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2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier for Mavic 3 AIR 2/ AIR 2S/MINI 2 Drone Remote Controller Signal Booster Antenna Range Extender

2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier for Mavic 3 AIR 2/ AIR 2S/MINI 2 Drone Remote Controller Signal Booster Antenna Range Extender


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2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier  SPECIFICATIONS

material: Copper + Aluminum + Plastic

frequency: 5.8 Ghz

Weight: 22g

Size: 22

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier

Compatible Drone Model: for DJI Mavic 3 AIR 2/AIR 2S/MINI 2

Compatible Drone Brand: DJI



- Suitable for Mavic 3 Air 2/AIR 2S/MINI 2 Mini 3 Pro Remote Controller,
- The extended range antenna signal extends the remote control distance and the real-time image is clearer.


material: Copper + Aluminum + Plastic
Product Size: 7.4*6.3*3.2CM
Package Size: 8*8*6cm
Gross Weight: 37g
Net Weight:22g

Package included:

1 X Antenna Amplifier

Note: Controller, Phone, is not included just forreference thank you!

2 in 1 Antenna, brass has good conductivity Using mirror aluminum sheet, the reflectivity is as high as 9

Utilizing a high-reflectivity aluminum sheet, this antenna achieves an impressive reflectivity rate of up to 90%.

2 in 1 Antenna, Easy and quick Installation: Snap the antenna extender to the antenna ofthe remote controller in the

Easy Installation: Simply snap the antenna extender onto the remote controller's antenna in the direction indicated by the arrow. Removal: To take it off, first release latch 1, then release latch 2, and finally remove the antenna extension latch 1.

2 in 1 Antenna, Packing list Product size Product weight 3.15in*2.36in*1.26in

Packing List: * Product Size: 3.15 inches x 2.36 inches x 1.26 inches * Product Weight: 0.051 pounds * Material: Brass, with a reflective aluminum sheet

2 in 1 Antenna, Specifications: material: Copper + Aluminum + Plastic Package Size: 8*8*6c2 in 1 Antenna, extend flight range and improve stability Increase distance by about 30-50% and the signal is more stable

Enjoy enhanced performance with this 2-in-1 Antenna Amplifier: * Extend your drone's range by approximately 30-50% * Experience more stable signal reception for smoother, real-time image transmission

2 in 1 Antenna, antenna faces the direction of the drone to ensure the optimal transmission zone Fly in an open area,

Optimize your transmission zone by facing the antenna towards the direction of your drone. For the best results, fly in an open area, away from buildings and other potential interference sources.

2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier SPECIFICATIONS material


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