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Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV Racing Drone Set for Beginners Ready-To-Fly FPV Drone w/ Controller Quadcopter

Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV Racing Drone Set for Beginners Ready-To-Fly FPV Drone w/ Controller Quadcopter


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Video Capture Resolution: Other


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 200-300m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: Maternity

Package Includes: Original Box,Camera,Batteries,Remote Controller,Charger,USB Cable,Operating Instructions

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Motor: Brush Motor

Material: Carbon Fiber

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: 4 minutes

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 114x98x40mm

Controller Mode: MODE1,MODE2

Controller Battery: 1S HV450mAh

Control Channels: 8 Channels

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: EMAX

Aerial Photography: Yes

Emax Official EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit FPV Racing Drone Set for Beginners Quadcopter With Goggle

Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, EMAX EZ_ Pilg E Lower Price when check out (only for EU Countries Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, USB Cable for Charging + Programming: Easily charge your drone and configure the settings using Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, EZ Pilot Pro combines past and future to create ultimate beginner FPV experience .

Drone Specs:

Wheelbase: 75mm

Dry weight: 32.5g

AIO: MATEKF411 FC w/ 6A ESC and 25/100/200mw switchable video transmitter

Motor: 08025 II KV15000

RX Protocol: FrSky D8 SPI


1x EZ Pilot Pro Drone

1x E8 Transmitter

1x Transporter 2 Non-DVR Version

1x Monitor Mounting Hardware

1x EMAX 1S 450 mAh LiPo battery

1x 6-Port 1S USB LiPo Battery Charger

1x USB Cable for Charging + Programming

1x Set Spare Turtlemode Propellers

1x Set Spare Hardware

Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, Yinyan Electric Technology Ltd is leading supplier in design, R&D and manufacture

Yinyan Electric Technology Ltd., a leading supplier, specializes in designing, researching and developing high-end brushless motors and servo systems for UAVs, robots, and other applications. EMAX is renowned for its premium products used in RIC models and FPV racing.

Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, You can get a refund 15 after the claim process finishes 2 Free Return With 'Free

You can initiate a refund within 15 days after the claim process is complete. With our 'Free Return' service, you have an additional 15-day window (from the scheduled delivery date) to decide whether to keep or return the item for any reason, as long as it remains unused, unwashed, and in its original condition.

Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, VISA WNLLET Aehbrw WebMoney Hacwet

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Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit - FPV, Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit, United States 10-15 Canada 15-20 Mexico 25-35 Puerto Rico 10-15 New Zealand 10-15 Australia 10-15 Poland 8

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Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit Review : The Ultimate FPV Racing Drone Set for Beginners

The Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit is a comprehensive and ready-to-fly FPV racing drone set designed specifically for beginners. With its user-friendly features and high-quality components, this kit offers an exciting entry point into the world of FPV drone racing. Whether you're a first-time pilot or an experienced enthusiast, the EZ Pilot Pro provides a thrilling and accessible flying experience.

Drone Specs:
The EZ Pilot Pro features a compact wheelbase of 75mm, making it agile and maneuverable. With a dry weight of just 32.5g, it strikes an excellent balance between performance and portability. The all-in-one (AIO) system includes a MATEKF411 flight controller with a 6A ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) and a switchable video transmitter capable of operating at 25/100/200mW power levels. The drone is powered by an 08025 II KV15000 motor, delivering impressive speed and responsiveness. The RX Protocol utilizes FrSky D8 SPI technology for reliable and precise control.

Included Components:
The Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit comes with everything you need to get started on your FPV drone racing journey. The kit includes the following components:

1. EZ Pilot Pro Drone: The main attraction of the kit, this fully assembled and configured drone is ready for flight right out of the box.

2. E8 Transmitter: The ergonomic transmitter provides intuitive control and a comfortable grip, ensuring a seamless piloting experience.

3. Transporter 2 Non-DVR Version: The included FPV goggles allow you to experience the thrill of first-person view flying, immersing yourself in the action.

4. Monitor Mounting Hardware: Securely mount the Transporter 2 goggles for a stable and adjustable viewing experience.

5. EMAX 1S 450mAh LiPo Battery: The high-capacity battery provides ample power for extended flight sessions, ensuring you have enough time to enjoy your drone.

6. 6-Port 1S USB LiPo Battery Charger: Charge multiple batteries simultaneously, allowing for quick turnaround times between flights.

7. USB Cable for Charging + Programming: Easily charge your drone and configure the settings using the included USB cable.

8. Set of Spare Turtlemode Propellers: Accidents happen, and Emax has you covered with spare propellers to keep you flying even after collisions.

9. Set of Spare Hardware: Additional screws and hardware are included to facilitate any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Advantages and Key Features:
1. Beginner-Friendly: The EZ Pilot Pro is designed with beginners in mind, offering easy setup, intuitive controls, and a durable build to withstand crashes.

2. Ready-to-Fly (RTF) Convenience: The kit includes all the necessary components, eliminating the need for additional purchases or complicated setups. Simply unbox, charge, and fly.

3. Immersive FPV Experience: With the Transporter 2 goggles, you can experience the thrill of flying through a first-person perspective, enhancing the excitement and realism of FPV racing.

4. High-Quality Components: Emax has incorporated reliable components into the EZ Pilot Pro, including the MATEKF411 flight controller, powerful motor, and durable frame, ensuring a dependable and enjoyable flying experience.

How to Configure:
Setting up the EZ Pilot Pro is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply follow these steps:

1. Charge the included EMAX 1S 450mAh LiPo battery using the 6-Port 1S USB LiPo Battery Charger and the provided USB cable.

2. Install the battery in the drone by securely attaching it to the designated mounting area.

3. Power on the E8 Transmitter

and ensure it is properly connected to the drone.

4. Put on the Transporter 2 goggles, adjust the straps for a comfortable fit, and secure them using the supplied monitor mounting hardware.

5. Perform a pre-flight calibration, ensuring all the controls are functioning correctly.

6. You're now ready to take to the skies! Start with gentle flights to familiarize yourself with the controls before progressing to more advanced maneuvers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
1. Can I upgrade the components of the EZ Pilot Pro?
While the EZ Pilot Pro is designed as a complete RTF package, some components can be upgraded to enhance performance. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines for compatible upgrades.

2. Can I use a different transmitter with the EZ Pilot Pro?
The EZ Pilot Pro is designed to work seamlessly with the included E8 Transmitter. While other transmitters may be compatible, it is recommended to use the provided transmitter for optimal performance.

3. How long does the battery last?
The EMAX 1S 450mAh LiPo battery provides a decent flight time. However, flight duration can vary depending on factors such as flying style, throttle usage, and environmental conditions. It is advisable to have additional batteries for extended flying sessions.

4. What is the range of the FPV video transmission?
The switchable video transmitter in the EZ Pilot Pro allows you to select power levels of 25mW, 100mW, or 200mW. The range can vary depending on external factors such as obstructions and interference.

The Emax EZ Pilot Pro RTF Kit is an exceptional entry-level FPV racing drone set that combines convenience, performance, and affordability. With its ready-to-fly nature, high-quality components, and immersive FPV experience, it offers beginners an excellent opportunity to explore the thrilling world of drone racing. The EZ Pilot Pro is a reliable and capable drone that will provide countless hours of excitement and enjoyment for pilots of all skill levels.


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