our intelligent return-to-home feature guarantees a secure landing, while our drone's ability to hover stably indoors or outdoors provides added peace of mind.

AE10 Drone, strong brushless motor makes the wind resistance performance steadily improved .

Equipped with a powerful brushless motor, the AE10 Drone delivers steady and consistent performance in windy conditions, allowing you to capture stunning footage from any location - be it a mountain top, a beachside, or anywhere in between.

AE10 Drone, ae1o mini intelligent altitude maintenance, stable flight and

Thanks to its advanced optical flow positioning and hovering capabilities, the AE10 Drone captures incredibly stable and clear footage. With our intelligent altitude maintenance feature, you can enjoy smooth and steady flight, while anti-shake aerial photography ensures that your shots are always crisp and professional-looking - even for beginners who can master it in seconds.

AE10 Drone, 5g real-time image transmission makes it easy for the scenery thousands

Experience real-time, high-definition video transmission with our AE10 Drone, thanks to its advanced 5G connectivity. With an ultra-long flight distance and instant 5G image feedback, you can capture breathtaking scenery from thousands of miles away, just like having migratory bird vision.

AE10 Drone, modular battery makes it easy to continue the journey ae1o

Experience uninterrupted flight with our AE10 Drone, featuring a modular battery system that makes it easy to swap out batteries as needed. Our innovative design allows for quick and effortless installation or removal of replacement batteries, giving you up to 25 minutes of flight time per 2500mAh battery.

AE10 Drone, the surface is covered with aviation papc materials, with folding design

The AE10 Drone features a ruggedized surface made from aviation-grade materials, designed with a foldable structure that provides added protection against drops. This convenient design allows for easy storage and portability, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

AE10 Drone, china guangdong brand name ae10 drone is

Introducing the AE10 Mini, a professional-grade drone that boasts impressive features. With its folding design, it measures 12.5x8x4.5cm when compact and expands to 17x15x4.5cm for flight. The drone is equipped with an intelligent fixed 8K HD dual camera, capable of capturing stunning footage from heights and hovering in place. The battery life is impressive, with a 7.4V 2500mAh lithium-powered endurance of approximately 25 minutes. The AE10 Mini comes packaged with a colorful box, storage bag, and mobile phone app for easy control. With a signal distance of up to 5000 meters, you can capture breathtaking footage from even the most remote locations.

AE10 Drone, please read carefully before placing the order aircraft x1 remote control

Before placing your order, please take note that it includes the following items: X1 Remote Control, Aircraft Battery, Aircraft Charging Hub, Spare Blades, and AE10 Mini Colorful Box. Additionally, this drone features Optical Flow Positioning technology for enhanced stability and control.

AE10 Drone, china guangdong brand name ae10 drone is

Experience exceptional portability with the AE10 Drone, weighing in at just 150g and featuring a mini body design. The drone's motors measure 6.8cm in length and 17cm in width, providing powerful and precise flight capabilities.

AE10 Drone, please note that above dimensions are all measured manually, and there may be

Please note that the measurements provided are manual and may not be exact, as they were obtained through manual measurement. The actual dimensions may vary slightly.

AE10 Drone, remote control guide ae1o mini camera adjustment gp

Remote Control Guide: AE10 Mini Camera Adjustment. Within the remote control, you'll find the following adjustments: * Left Joystick: Forward/Backward * Right Joystick: Up/Down/Look Left/Look Right * Gyroscope Correction: Adjust the drone's orientation and stability Note that these controls allow for precise steering of the AE10 Drone.

Place of Origin

Brand Name
AE10 drone
Model Number
AE10 drone
Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, with G-sensor, 3D flip, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, Voice control, With Remote Control, Foldable
Operator Skill Level
Control Type
Remote Control
image transmission distance
Maximum Flight Time
22 minutes
remote control distance
about 800 meters
Flight time
about 22 minutes
7.4V 2500mAh
Flight height
120 meters
Remote control frequency
Charging time
About 150 minutes
Packing & Delivery
AE10 Drone, china guangdong brand name ae10 drone is
AE10 Drone, please note that above dimensions are all measured manually, and there may be

please note that above dimensions are all measured manually, and there may be errors . 6.3cm 21.5cm please

Each item will be packed into a color box then into a carton box


Customer Reviews

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Clara Turner

super product, fast delivery, i recommend seller.

Yazmin Champlin

AE10 Drone - GPS WIFI Brushless Drone 8K HD Dual Camera Professional 800M Distance Remote Control Foldable Dron

Angelica Bode

AE10 Drone - GPS WIFI Brushless Drone 8K HD Dual Camera Professional 800M Distance Remote Control Foldable Dron

Barrett Franecki

Delivery is fast. I am satisfied with the seller's service, the drone is as described, it was a great shopping experience, thanks to the seller.

Roberta Schumm