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Hubsan Zino Mini SE Drone - 4K HD Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal, 249g 9KM 40 Mins Flight Time Professional Camera Drone

Hubsan Zino Mini SE Drone - 4K HD Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal, 249g 9KM 40 Mins Flight Time Professional Camera Drone


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Hubsan Zino Mini SE, foldable drone with a 249-gram compact design, battery life of up to 45 minutes and 4K@30fps video recording

Foldable and compact design - 249 grams - Battery life up to 45 minutes - Remote control distance 6 km - Video recording in 4K@30fps - Smart Tracking Mode

Interested in acquiring one of the best foldable and compact drones on the market at a good price? Well, here we present the Hubsan Zino Mini SE, which maintains the perfect balance between lightness and functionality. Weighing just 249 grams, this small drone is super easy to carry and launch. It also has a removable battery that guarantees a battery life of up to 45 minutes. It's amazing! Read on to find out why you should buy the Hubsan Zino Mini SE at Powerplanetonline. We'll tell you all about it!

Effective remote control distance of up to 6 kilometres

Despite its foldable and compact design, the Hubsan Zino Mini SE is equipped with some of the most advanced remote control features. In fact, this drone can be operated at a distance of up to 6 kilometres, so you don't have to worry about losing control of it when it gets too far away.

4K video recording at 30 frames per second

Also, if you're looking for a drone to take photos and videos with, the Hubsan Zino Mini SE is perfect for you. It supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, although the standard resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second also offers crystal clear images, as well as lower battery consumption than 4K.

You won't have to worry if your subject is too far away either, as the Hubsan Zino Mini SE's camera has a x3 digital zoom. And even if the ambient lighting isn't quite right, the footage will still be of good quality thanks to the optical flow night light.

Compatible with iOS and Android - share and store files in minutes

After a long flight, the Hubsan Zino Mini SE makes it easy to transfer the footage of your aerial adventures to another device. It's compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can link it to your smartphone and share or store files in minutes. Plus, get software updates quickly by connecting the drone to an internet-enabled device using a Lightning, Micro-USB or USB Type-C cable.

Hubsan Zino Mini SE 4K Technical Specifications:

  • Drone
    • Colour: White
    • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
      • Unfolded: 202.54 x 161.2 x 61.6 mm
      • Folded (without propellers): 137 x 88 x 61.6 mm
      • Folded (with propellers): 137 x 94 x 61.6 mm
    • Wheelbase (diagonal): 220 mm
    • Weight: 249 grams
    • Maximum current: 16A
    • Maximum speed
      • Ascending: 3 m / s (N), 4 m / s (S), 2 m / s (F)
      • Descending: 3 m / s (N), 3.5 m / s (S), 1.5 m / s (F)
      • Horizontal flight: 10 m / s (N, no wind at sea level), 16 m / s (S, no wind at sea level)
    • Maximum take-off altitude: 4000 meters
    • Maximum anti-wind capacity: Grade 5 wind (8.5 ~ 10.5 m / s)
    • Maximum tilt angle: 40 ° 25 ° (N), 15 ° (F)
    • Satellite navigation system: GPS / GLONASS
    • Flight duration: 45 minutes (data obtained at normal temperature and without wind, at a flight speed of 25 km / h)
  • Camera
    • Image sensor: 1 / 2.6” CMOS, 12 million pixels
    • Lenses
      • FOV: 80 °
      • Aperture: f / 2.2
      • EFL: 3.5 mm
      • Focus point: 0.5m ~ infinity
      • Distortion: <1.5%
    • Maximum image size: 4000 x 3000
    • Maximum video encoding capacity: 4K @ 30fps
    • Video resolutions
      • 4K: 3840x2160 @ 30fps
      • 2.7K: 2720x1530 @ 30 / 60fps
      • FHD: 1920x1080 @ 30 / 60fps
    • Shutter speed: 3-1 / 8000s
    • Video Bitrate: 64 Mbps-100 Mbps
    • Photo format: JPEG
    • Video format: MP4 (H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC)
    • Firmware update: Online update by SD card or APP
    • Compatible memory cards
      • Micro SD U3 or Class 10
      • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • Remote control
    • Colour: White
    • Monitor: LED screen
    • Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ -60 ° C
    • Maximum operating distance
      • FCC: 6 km
      • CM: 6 km
      • SRRC: 6 km
    • Battery type: 1x integrated
    • Battery capacity: 3350 mAh
    • Buzzer support: Yes
    • Compatible mobile system: Android, iOS
    • Continuous working time: 2.5 h (normal flight time)
    • Connectivity
      • 1 x Lightning
      • 1 x Micro-USB
      • 1 x USB Type-C
  • Gimbal
    • Model: HY817C
    • Number of axes: 3
    • Angular velocity: 120 ° / s
    • Control range
      • Pitch: -120 ° ~ 45 °
      • Roll: ± 35 °
      • Yaw: ± 35 °
  • Battery
    • Type: Lithium ion battery (LiPo)
    • Capacity: 3000 mAh
    • Nominal voltage: 3.6x2 = 7.2 V
    • Charging voltage limitation: 8.4V
    • Download limitation: 8C
    • Charging time: 90 minutes
    • Battery weight: 101.84 g
    • Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C
    • Charging ambient temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C
    • Balanced smart battery: Yes
    • Voltameter management: Yes
    • Automatic download protection: Yes
  • Package content
    • 1 x Hubsan Zino Mini SE 4K
    • 1 x Remote control
    • 1 x Battery
    • 4 x Propellers
    • 1 x Smart charger
    • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
    • 1 x Micro-USB RC Cable
    • 1 x RC USB-C Cable
    • 1 x RC Lightning Cable
    • 1 x Screwdriver
    • 1 x User Manual


Hubsan Zino Mini Details

Hubsan Zino Mini SE Drone, ZINO MINI SE 4KJ 2499 4K Camera 2496 Ultralight Orbit

Hubsan Zino Mini SE drone features a 4K HD camera with a 3-axis gimbal, weighing only 249g and offering up to 40 minutes of flight time. It's equipped with advanced technologies for orbiting tracking, panorama photography, and automatic control, including low battery warning and return home functionality.

Hubsan Zino Mini SE is the smallest 4K drone at only 249g flight weight, but it has many functions you wanted on a mini drone, these intelligent flight functions make the drone easier to fly, also suitable for beginners!

One-key Takeoff / Land: APP one key takeoff or land simplified the operation considerably.

Line Fly Mode: The aircraft flies in a straight line in the set direction at a specific angle, distance and speed.

Comet Mode: Frame the target, the aircraft takes the initial position as the starting point and flies clockwise/counterclockwise in a comet path around the target.

Optical Flow Vision Positioning System: The aircraft can hover stably at low altitudes without GPS or the GPS signal is weak.

3 x Zoom Digital

Time-lapse Video

1) Free Time-lapse: Set the interval and max flight speed, the aircraft will take a certain number of photos and combine time-lapse videos automatically.

2) Circle Time-lapse: Set the interval, flight speed and radius, the aircraft will fly around the point of interest in the set direction and take a certain number of photos to create a time-lapse videos automatically.


Item Model Zino Mini SE
Motor Brushless motors
Image Sensor 1/2.6 inch CMOS sensor
Lens Aperture f/2.2, EFL: 3.5mm
Shutter Speed 3-1/8000s
Image Format JPEG
Video Format MP4(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)
Video Bitrates 45Mbps - 100Mbps
Drone Battery 7.2V 3000mAh (included)
Charging Time About 90 minute
Max Flight Time About 40 minutes (hover in windless)
Max Wind Resistance Level 5
Max Takeoff Altitude 4000 meters
Max Flight Speed 14m/s sport mode, 8m/s normal mode (windless)
4-in-1 Battery Charging Hub Charge four drone batteries in sequence
Memory Card U3 Micro SD card 16G/32G/64G (NOT include)