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FlySky TMR Receiver - 2.4GHz AFHDS 3 Micro Mini PWM/PPM/I-BUS/S.BUS/I-BUS 2 Output Compatible PL18 NB4/Lite for FPV Drone

FlySky TMR Receiver - 2.4GHz AFHDS 3 Micro Mini PWM/PPM/I-BUS/S.BUS/I-BUS 2 Output Compatible PL18 NB4/Lite for FPV Drone


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FlySky TMr 2.4GHz AFHDS 3 Micro Mini RC Receiver PWM/PPM/I-BUS/S.BUS/I-BUS 2 Output Compatible PL18 NB4/Lite for RC Drone


TMr is a receiver suitable for FPV, using AFHDS 3 (third-generation automatic frequencyhoppingdigital system),external dual antenna bidirectional transmission, micro in size and can output PWM/PPM/I-BUS/S.BUS//I-BUS 2 signal.

Specification: User Manual

Brand Name: FlySky

Item Name: TMr Receiver

Model: TMr

RF: 2.4GHz ISM

2.4G Protocol: AFHDS 3

Antenna: Dual Antenna

Input Power: 3.5-9V


Data Output: PWM/PPM/I-BUS/S.BUS/I-BUS 2

Temperature Range: -10℃~ +60℃

Humidity Limit: 20% ~ 95%

Online Update: Yes

Dimensions: 16*12*2mm

Weight: 0.9g

Certification: CE,FCC ID: N4ZTMR000


These ports connect the receiver to various models, component's and flight controllers. 

GND: Connect to ground wire.

VCC: Power supply voltage from 3.5 – 9V.

N.Port: In the [RX Settings] menu, select the RX port protocol, and the signal output can be set to PWM/PPM/I-BUS/S.BUS/I-BUS 2.

- The RSSI signal strength output is turned off by default, and the relevant settings can be made in the [Signal Output ] menu under the transmitter [RX Setting].


- Press and hold the receiver BIND button while powering on the receiver ,release the BIND button after receiver is powered on or powering on the receiver first, press and hold the BIND button 3 seconds , the LED on the receiver will flash rapidly;

- Put the transmitter into bind mode.(See the transmitter's instruction manual for more information)

- Binding is successful when the receiver's LED stop flashing. 

If the transmitter is one-way transmission, manually exit the transmitter when the receiver status indicator flashes slowly, Binding is successful when the receiver's LED stop flashing.

- Check to make sure that the transmitter and receiver are working as expected, if there are any issues or unexpected operations follow the steps above to bind again.


The TMr receiver is compatible with all AFHDS 3 transmitters (Note: It is currently applicable to PL18 1.0.55, NB4 2.0.93 and NB4 lite 1.0.10 and later versions. The high-frequency library used by the firmware is version 3.0.)

Package Included:

1 x TMr Receiver

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