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HENGE 8A UBEC Output 5V / 6V 6A / 8A Max 12A Inport 7V-25.5V 2-6S Lipo / 6-16 Cell Ni-Mh Input Switch Mode BEC for RC Quadcopter

HENGE 8A UBEC Output 5V / 6V 6A / 8A Max 12A Inport 7V-25.5V 2-6S Lipo / 6-16 Cell Ni-Mh Input Switch Mode BEC for RC Quadcopter


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Weight: 14g

Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Frame

Tool Supplies: Cutting

Technical parameters: Value 5

Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Battery

Recommend Age: 12+y

Output voltage: 5V/6A or 6V/6A

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Composite Material

Input voltage: 7V-25.5V(2-6S LIPO/ 6-16 cell Ni-Mh)

Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Motors

For Vehicle Type: Airplanes

Current: 6A peak 8A (less than 15 seconds)

HENGE 8A UBEC Output 5V / 6V 6A / 8A Max 12A Inport 7V-25.5V 2-6S Lipo / 6-16 cell Ni-Mh Input Switch Mode BEC for RC Helicopter

Product Specifications:
1 Input voltage: 7V-25.5V(2-6S LIPO/ 6-16 cell Ni-Mh)
2.Output voltage: 5V/6A or 6V/6A
3.Current: 8A peak 12A (less than 15 seconds)
4.Weight: 16g
5. Size: 45 x 22 x 7.5mm (LxWxH)
Adopt the most advanced synchronous rectification switching power supply control chip design, with over-current and thermal protection, the chip at maximum efficiency as high as 93%;
The small size, light weight;
Output current, continuous output current capacity of 8A peak output current capability of 12A, fully guaranteed equipment, demand for electricity;
The output line to configure the filtering magnetic ring, greatly reduces the electromagnetic interference and ensure the receiver to work;
Has a wide voltage range of 7V-25.5V can be within the normal work;
Has a feature to prevent reverse input polarity, input power supply polarity mistake will not damage equipment;
Has a working state indicator, when the output to normal when the indicator light.
The advantages of Henge 8A UBEC compared with traditional BEC:
When using more than 3 strings (11.1V) batteries, the BEC heating can be greatly reduced and the overall efficiency can be improved.
For example: When using 4 strings of lithium batteries, the voltage is about 14.8V during normal use. Use linear voltage stabilization method to output 5V/1A current and splash current. So there will be 14.8V×1A= 14.8W power consumption on BEC, but the actual useful output of BEC is only 5V×1A=5W, so the overall efficiency is only 5/14.8= 33.8%, and the power consumption of 9.8W is converted into Heat, so it will cause the BEC to overheat, the chip enters the protection state and cannot work; using the switching power supply mode, the output current is 5V/1A, and the test power terminal only needs to input the current of 0.37A, that is: 14.8V×0.37A= 5.476 With W power, the overall efficiency of UBEC is 5/5.476=91.3%.
Special Note:
Although various measures have been adopted to reduce electromagnetic interference, a small amount of electromagnetic interference cannot be completely avoided when UBEC in switching mode is working. To ensure the normal operation of the receiver, please keep the entire UBEC away from the receiver as much as possible when using it.

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