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GD93 Pro Max Drone - GPS Foldable Drone With ESC Camera And Brushless Motors,LED Screen, Optical Flow Positioning, Brushless Motor, Trajectory Fight,

GD93 Pro Max Drone - GPS Foldable Drone With ESC Camera And Brushless Motors,LED Screen, Optical Flow Positioning, Brushless Motor, Trajectory Fight,


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Video Maximum Resolution[Pixel X Pixel]: 240P(320*240)

Sensor Size: 1/6.0 inches

Origin: Mainland China

GPS: Yes

Flight Time: 12min

Category: Camera Drone

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Camera Features: 1080p HD Video Recording

Aircraf Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

GD93 Pro Max Drone, aerial drone gd93pro max 720 degree laser obstacle avoid

GD93 Pro Max Aerial Drone: Equipped with 720-degree laser obstacle avoidance, GPS navigation, and an HD camera, this drone features a foldable design and brushless motors for smooth flight.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, gpsjoptical 5g hd photography

Capture stunning 6K movie-level footage with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's 11-megapixel ESC camera, equipped with GPS, optical flow positioning, and 5G HD photography capabilities. Enjoy features like motion vector filter, up to 28 minutes of transmission time, and a maximum control distance of 3900 feet (approximately 1.2 kilometers). The drone also boasts brushless motors for enhanced endurance and resistance to signal loss or low battery conditions.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, core upgrading 6k dual camera equip eis gimbal

Experience upgraded aerial photography with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's core upgrade feature. Equipped with a 6K dual-camera system and an EIS gimbal, this drone effectively eliminates shaking and improves photo quality. With remote adjustment capabilities and a 110-degree field of view, capture stunning angles from every direction. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of a 720-degree laser obstacle avoidance system, paired with our high-resolution 6K ESC camera for unparalleled aerial photography experiences.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, 6k 1109 1200 esc camera remote control wide angle support

Capture stunning aerial photography with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced camera system, featuring 6K resolution and a 1200x1080 ESC camera. With remote control capabilities and wide-angle support, take your photography to new heights. Perfect for daily use or overhead shots, this drone is ideal for photographers of all levels. Additionally, enjoy crystal-clear HD video capture with our ESC cameras, which can be controlled remotely via transmitter for added convenience.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, gd93 pro max drone features : 1080p GD93 Pro Max Drone, hd pixel s0xzoom lens zoom in

Capture stunning aerial photography with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced camera system, featuring HD pixels and a high-zoom lens that allows you to zoom in and out for a unique perspective. Easily operate the app to adjust the zoom level and capture stunning shots from above.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, 3900 foot flight 56 hd photography transmission give you more pleasure

Experience unparalleled flight distances with our GD93 Pro Max Drone, which offers an impressive 3900-foot transmission range, allowing you to capture stunning 56 HD photographs from above. Enjoy a more thrilling flying experience with ultra-clear visuals and crystal-clear transmissions that bring your aerial photography to life.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, 720 five lines to laser obstacle avoidance omni-directional guard

Experience enhanced obstacle avoidance with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced 720p camera system, featuring five lines to laser obstacle detection technology. Enjoy comprehensive perception of obstacles, including lush grass, dense buildings, even during night flights, ensuring safe and confident navigation.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, dual camera, without missing recording your every moment gps position

Capture every moment with dual cameras, ensuring that you never miss a shot. With GPS positioning, fly with confidence, even in situations where battery levels are low, signal strength is weak, or your drone exceeds its control range.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, 6093 pro klax over range low battery one lose signal return

Enjoy added peace of mind with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced features, including automatic return to home when it detects an over-range situation, low battery levels, or lost signal. With GPS guidance, your drone will safely and reliably return to its starting point.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, foldable controller with foldable design, when not in use can keep

Enjoy a more convenient flying experience with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's foldable controller, designed to be compact and portable when not in use. The controller features a smart design that folds up neatly, making it easy to store away when you're done flying. Plus, access your drone's settings and features through the 3-mode app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, battery can bring 35 mins flight time exceed most similar consumer drone products

Experience extended flying time with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's impressive battery life, offering up to 35 minutes of flight time - exceeding most similar consumer drone products on the market. Enjoy a more comfortable and leisurely flight experience, with ample time to capture stunning footage. The included 3000mAh, 7.6V Li-ion battery provides long-lasting endurance and capacity.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, strong wind resistance equip 4 brushless motor high revolving speed

Enjoy stable and smooth flight even in windy conditions with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's robust design. Equipped with four powerful brushless motors that provide high revolving speeds, low noise, and increased lifespan, this drone offers double the performance. Additionally, the adjustable electric stabilization system can be set to compensate for shaking caused by strong winds, ensuring a smooth and stable flight experience.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, hd aerial photography optical flow hovering ground-breaking altitude

Capture stunning aerial photographs and videos with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced features. With optical flow technology, enjoy precise hovering capabilities at any altitude, allowing you to capture breathtaking shots from above or directly below your subject. Whether you're shooting from 10 feet off the ground or soaring high in the sky, the GD93 Pro's advanced sensors will keep it perfectly aligned with the terrain, providing smooth and stable footage every time.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, orbiting flight take a big scene easily high revolving

Experience effortless orbiting flights with our GD93 Pro Max Drone, capable of capturing expansive scenes with ease. Enjoy high-revolution speeds, whisper-quiet operation, and increased performance thanks to its advanced brushless motors. Plus, experience extended lifespan with the drone's robust design and durable components.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, gesture recognition intelligent aerial photography experience

Experience seamless aerial photography with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced gesture recognition technology. With its intelligent sensing capabilities, this drone can detect and respond to your hand gestures, allowing for precise control and effortless capture of stunning aerial shots.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, creative mv can create without editing your person' s follow

Unlock new creative possibilities with our GD93 Pro Max Drone's advanced MOVIE mode. With this feature, you can capture stunning aerial footage without editing, and even have your own personal follow shooting assistant to track your movements. Simply click the 'MOVIE' button to break free from traditional aerial photography limitations and start creating immersive experiences.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, analysis of remote control buttons camera adjustment photography video the power switch "o

Easily navigate and control your GD93 Pro Max Drone with our intuitive remote control. The buttons are designed for simplicity, allowing you to adjust the camera, take photos or videos, and switch between modes. The left lever controls the camera's up/down movement, while the right lever controls forward/backward motion. Short presses unlock specific features, such as changing flight modes, while long presses allow for more precise control over the drone's movements.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, gd93 pro max drone features : 1080p

Meet the GD93 Pro Max, a high-performance foldable drone that captures stunning 6K HD footage. Equipped with a robust 5.7 x 3.3 x 2.2 inch battery pack, this drone boasts a maximum flight time of 28 minutes and a control distance of [insert distance]. The battery itself is a reliable 7.6V 3000mAh lithium-powered powerhouse.

GD93 Pro Max Drone, dimensions exhibition 2.2 inch g093 pro 10.2 inch 1GD93 Pro Max Drone, 2.2 inch ultra hd 3.3 inch 5.7 inch

Customer Reviews

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Luigi Toriaco
GD93 Pro Max Drone ottimo fornitore e un buon prodotto.

Prodotto arrivato prima dei tempi stabiliti. Fornitore disponibile e pronto a qualsiasi tipo di chiarimento e osservazioni, SI CONSIGLIA. Appena arrivato si presenta in una completa borsa resistente e comoda e con quanto descritto sul sito. Buono il materiale di buona fattura. Il drone appena arrivato è stato utilizzato per alcune riprese, e anche se non professionale si è comportato molto bene. Si propone ai principianti per iniziare a capire il volo, la stabilità, i filmati e le foto. La velocità e reattività dei joystick è buona, non precisa ma affidabile. Visto il poco tempo di volo non sono riuscito a testare la batteria, anche so dopo 7’ la stessa era al 50%. Come da descrizione la frequenza di WIFI 5G si consiglia di mettere il Cellulare/Smartphone in modalità aerea per evitare che problemi di frequenza. I motori sono validi come le Top Brand e comunque ci si diverte. Nei prossimi giorni avendo più tempo a disposizione lo metterò alla prova con le diverse opzioni.