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Choosing the Right FPV Analog Camera: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to selecting an FPV (First Person View) analog camera for your drone or remote-controlled device, the options can be overwhelming. Each camera comes with its own set of features and specifications, making it essential to understand your requirements and preferences. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key factors to consider and recommend some top-notch products from CADDXFPV.

Factors to Consider:

  1. Resolution:

    • Look for a camera with suitable TVL (Television Lines) for your desired image quality.
    • Higher TVL generally indicates better resolution and clarity.
  2. Field of View (FOV):

    • Determine the FOV based on your flying style and preference.
    • Wider FOV provides a more immersive experience but may distort distant objects.
  3. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range):

    • WDR is crucial for capturing clear images in varying lighting conditions.
    • It ensures details are visible in both bright and dark areas.
  4. Weight:

    • Consider the weight of the camera, especially for smaller drones.
    • Lightweight options won't significantly impact the drone's performance.
  5. Price:

    • Set a budget and explore cameras within that range.
    • Balance cost with desired features to find the best value for your needs.
  6. Brand Reputation:

    • Stick to reputable brands like CADDXFPV for reliability and quality.
    • Established brands often provide better customer support.

Recommended CADDXFPV Analog Cameras:

  1. CADDXFPV Ant Lite Analog Camera (FPV Cycle Edition)

    • Regular Price: $25.00 USD
    • This lightweight camera, specially designed for FPV cycling, offers a balanced blend of performance and affordability.
  2. CADDXFPV Ant Analog Camera

    • Regular Price: $28.00 USD
    • Known for its reliability, the Ant Analog Camera provides crisp images and is suitable for various FPV applications.
  3. CADDXFPV Ratel2 Analog Camera

    • Regular Price: $40.00 USD
    • With its advanced features and a durable build, the Ratel2 is ideal for those seeking high-quality analog footage.
  4. CADDXFPV Baby Ratel2 Analog Camera

    • Regular Price: $39.00 USD
    • A compact and lightweight option with impressive performance, perfect for smaller drones.
  5. CADDXFPV Ratel Pro Analog Camera - 1/1.8'' Inch Sensor

    • Regular Price: $60.00 USD
    • Featuring a larger sensor and Super WDR, the Ratel Pro delivers exceptional image quality and versatility.

Additional Accessory Recommendation:

  • Micro D1M 1CH 1280x720 HD DVR FPV AV Recorder
    • Sale Price: $41.29 USD
    • This recorder is compatible with analog cameras, providing a convenient way to capture and review your FPV flights.


Selecting the right FPV analog camera involves weighing various factors to match your specific needs. Whether you're a drone racing enthusiast or a casual flyer, CADDXFPV offers a range of reliable options to enhance your FPV experience. Consider your budget, flying style, and desired features to make an informed decision and elevate your FPV adventures.