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CFLY Faith2 SE Drone - 4K Profesional 3-Axis Gimbal FPV 5G Wifi GPS RC Quadcopter With Camera 540° Obstacle Avoidance Helicopter

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone - 4K Profesional 3-Axis Gimbal FPV 5G Wifi GPS RC Quadcopter With Camera 540° Obstacle Avoidance Helicopter


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Weight: 1.8

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Faith2 SE

Compatible Drone Model: Faith2 SE

Compatible Drone Brand: C-FLY

Brand Name: CARBIG

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, rotatable LIDAR detects if there are obstacles blocking the forward direction

rotatable LIDAR detects obstacles when it is flying for- ward left and right side, backward and upward . when an obstacle is found, the drone brakes and stops in time to ensure flight safety .

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, AK ultraHD image 3km map transmission 4K movie grade HD image Further and clearer

Capture stunning ultra-high-definition (UHD) images with crystal-clear clarity, transmit live footage up to 3 kilometers away, and enjoy high-quality 4K movie-grade video transmission, featuring detailed scenery and textures.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, a Jaitk2 SE 4K HD Real-Time Video AK Transmission ultrah

Capture breathtaking 4K HD real-time video transmissions with the Faith2 SE drone's advanced AK technology, as you soar over majestic mountains, serene seas, and endless skies. With its Sony image sensor, this camera boasts an impressive video resolution of up to 8 megapixels, allowing for stunningly detailed footage.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, ZLYD Jaith2 SE Brushless motor, strong power, safer flight .

Equipped with powerful brushless motors, the Faith2 SE drone delivers strong performance and longevity. Its advanced design also provides better wind resistance and safer flight capabilities. Whether you're flying on flat terrain or soaring through mountainous regions, this reliable drone is perfect for exploring a wide range of environments.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, CLV Faitk2 SE 27 Minutes Flight Time Maximum range is up to 27 minutes

With ideal conditions, such as calm air, the CFLY Faith2 SE drone can maintain a maximum flight time of up to 27 minutes.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, VS Hollow Cup Motor Baxis brushless mechanical Stabilizer Gimbal stabilization

The VS Hollow Cup Motor's brushless mechanical stabilizer, combined with the Baxis gimbal, provides exceptional stability and minimizes image shaking and blurring, ensuring that your captured footage is always crisp and clear.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, CLYD Jaitr2 Se Up to 3000m Control Range 3km Real-

Enjoy an impressive control range of up to 3000 meters with the CFLY Faith2 SE drone, which also features real-time map transmission capabilities of up to 3 kilometers. With low latency and strong anti-interference technology, you'll get a crystal-clear, real-time view of distant landscapes and scenery.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone

Take control with ease using the CFLY Faith2 SE drone's advanced smart flight features, which include intuitive functions such as return-to-home, low-battery return, runaway mode, and more. These intelligent modes ensure a safe and convenient flying experience.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, jaitk2 SE 540 rotating radar Obstacle avoidance Rotatable LID

The CFLY Faith2 SE drone features advanced obstacle avoidance technology, including a 540-degree rotating radar and rotatable LIDAR, which allows for instant detection of obstacles in all directions - forward, backward, sideways, and upward. This enables safe and confident flying in complex environments.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, faith2 SE Aircraft for Tiktok Horizontal and Vertical screen adopts a

The CFLY Faith2 SE drone's innovative PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) configuration design allows for seamless vertical and horizontal shooting on platforms like TikTok, featuring a compact rotation limit that ensures uncompromised image quality. This cutting-edge design sets a new standard for vertical filming and keeps pace with the latest trends.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, CLYD Jaitr2 SE 5 Strong Wind Resistance Equipped Powerful power and excellent

The CFLY Faith2 SE drone boasts exceptional strong wind resistance capabilities, thanks to its powerful motor and advanced gimbal stabilization system. This enables the aircraft to maintain a stable and smooth flight, even in windy conditions up to 5 levels (Beaufort scale), ensuring crisp and steady footage.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, CLYD Jaith2 SE Intelligent Easy to Use Faith2 SE supports multiple shooting modes

The CFLY Faith2 SE drone features intelligent flying capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly switch between various shooting modes. Choose from path-based flight for capturing along multiple waypoints, or opt for target-point surround or spiral flight modes to create unique and captivating aerial footage.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, the folding arm adopts the classic three-dimensional folding design, which feels just right .

The CFLY Faith2 SE drone features a unique folding arm design, which employs a classic three-dimensional folding mechanism to achieve a perfect balance between portability and compactness. When folded, the aircraft reduces its size by half, making it easy to hold with one hand for convenient storage and transport.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, TLYA Jaith2 SE Compact & Portable Almost as Light as a

Experience the ease of aerial photography with the CFLY Faith2 SE drone, which offers a compact and portable design that weighs almost as little as a smartphone. With various intuitive shooting modes at your disposal, you can unlock new creative possibilities and capture stunning aerial footage. Whether you're capturing the grandeur of cityscapes from high above or showcasing breathtaking vistas from afar, the CFLY Faith2 SE empowers you to tell stories in a whole new way.

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, FPV transmission Video 3km 3840 x 2160(4K) Bitstream

Specifications for the CFLY Faith2 SE drone include an unfolded diameter of 258mm, with a compact folded size of just 170mm. Additionally, key performance metrics include a bright color scheme, flight time up to 27 minutes, and battery capacity of 3000mAh (measured in non-interference environment).

CFLY Faith2 SE Drone, 4G 47% FAITHZ SE Connected device Start flying Home Collega Me

The CFLY Faith2 SE drone's companion app allows for intelligent flight modes, giving you greater control over your aerial experience. Additionally, the app enables parameter adjustments for the aircraft, ensuring optimal performance. Furthermore, the 4G connectivity feature lets you start flying immediately with just a few taps on your device, seamlessly connecting to the FaithZ SE controller or other compatible devices. With features like 'Home' and 'Collega Me', you can easily command your drone to return to its starting point or follow you as you move around.

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