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FIMI x8 Mini Drone - 250G-Class 4K HD Camera Drone 3-Axis Gimbal FPV 5G Wifi GPS Drone 30Mins 8KM Remote Control Mini Quadcopter VS X8SE

FIMI x8 Mini Drone - 250G-Class 4K HD Camera Drone 3-Axis Gimbal FPV 5G Wifi GPS Drone 30Mins 8KM Remote Control Mini Quadcopter VS X8SE


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Width[cm]: X8 Mini pro

Video Maximum Resolution[Pixel X Pixel]: 4K(4096*2160)

Video Format[Name/Type]: MP4,MOV

Transmitter Power[dBm]: FIMI X8 Mini Pro

Transmission Range: 8km

Stobe: NO

Spotlight: NO

Sensor Size: 1/2.6 inches

Sensing System: Downward

Removable/Replaceable Battery: YES

Remote Distance: Max 8KM

Remote Controller Battery Capacity[mAh]: X8 Mini pro

Recommended age[Years]: Over 12

RTK Module(Real-time kinematic): NO

Pixels: 12 million

Origin: Mainland China

Optical Zoom: Fixed Focus

Operating Temperature[°C]: X8 Mini pro

Maximum Horizontal Speed[m/s]: X8 Mini pro

Maximum Altitude[m]: X8 Mini pro

Max Flight Time: 30Mins

Max Descent Speed[m/s]: X8 Mini pro

Max Ascent Speed[m/s]: X8 Mini pro

Main Rotor Diameter: 8.5CM

Loudspeaker: NO

Lens Aperture[f/Number]: FIMI X8 Mini Pro

Height[cm]: X8 Mini pro

Gyro: 3-Axis

GPS: Yes

Frequency: 5.8GHz

Fps: 30*fps,60*fps

Focus Type: X8 Mini pro

Flight Time: Others

Field of View[°]: X8 Mini pro

FPV Operration: No

FIMI Model: X8 Mini

Expandable storage: Other

Drone Weight: 241g

Drone Battery Capacity: 2250mAh

Display size["]: X8 Mini pro

Depth[cm]: FIMI X8 Mini Pro

Control Channels: 8 Channels

Connectivity: APP Controller,Remote Control,Wi-Fi Connection

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Category: Camera Drone

Camera Stabilization: Gimbal Image Stabilizer,Electronic Image Stabilization

Camera Mount Type: 3-axis Gimbal

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording

Built-in Display: NO

Brand Name: FIMI

Battery Weight[g]: 90g

Angle of View[Horizontal FoV X°, Vertical FoV X°, Diagonal FoV X°]: X8 Mini pro

Aircraf Operating Frequency: 5GHz

Aerial Photography: Yes

APP Supported Languages: Japanese,French,German,Italian,Korean,Brazilian Portuguese,English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese Style,Russian

Dear Buyer:

Welcome to FIMI store.

As the drone is a high value product, we recommend that you:

1) As soon as you receive the package, please unpack the package in front of the courier and record the unpacking video to protect your rights;

2) Every package requires import customs clearance, please don't worry, because we will do our best to make you pay less or even no extra cost;

3) If you encounter any problems, please contact us as soon as possible;

Best Rergards

FIMI Store


1) Because of the complicated international logistics, please take a video of the unpacking before receiving the package;
2) Please connect the battery to the aircraft and activate the battery when you receive the package;
3) The power of the battery should be kept above 15%;
4) If the battery will not be used for a long time, please check the battery once a week and charge the battery once to ensure that the battery will not be damaged due to power loss when it is not in use;

FIMI x8 Mini 250G-Class 4K HD Camera Drone 3-Axis Gimbal FPV 5G Wifi GPS Drone 30Mins 8KM Remote Control Mini Quadcopter VS X8SE 2020

FIMI x8 Mini DroneFIMI x8 Mini Drone

the FIMI X8 Mini lets you feel free to fly, wherever yoU are . use its multiple shooting modes to capture unique moments from the skylark .

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, Standard Battery Pro Battery The weight of the drone with the Standard Battery is 258g Pro Battery

The X8 Mini Drone comes with two battery options. The standard battery adds 258g to the drone's weight, while the Pro Battery weighs only 245g. You can choose between these two batteries depending on your needs.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, 0O 8km 8KM Transmission Range A newly upgraded TDMA image transmission system ensure

With an impressive 8-kilometer transmission range, our newly upgraded TDMA image transmission system provides stable and optimized signal quality. This means you can fly further and capture more breathtaking views without worrying about lost connectivity - take your flying experience to new heights!

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the FIMI X8 Mini lets YoU create the blockbuster of your dreams

Bring your creative vision to life with the FIMI X8 Mini. With its impressive 30-minute flight time using the standard battery, you can capture stunning footage and photos in calm conditions, flying at speeds of up to 6 meters per second.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, FIMI x8 Mini 250G-Class 4K HD Camera Drone 3-AFIMI x8 Mini Drone, Type € Fast-Charging Battery The Type C charging port on the battery allows for 9V

Get fast and convenient charging with our Type-C charging port, supporting 9V/3A rapid charging. This means you can quickly recharge your spare batteries on-the-go, even when flying the drone - no more worries about running out of power!

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, FIMI X8 Mini combines lightweight 3-axis mechanical gimbal with

The FIMI X8 Mini boasts an exceptional combination of a lightweight, 3-axis mechanical gimbal and advanced control algorithms, ensuring an impressive level of accuracy with an error margin of just 0.0059. This results in incredibly stable footage with 4K resolution - perfect for capturing professional-quality video.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the camera features 4K/3Ofps video and a highly dynamic range, meaning

The FIMI X8 Mini camera delivers exceptional video quality with 4K resolution at 30fps and an impressive dynamic range, resulting in crystal-clear footage. Additionally, our camera supports H.265/HEVC codec for efficient recording, along with DNG and F-Log format options for maximum flexibility.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the drone can connect to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi even without the remote controller .

Enjoy seamless connectivity with your mobile device via Wi-Fi, even without using the remote controller. With our advanced 5.8GHz frequency band, you can expect fast and reliable data transfer rates, featuring low latency, strong anti-interference capabilities, and real-time HD image transmission for up to 10Om of crystal-clear video streaming.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the X8 Mini can resist Level 5 winds; offering a better thrust-to-

The FIMI X8 Mini boasts exceptional wind resistance, capable of withstanding Level 5 gusts thanks to its advanced magnetic gap motors and high-efficiency silent propellers. Whether you're flying over a mountainous terrain or strolling along a beach, enjoy a seamless and worry-free flight experience.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the handy remote controller is light and easy to carry . the upgraded receiver lets yo

Experience ease of use with our lightweight and portable remote controller, designed for comfortable handling. Plus, our advanced receiver technology ensures stable and reliable image transmission, giving you a more immersive and enjoyable flying experience.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the powerful flight plan shooting function is not only designed for path planning; but also for task planning

Take your aerial filmmaking to the next level with our advanced flight plan shooting function, which not only enables precise path planning but also allows you to plan and execute complex tasks with ease. Simply tap and let our drone handle the rest.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, X8 Mini allows you to create high-quality and stable time-lapse videos .

Unlock stunning timelapses with the FIMI X8 Mini, featuring professional-grade imaging and flight control systems that deliver high-quality, stable videos. With advanced features like 3x digital zoom, GPS positioning, lightweight design, and up to 8km transmission range, the X8 Mini is an ideal companion for search and rescue missions - making it easy to tap into its capabilities.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, Night Shooting Powered by the Hisilicon professional Al algorithm for noise reduction; the

Experience exceptional nighttime photography with the FIMI X8 Mini, leveraging Hisilicon's advanced AI algorithms to reduce noise and preserve vivid details that would normally be lost in darkness. This allows you to capture stunning images that exceed the limits of human vision.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the app offers a plug-and-play feature connecting the remote and your mobile device via

Enjoy seamless connectivity with our intuitive app, which features a simple 'plug-and-play' design that links your mobile device to the remote control via an OTG cable - no complex settings required.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, the X8 Mini utilizes the downside camera to recognize the launch pad . it can

Take advantage of advanced landing capabilities with the FIMI X8 Mini, which uses its downward-facing camera to detect the launchpad and precisely land on target.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, multiple safety functions ensure a safe flight at all times . Return TKDe conto

Ensure a safe and reliable flying experience with the FIMI X8 Mini, which features multiple safety functions designed to protect you at all times. These include: GPS return functionality, real-time tracking, non-fly zone protection, wind resistance, excessive power warning, low-battery alarm, and automatic return capabilities in case of emergency.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, Drone with pro battery weight: around 245g Flight time: 30 minutes (fly

Powered by a professional-grade battery, the FIMI X8 Mini drone weighs approximately 245 grams and offers an impressive flight time of up to 30 minutes, ideal for use in calm wind conditions at a moderate speed of 6 meters per second.

FIMI x8 Mini Drone, satellite positioning systems GPSIGLONASSIBEIDOU Hovering accuracy Vertical: +

Equipped with advanced satellite positioning systems, including GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou, the FIMI X8 Mini drone boasts impressive hovering accuracy. In vertical mode, it can maintain an accuracy of +/- 0.1 meters within the range of its ultrasonic detection capabilities, or +/- 0.5 meters when GPS positioning is active.

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