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Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero - 65mm HD Brushless Whoop with HDZero Nano Lite Camera

Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero - 65mm HD Brushless Whoop with HDZero Nano Lite Camera


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Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero SPECIFICATIONS

Warning: no remote

Video Capture Resolution: 720P HD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 100m

Remote Control: No

Recommend Age: 12+y,14+y

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: Mobula6 HDZERO

Material: Plastic

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 80mm*80mm*50mm

Controller Mode: MODE1,MODE2

Controller Battery: wu

Control Channels: 8 Channels

Certification: 3C

Brand Name: Pulumo

Barcode: No

Aerial Photography: No

3C: Certificate


Brand Name: Happymodel

Model: Mobula6 HDZERO 
Frame wheelbase: 65mm
Weight: 23.5 gram without battery
Size: 80mm*80mm*50mm
Receiver option:
Compatible with 1S Lipo battery or Lihv battery(Not include)
Battery Plug: PH2.0

Recommend 3.8v LiHV 1S 300mAh LiPo Battery,

Flight controller SuperbeeF4 Lite ELRS/FRSKY
SPI ELRS version Firmware target: CrazybeeF4SX1280
SPI FRSKY version Firmware target: CrazybeeF4FR
MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHz, 512K FLASH)
Sensor: MPU-6000 or ICM20689 or BMI270(SPI connection)
Power supply: 1S Lipo Lihv battery input (DC 2.8V~4.35V)
Built-in 5A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control)
Built-in SPI Frsky/ExpressLRS receiver
Built-in 5V 1A BEC
Built-in voltage detection

Onboard 4in1 ESC
MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21
Power supply: 1S LiPo/LiPo HV (2.8v~4.35v)
Currents: 5A continuous peak 6A (5 seconds)
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
Factory firmware: O_H_5_REV16_8.HEX
Default protocol: DSHOT150/DSHOT300/DSHOT600

OnboardSPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz Receiver
Packet Rate option: 25Hz/50Hz/150Hz/250Hz/500Hz
RF Frequency: 2.4GHz
Antenna plug: IPEX
Telemetry output Power: <12dBm
Receiver protocol:  SPI ExpressLRS
Could bind with ELRS V2.0 firmware TX module

OnboardFrskySPI D8 /D16 2.4GHz Receiver
SPI BUS receiver Frsky D8/D16 compatible
Compatible Non EU transmitter D8 model and EU-LBT(Frsky_x_lbt)
Channels: 8ch or 16ch
Failsafe support
No ground interference ( Transmitter and receiver 1 m from the ground): 100m~200m
Based on CC2500 RF module Compatible with Futaba S-FHSS , Redpine protocol

Mode: EX0802 19000KV
Stator Diamter:8mm
Stator Length:2mm
Shaft Diameter:Φ1mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ10.5mm*14.9mm
No.of Cells(Lipo):1S only

Propeller Gemfan 1210 Bi-blades
Material: PC
Pitch:1 inch
Props Dia:30mm
Center Hole Dia:1mm

HDZero Nano Lite Camera
0.5 inch, up to 10650 mV/Lux-sec ultra-high sensitive CMos sensor
Excellent low light performance
4:3: D:130° H:108° v:84°
16:9:D:122° H:108° V:65°

HDZero Whoop Lite VTX
1S Input
25mW/200mW RF Output-SmartAudio Support
25.5x25.5 M2 Soft Mounting- Antenna Retention
Removable Shielding Box- 32.5x32.5mm(29x29mm inner)
4.5grams/4mm Thickness (without shielding)

Package Included:
1* Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero65mm frame+Canopy
SPI Receiver Option1: SuperbeeF4 Lite FC built-in ExpressLRS SPI RX
SPI Receiver Option2: SuperbeeF4 Lite FC built-in Frsky SPI RX
4*EX0802 KV19000 Unibell brushless motor
1*Gemfan 1210 31mm propeller(4cw+4ccw)
1*HDZero Nano Lite Camera
1*HDZero Whoop Lite VTX
1*Spare Canopy
1*Propeller disassemble tool
1*Screw driver




Related Article:

Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero Review

 **Review: Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero - The Ultimate HD Brushless Whoop**

The Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero is an impressive 65mm HD brushless whoop drone that delivers exceptional performance and high-definition aerial footage. With its lightweight design, powerful components, and advanced features, the Mobula6 HDZero is a top choice for FPV enthusiasts who want to capture stunning HD footage while enjoying agile flight maneuvers. In this review article, we will explore the composition, parameters, advantages, how to choose, operation guide, and frequently asked questions about the Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero.

Composition and Parameters:
The Mobula6 HDZero is built using high-quality components that contribute to its outstanding performance. It features a 65mm frame wheelbase and weighs 23.5 grams without the battery. The drone's compact size of 80mm*80mm*50mm allows for agile and responsive flights. It offers two receiver options: SPI ELRS 2.4GHz and SPI FRSKY 2.4GHz, catering to different transmitter systems. The Mobula6 HDZero is compatible with 1S LiPo or LiHV batteries, providing flexibility in power options. The flight controller is the SuperbeeF4 Lite, supporting either ELRS or FRSKY firmware targets. The drone is equipped with a powerful 5A Blheli_S 4in1 ESC, ensuring smooth and efficient motor control. The onboard SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver provides reliable long-range communication, while the Frsky SPI D8/D16 2.4GHz receiver offers compatibility with Frsky transmitters. The drone utilizes EX0802 19000KV motors for optimal power and efficiency. It includes Gemfan 1210 bi-blade propellers for stable and efficient thrust. The Mobula6 HDZero also comes with the HD Zero Nano Lite Camera and HD Zero Whoop Lite VTX, which provide high-definition video transmission.

1. High-Definition Aerial Footage: The Mobula6 HDZero is designed to capture stunning HD footage with its HD Zero Nano Lite Camera. The CMos sensor offers excellent low-light performance, ensuring clear and vibrant video even in challenging lighting conditions.

2. Lightweight and Agile Design: With its 65mm frame and lightweight construction, the Mobula6 HDZero is incredibly agile and nimble in the air. It can perform acrobatic maneuvers and navigate tight spaces with ease.

3. Versatile Receiver Options: The Mobula6 HDZero offers two receiver options, allowing you to choose between SPI ELRS 2.4GHz or SPI FRSKY 2.4GHz based on your transmitter system preference. This ensures compatibility and reliable signal reception.

4. Powerful Flight Controller and ESC: The SuperbeeF4 Lite flight controller and the 5A Blheli_S 4in1 ESC provide stable and responsive flight control, allowing for precise maneuvers and smooth throttle response.

5. Long-Range Communication: The onboard SPI ExpressLRS 2.4GHz receiver enables long-range communication, allowing you to explore vast distances while maintaining a strong connection.

How to Choose:
When choosing the Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero, consider the following factors:

1. Receiver Compatibility: Choose between the SPI ELRS 2.4GHz or SPI FRSKY 2.4GHz receiver option based on your transmitter system compatibility.

2. Battery Selection: Select 1S LiPo or LiHV batteries with a recommended capacity of 300mAh for optimal performance and flight duration.

Operation Guide:
1. Battery Installation: Connect the recommended 1S LiPo or LiHV battery to the Mobula6 HDZero using the PH2.0 battery plug


2. Powering On: Press and hold the power button on the flight controller until the drone powers on. Ensure that all LED indicators are functioning correctly.

3. Flight Control Configuration: Connect the drone to a computer and use Betaflight Configurator to configure flight control settings, adjust PID values, and customize other parameters to suit your flying style.

4. FPV Setup: Adjust the VTX settings, including channel selection and power output, to comply with local regulations and optimize video transmission quality.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):
1. Can I use different propellers with the Mobula6 HDZero?
While the package includes Gemfan 1210 31mm propellers, you can experiment with other propeller options of the same size to achieve different flight characteristics.

2. Is the Mobula6 HDZero compatible with other HD camera models?
The Mobula6 HDZero is specifically designed for use with the HD Zero Nano Lite Camera. Compatibility with other HD camera models may vary, and additional modifications might be required.

3. How far can the Mobula6 HDZero fly?
The flight range of the Mobula6 HDZero depends on various factors such as the transmitter system, environment, and antenna setup. With the SPI ExpressLRS receiver, the drone can achieve reliable long-range communication.

The Happymodel Mobula6 HDZero is a remarkable HD brushless whoop drone that combines lightweight design, powerful performance, and high-definition aerial footage. It offers versatility, reliable communication, and exceptional flight control, making it an excellent choice for FPV enthusiasts looking to capture immersive HD footage. With its advanced features and impressive specifications, the Mobula6 HDZero provides an exhilarating flying experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot, the Mobula6 HDZero is sure to deliver outstanding performance and hours of FPV fun.



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