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Ulanzi DR-02 - Drone Light For DJI Mavic 2 Pro/air 2 Night Fly AntiCollision Strobe Rechargeable Lighting Drone Accessories

Ulanzi DR-02 - Drone Light For DJI Mavic 2 Pro/air 2 Night Fly AntiCollision Strobe Rechargeable Lighting Drone Accessories


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Weight: 6.5g

Size: 39mm

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: DR-02

Compatible Drone Model: For DJI Mavic 2

Compatible Drone Brand: DJI

Brand Name: Ulanzi

Ulanzi DR-02, @ Stepher ALWAYS THE RIGHT CHOICE @Think Medla Ulan

@ Stepher ALWAYS THE RIGHT CHOICE @Think Medla Ulanzi @ Tbl BHAEOFPAD @IA'TOu # Rama Fedanau JORGEA CEh# hiaco Roanques Jack Cole I@Jaso Morries Vic Banyan .

Ulanzi DR-02, Anti-Collision Light for Drone Know the direction of the drone at night .

Know the Direction with Your Drone at Night: Anti-Collision Light for DJI Mavic 2 Pro/Air 2

Ulanzi DR-02, 3 color light sources, 6 lighting effects 3 color lights(red,green and white), each

This drone light features three color sources (red, green, and white) with six distinct lighting effects. Each color offers two unique settings: slow flashing and strobe flashing.

Ulanzi DR-02, Lightweight-only 6.5g and will not affect the performance of the drone 6 5 Ulanzi DR-02, 3KM away is still visible Use transparent shell Strong penetration,it is clearly visible even at

Despite being 3 kilometers away, this drone light remains highly visible due to its strong penetration capabilities and transparent shell design.

Ulanzi DR-02, 8 hours long standby Up to 8 hours of battery life,Battery capacity 11OUlanzi DR-02, multiple installation methods, strong versatility . fixed by Velcro and rubber ring, which is

Featuring multiple installation methods for added versatility, this drone light can be securely fastened using Velcro and a rubber ring, making it easy to install on any drone model.

Ulanzi DR-02, two installation methods Velcro installation steps Stick the tape on the drone Stick the drone light on the

Two installation methods are available for the Ulanzi DR-02 drone light: Velcro installation, which involves sticking the tape on the drone and then attaching the light to the tape; or rubber ring installation, which requires placing the rubber ring around the feet of the drone from the left side and adjusting its position by tying it to the right.

Ulanzi DR-02, Tape-C charging port Velcro on the bottom Switch button (long press for Rubber

This drone light features a USB-C charging port located at the bottom, along with a switch button that can be activated by holding it down for two seconds. Additionally, there is a Velcro strap to secure the device in place.

Ulanzi DR-02 anti-collision light for drone Ulanzi DR-02, Packing List 1 Packing*1 Type-C Cablex* 1 Drone Signal

Packaging includes: 1 x Type-C cable, 1 x drone light, 1 x strobe, 3 x velcro strips, and 1 x rubber band.

Ulanzi DR-02, DR-02 Compatible Drone Model : For DJI Mavic 2 Compatible brand

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