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ZLL SG107 PRO Drone - GPS 8K Drone 5G WIFI FPV 1.2KM Distance Brushless Motor Auto Return RC Quadcopter

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone - GPS 8K Drone 5G WIFI FPV 1.2KM Distance Brushless Motor Auto Return RC Quadcopter


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ZLL SG107 PRO Drone GPS 4K Profesional 5G Wifi FPV Dron Brushless Foldable RC Quadcopter 1.2KM Distance 120M Height VS F11 Pro

Product Description


-GPS/GLONASS double mode

-8K HD adjustable camera

-5G long-distance WiFi image transmission

-Headless mode -Optical flow positioning mode

-Real-time image transmission

-Intelligent follow -Surround flight

-Waypoint flight -Trajectory pointing flight

-Folding portable fuselage

-One key return

-One key take-off/landing

-Gesture shooting

-Remote control photo and video recording

-Brushless motor -Speed Switch

-Electric fence -Aircraft retrieval function

-MV functions: filters, video effects, add background music, picture / video sharing

Package Included:

1 x SG107 PRO RC Quadcopter

1 x Remote Controller

1 /2/3 Battery (option)

4 x Propellers

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x User Manual

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SG107 Pro Drone


 ZLL SG107 PRO Drone

9o7max hd camera fold & unfold sg 907 max xiang 3 three-axis self-stabilizing gimbal and 4k movie grade llk la

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, the remote control distance of about 1200 meters is enough for you to

With an impressive remote control distance of approximately 1.2 kilometers, you can fully enjoy the flight experience. Additionally, the drone's 56 image transmission technology ensures smooth and clear video transmission.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, folding aesthetics is stunning the body is equivalent to the palm of the

The drone's folding design boasts an incredibly compact aesthetic, making it easily portable and unobtrusive in your hand.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, google play smart follow turn on smart follow, where do you go,

Turn on Smart Follow, where you want to go, and the drone will automatically follow. Get the app on Google Play Store.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, fixed-point surround 3609 filming 3608 surround; easy toZLL SG107 PRO Drone, gesture interactive shooting free up your hands to take a blockbuster

Experience interactive shooting without having to hold a camera, allowing you to capture stunning blockbusters. Perfect for taking group photos or videos with friends - just wave your hands!

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, mah min 2600' 25 7.6 large capacity battery long battery

Maximum flight time: 26 minutes with a single 7.6V, 2500mAh lithium battery, providing long battery life.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, optical flow gps dual mode switch is easy to use,

Optical Flow GPS technology offers a dual-mode switch for seamless transitions between flight modes. This feature ensures stable performance, allowing for precise hovering at a fixed point and effortless control.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, brushless motor low noise and energy saving equipped with a high-

The ZLL SG107 PRO Drone features a brushless motor that provides low noise and energy-saving performance, thanks to its high-efficiency power design. This brushless technology ensures greater stability, resistance to wind interference, and allows for effortless retraction.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, 4k hd dual camera switch anti-shake gimba

Reliable Auto-Takeoff Mode: Switch to GPS Follow Me mode for autonomous flight, with Optical Flow technology providing stable tracking. Image follow feature ensures a smooth and precise video feed. Modular battery design allows for easy swapping. 5G HD image transmission enables a high-quality live feed up to 1.2km away.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, three-axis mechanical anti-shake gimbal horizontal 4

The drone features a three-axis mechanical stabilization system, which includes a horizontal gimbal with a range of 459° to 650°, as well as a vertical gimbal with a range of 1108°. Additionally, the drone is equipped with self-stabilization technology.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, video add popular music background popular songs, or mobile phone memory music

Enjoy specialized effects with personalized aerial photography apps, which offer various filters and effects, allowing you to add popular music backgrounds from your favorite songs or use music stored on your mobile device.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, x1 spare propeller (piece) x8 screw

Package contents include: one spare propeller, eight screws, four instruction manuals, two swiveling propellers, three USB chargers, and five USB charging cables.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, download the official designated app, connect to the drone wifi, you can

Download our official designated app, connect to the drone's Wi-Fi network using your mobile device, and enjoy effortless control over the drone from anywhere.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone

To use the default optical flow mode, turn off GPS before takeoff. Additionally, you can adjust settings by using 'lens up' or 'lens down'. Note that the aircraft requires an SD card, battery (remote control), and return headless mode capabilities.

ZLL SG107 PRO Drone, accessories package aircraft x1 8g9077 nlun

The package includes one aircraft, one 8K camera (model NL-UNO-L), eight lenses, one protective cover for the lens, three body batteries, five USB charging cables, and six handbags.