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EFT G620 agriculture drone spraying plant 20L 11Kg 52Kg

EFT G620 agriculture drone spraying plant 20L 11Kg 52Kg


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G620 agriculture drone Parameters

Product name
Tank capacity
Frame weight
Take-off weight
Expand size
Folded size
Grain, fruit tree pesticide spraying and sowing


G620 agriculture drone Details 

EFT's latest 2021 GX series drone for agriculture has released, the GX series aircraft is based on the same body and there are 4 types of the models: G420, G620,G626 and G630. 
Item Model G420 G620 G626 G630
Axis 4 Axis 6 Axis 6 Axis 6 Axis
Tank Capacity 20L 20L 26L 30L
Wheelbase 2028mm 2028mm 2028mm 2028mm
Suggest Powe Combo Hobbywing X9 Plus+36" Propeller Hobbywing X9+34" Propeller Hobbywing X9 Plus+36" Propeller Hobbywing X9 Plus+36" Propeller

EFT G620 is one 20L high capacity platform specially designed for agriculture applications. The effective capacity of the drone is 20L. The drone adopts a quick-release water tank and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold. The frame kit or the Frame with the power combo is compatible with the mainstream flight controllers in the market, such as the JIYI K++, JIYI K3A Pro, Topgun, Hex Cube, PIX flight controller and etc.   

Item Brand: EFT
Item Model: GX620
Wheelbase: 2028mm
Size (Unfolded): 2642 x 2569 x 885mm
Size (Folded): 1192 x 623 x 885mm
Tank Capacty: 20L
Frame Weight: 10.85kg
Frame+Power System Weight: 20.45kg
Frame+Power+Spraying system weight: 22.45kg
Non-Load take-off Weight: 31.2kg
Full take-off Weight: 51.2kg

Flying time test:
Non-Load Flying Time: 20 minutes 32 seconds  (48V)
Full-load Flying Time: 8 minutes (47V)

Note: During the test, we use the Tattu 14S 22000mah battery, hobbywing X9 power combo. 

Main Features:
Integral Frame

The frame is integrally formed, with a simplified structure, strong strength, and good durability and reliability.
Crossfolding Method
The arms of the G616 are folded in a staggered way, minisize the folding size, more convenient for transportation.
Dustproof and Waterproof
The whole drone is dustproof and waterproof, and the waterproof grade reachs IP65. The frame can be washed directly with water.  
Two battery solutions
There are two power plugs reserved for the drone. One is with the QS9L plug for the normal smart battery. And the other is specially designed for Tattu V3.0 Quick-remove batteries. 

There are two types of power connectors, AS150U and MOLEX. The AS150U connector is a single connection type for the regular Tattu 12S 16000mah and 12S 22000mah (AS150U).
The MOLEX type is for TATTU 3.0 22000mAh (MOLEX) connections, which is a bit more expensive as it comes with an anti-spark module for MOLEX batteries and an OLEX connector.

Multiple Uses (Spraying + Spreading)
The spreading system and spraying system can be quickly replaced to meet the operation requirements of the two different scenarios.

Drone Frame+water tank Included:
EFT G620 4 Axis 20L Drone frame kit x 1
20L tank x 1

Package 1 Included:
EFT G620 4 Axis 20L Drone frame kit x 1
20L tank x 1
Brushless Spraying system x 1 

Package 2 Included:
EFT G620 4 Axis 20L Drone frame kit x 1
20L tank x 1
Brushless Spraying system x 1 
Hobbywint X9 Power system with 36" Propeller x 6

Package 3 Included:
EFT G620 4 Axis 20L Drone frame kit x 1
20L tank x 1
Hobbywing 8L Brushless Spraying system x 1 
Hobbywint X9 Power system with 36" Propeller x 6
Skydroid H12 Remote controller x1
Camera x1
JIYI K++ V2 Flight Controller x 1
U6Q charger x1
TATTU PRO 22000mah x1

Package 4 Included:
EFT G620 4 Axis 20L Drone frame kit x 1
20L tank x 1
Hobbywing 8L Brushless Spraying system x 1 
Hobbywint X9 Power system with 36" Propeller x 6
Skydroid H12 Remote controller x1
Camera x1
JIYI K++ V2 Flight Controller x 1
U6Q charger x1
TATTU PRO 22000mah x1
EPS240 Granule Spreader x1

Why Choose Us
With the spirit of craftsman, providing high performance drone frames and seeding and spraying systems to support commercial uavs development worldwide is the purpose of EFT development.
Has won the trust and praise of major brands in more than 100 countries around the world.

1.Do you offer warranty?

Yes, we can provide free repair or spare parts replacement in case of product quality problem within 1 year
2.How long is the delivery time?
1-20pcs within 7days
20-300pcs within 14days
>300pcs within 1month
3.Does it provide technical services?
Yes,All products provide free technical guidance, and provide installation instructions video &PDF.



Related Article:

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Title: EFT G620 Agriculture Drone Spraying Plant 20L 11Kg 52Kg: A Comprehensive Review

Agricultural drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or remote-controlled aircraft, have revolutionized the agricultural industry by providing farmers with efficient and cost-effective means of crop management. These drones are equipped with advanced technology and specialized components to perform various tasks, such as crop monitoring, spraying, and mapping. In this review, we will explore the EFT G620 Agriculture Drone, focusing on its components, parameters, function description, advantages, selection criteria, assembly process, operation guidelines, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1. Definition of Agricultural Drone:
An agricultural drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle specifically designed for agricultural applications. It is equipped with advanced sensors, cameras, and other tools to collect data, monitor crops, and perform various tasks, including spraying, mapping, and crop analysis. These drones offer farmers a precise, efficient, and scalable solution to enhance crop management and maximize yields.

2. Components of the EFT G620 Agriculture Drone:
The EFT G620 Agriculture Drone comprises the following essential components:
a. Flight Controller: The brain of the drone, responsible for controlling flight stability, navigation, and autonomous operations.
b. Power System: Includes the battery and motor to provide the necessary thrust and flight endurance.
c. Spraying System: Consists of a tank, pump, nozzles, and spray boom for precise application of fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
d. Payloads: Sensors, cameras, or other equipment used for data collection and crop monitoring.
e. Communication System: Enables real-time data transmission and control between the drone and the operator.

3. Parameters of the EFT G620 Agriculture Drone:
- Plant Capacity: 20L
- Drone Weight: 11Kg
- Maximum Takeoff Weight: 52Kg
- Flight Endurance: Varies depending on payload and flight conditions
- Maximum Spray Width: Determined by the spray boom length and nozzle configuration
- GPS Accuracy: Provides precise positioning for accurate mapping and navigation

4. Function Description of the EFT G620 Agriculture Drone:
The EFT G620 Agriculture Drone is primarily designed for spraying tasks in agricultural fields. It offers the following key functions:
a. Precise Spraying: The drone's spraying system delivers fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides with high precision, reducing waste and ensuring accurate application.
b. Intelligent Flight Modes: It features intelligent flight modes, such as waypoint navigation and automatic return to home, enabling autonomous operations and reducing operator workload.
c. Data Collection and Analysis: Equipped with sensors and cameras, the drone can collect valuable data on crop health, growth patterns, and potential issues for further analysis and decision-making.
d. Real-time Monitoring: The drone provides real-time video streaming and data transmission, allowing farmers to monitor their crops remotely and make timely interventions.

5. Advantages of the EFT G620 Agriculture Drone:
a. Increased Efficiency: The drone's ability to cover large areas quickly and precisely enhances overall operational efficiency and reduces manual labor requirements.
b. Cost-effective: Compared to traditional manual spraying methods, agricultural drones can significantly reduce chemical usage, resulting in cost savings for farmers.
c. Improved Safety: By eliminating the need for manual spraying, agricultural drones reduce exposure to harmful chemicals for farmers and workers.
d. Enhanced Crop Management: The data collected by the drone enables farmers to make informed decisions about crop health, irrigation, and fertilization, leading to optimized yields.
e. Scalability: Agricultural drones can be deployed across various field sizes, making them suitable for both small-scale and

large-scale farming operations.

6. How to Choose an Agricultural Drone:
a. Consider the Purpose: Determine the primary tasks you intend to accomplish with the drone, such as spraying, mapping, or monitoring.
b. Payload Compatibility: Ensure the drone can support the necessary payloads, such as cameras or sensors, for your specific requirements.
c. Flight Endurance: Evaluate the flight time and battery capacity to ensure it aligns with your field size and operational needs.
d. Ease of Use: Look for intuitive controls, autonomous flight modes, and user-friendly software interfaces to simplify operation and reduce training time.
e. Service and Support: Choose a reputable manufacturer that provides reliable customer support and maintenance services.

7. How to Assemble Agricultural Drones:
The assembly process may vary depending on the specific model. However, general steps include:
a. Read the Instruction Manual: Familiarize yourself with the components, tools, and instructions provided by the manufacturer.
b. Mount the Power System: Attach the battery, motors, and propellers according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
c. Install the Flight Controller: Connect and configure the flight controller with the appropriate wiring.
d. Attach the Spraying System: Mount the tank, pump, nozzles, and spray boom securely to ensure stable operation.
e. Check and Secure Connections: Double-check all connections, fasteners, and wiring to ensure they are secure.

8. How to Operate Agricultural Drones:
a. Pre-flight Checklist: Perform a thorough pre-flight inspection, including checking battery levels, propeller integrity, and ensuring the payload is securely attached.
b. Flight Planning: Determine the flight path, waypoints, and altitude based on the specific task requirements.
c. Calibrate Sensors: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to calibrate the sensors for accurate data collection.
d. Takeoff and Landing: Launch the drone from a safe location, monitor its flight path, and ensure a controlled landing.
e. Monitor and Adjust: Continuously monitor the drone's operation, including spray application, battery levels, and any abnormal behavior. Make adjustments as needed.
f. Post-flight Data Analysis: Review collected data, analyze crop health patterns, and make informed decisions for crop management based on the obtained insights.

9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
a. Are agricultural drones legal?
b. What are the safety precautions to consider when operating agricultural drones?
c. How do agricultural drones handle different weather conditions?
d. Can agricultural drones be used for other tasks besides spraying?
e. How accurate are the drone's spraying applications?

The EFT G620 Agriculture Drone offers a comprehensive solution for precision spraying in agriculture. With its advanced components, efficient design, and intelligent flight capabilities, it enables farmers to enhance their crop management practices, increase efficiency, and optimize yields. By considering the selection criteria, proper assembly process, and adhering to operational guidelines, users can harness the full potential of agricultural drones to improve their farming operations.

Disclaimer: The EFT G620 Agriculture Drone specifications and features mentioned in this article are fictional and used solely for illustrative purposes. Please refer to the manufacturer's official documentation and product information for accurate details.



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