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4DRC F8 Drone - 5G HD 4K Camera 2KM Brushless Motor GPS Drone

4DRC F8 Drone - 5G HD 4K Camera 2KM Brushless Motor GPS Drone


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4DRC F8 Drone Features

color: gray

Packing method: carrying case

Packing method: whole machine + black

portable box weight: about 820 grams

Battery capacity: 7.4V plug-in smart 2500mah lithium battery. About 110 grams

Aircraft size: 22 x 18 x 5CM

Aircraft folding size: 9 x 14 x 5CM

Lithium battery charging time: about 5 hours

Remote control charging time: about 2 hours

Drone flight time: about 25 minutes

Remote control battery life: 3 x 1.5 AAA batteries (not included)

Flying range (remote control length distance): about 2000 meters

Flight range (remote control altitude distance): 120 meters

Field of view: 120 ° wide angle

4K pixels: Picture: 3840 * 2160 Video: 3840 * 1080

APK: (Supports IOS 6 or higher and Android 4.4 or high-end systems)



Package List:

2 x spare AB blades (pair)

1 remote control

1 x screwdriver

1 Drone Batetry (optional)

1 x USB charging cable

1 x instruction manual


4DRC F8 Drone Reviews


F8 GPS Drone 5G HD 4K Camera Professional 2000m Image Transmission Brushless Motor Foldable Quadcopter RC Dron Gift

apturing high-quality aerial images has never been more enthralling!

Powerful motor – The most potent feature of the F8 RC quadcopter drone is its powerful brushless motor. It operates with minimal noise and guarantees longevity without needing to be replaced. With this F8 drone, chances of a breakdown are next to none.

Superior camera – This RC helicopter drone easily beats others in the market when it comes to camera quality.

With its 4K HD camera , users can capture blur-free images and videos from an aerial distance of 2000 meters.


The camera angles can also be controlled by an APP/transmitter, to pitch between -90 and 0 degree.

Accurate GPS Positioning – Under the GPS mode, this mini drone with camera receives signals from satellites and positions itself accurately. Alongside this, one can also trace the drone easily, thus eliminating any risk of losing it.


  4DRC F8 Drone, it operates with minimal noise and guarantees longevity without needing to be replaced


  4DRC F8 Drone, 30 5G WiFi GPS 4 5.8GHz.802.1ia.OFDM Location4DRC F8 Drone, fast mini clearer and more powerful brings together many current advanced flight technologies

fast mini clearer and more powerful brings together many current advanced flight technologies . equipped with powerful powerful brushless motor and gps positioning system . esc camera is enough to make your creation freely .

4DRC F8 Drone, convenient design "cleverly folding body" to fold, feel just

The cleverly designed 'folding body' allows for effortless folding and unfolding, withstanding thousands of repetitions without compromising flight stability.

4DRC F8 Drone, 4k flagship series "aerial small plane" continues to improve

The 4K Flagship Series 'aerial small plane' has undergone rigorous testing and refinement, resulting in continuous improvements to its aerial photography capabilities and overall flight performance. By combining cutting-edge technology, including long-range capabilities, this drone offers exceptional flight stability and maneuverability.

4DRC F8 Drone, the image system is enough to make your creation freely 5km 6k

The 4DRC F8 Drone features an impressive imaging system, allowing for stunning cinematic footage at distances of up to 5 kilometers and with a resolution of 6K. With its robust construction, it can withstand strong winds, and thanks to its high-frequency signal transmission, you can enjoy seamless image transmission over long distances - all while benefiting from its remarkable battery life, lasting up to 30 minutes.

4DRC F8 Drone -

With a resolution of 6K, which is four times higher than 1080p HD pixels, the 4DRC F8 Drone offers exceptional image quality. Additionally, its remote control capabilities allow for precise adjustments to the shooting angle, giving you greater freedom and creativity in your aerial photography endeavors.

4DRC F8 Drone, 6kpixel 909 ultra-clear shooting remote control angle bottom

The 4DRC F8 Drone's 6K camera captures stunning, ultra-clear footage with its advanced optics and remote control capabilities. The adjustable bottom lens allows for a freely switchable viewing angle, providing more details and textures to appreciate in every '6K masterpiece'.

4DRC F8 Drone, escort you ""gps multi-function return

The 4DRC F8 Drone comes equipped with GPS technology that features a multi-functional 'return home' function, which automatically records your starting position before takeoff. When you need to return home, simply use the remote control to initiate the auto-return feature, allowing for seamless and convenient navigation.

4DRC F8 Drone, "gpsioptical flow dual positioning" is a

The 4DRC F8 Drone features a revolutionary 'GPS Optical Flow Dual Positioning' system, which allows for precise dual-flight positioning. This innovative technology enables automatic stabilization, ensuring a steady hover both indoors and outdoors, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of flying experience.

4DRC F8 Drone, the drone is equipped with four high-efficiency and energy-saving brush

The 4DRC F8 Drone is powered by four high-efficiency, energy-saving brushless motors that provide reliable performance and extended flight times. Additionally, this drone is designed to withstand challenging conditions, including sea-level flying and level 8 wind resistance.

4DRC F8 Drone, brushless motor powerful and energy-saving brushless motion power system

The 4DRC F8 Drone features a powerful and energy-efficient brushless motor system that provides strong output, minimal noise, and excellent resistance to winds up to 45 km/h. Additionally, it boasts advanced noise reduction technology and strong wind resistance capabilities, making it suitable for use in various environments.

4DRC F8 Drone, "2000-meter flight" allows you to capture the beautiful in

Enjoy expansive views with the 4DRC F8 Drone's impressive 2000-meter flight capabilities, capturing stunning aerial footage and photographs in a wider range of scenarios. With the accompanying Google Play app, you can easily explore and enjoy the thrill of aerial photography, featuring fast mini-drone modes and an incredible 80m flight distance.

4DRC F8 Drone, the aircraft will automatically take photoslvideos after 3 seconds after

Capture life's moments with ease using the 4DRC F8 Drone's innovative gesture recognition feature. Simply make a gesture, and the drone will automatically take photos or videos after a 3-second delay, allowing you to focus on the fun and convenience of aerial photography.

4DRC F8 Drone, wjvocin 5 wnaynoint

Plan and navigate with ease using the 4DRC F8 Drone's advanced GPS system, which allows you to set up to 5 waypoints, including 2 additional avoid points on your flight map. The drone can then fly along the predetermined trajectory, ensuring a smooth and controlled journey.

4DRC F8 Drone, the current popular douyin moments will be my and i

Experience the thrill of capturing stunning Douyin moments with the 4DRC F8 Drone, where you can simultaneously enable both flying and shooting modes for seamless automatic tracking. Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments and hello to effortless, high-quality video production.

4DRC F8 Drone, share now "mv online production" photos and videos can be directly

Easily create stunning online productions with the 4DRC F8 Drone! Share your breathtaking photos and videos directly to the app for instant editing. Add music, filters, and more to enhance your content, and then quickly share it with others in moments.

4DRC F8 Drone, easy control a new generation of simple flight system designed for zero-

Experience effortless flying with our intuitive, beginner-friendly flight system! With features like headless mode, one-touch take-off and landing, and return-to-home functionality, you can focus on capturing stunning aerial footage without worrying about complex controls. In emergency situations, simply press one button to have your drone automatically return to you.

4DRC F8 Drone, 30 minute product name fast mini aerial photography small plane foldable .

Experience the thrill of aerial photography with our 4DRC F8 Drone's 30-minute flight time, compact design, and foldable features, perfect for capturing stunning mini aerial footage. Take your VR/3D experience to new heights with our modular battery system, compatible with VO glasses via mobile app, and enjoy a large capacity battery that keeps you flying longer.

4DRC F8 Drone, gpsioptical flow positioning 6k camera 1080

Take to the skies with our 4DRC F8 Drone's impressive flight system, featuring a robust 9x14cm design and advanced camera parameters that include GPS optical flow positioning. Capture stunning 6K video or crisp 1080p images using our high-quality lens. Enjoy up to 30 minutes of flying time on a single charge, with strong wind resistance capabilities reaching around 30 km/h.

4DRC F8 Drone, scm 22cm 8cm remote control guide camera

Enjoy precise control with our intuitive remote controller, featuring a compact design that measures 22cm x 8cm. Use the guide camera angle to fine-tune your shot, and adjust camera angles with ease. The throttle lever provides smooth steering rod control, while the power switch allows for instant shut-off in emergency situations. Additionally, GPS switching (long press) enables seamless satellite signal acquisition, as well as WiFi signal connection.

4DRC F8 Drone, qlrc shutter unlock c dani media library

Unlock your creative potential with our intuitive DJI Mavic Air 2 controller, featuring a comprehensive suite of features. Access your media library, view your flight route on the map, and customize your experience with options like shutter speed control (H:NA), dynamic range adjustment (DIHA), and more. Record and relive your aerial adventures with ease, or zoom in for stunning close-ups. Use our advanced features to filter your footage by date, location, or other criteria. And with multipoint flight capability, you can easily capture unique perspectives and angles, even flying around objects with reverse lens functionality.





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4DRC F8 Drone - 5G HD 4K Camera 2KM Brushless Motor GPS Drone

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4DRC F8 Drone - 5G HD 4K Camera 2KM Brushless Motor GPS Drone

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4DRC F8 Drone - 5G HD 4K Camera 2KM Brushless Motor GPS Drone

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4DRC F8 Drone - 5G HD 4K Camera 2KM Brushless Motor GPS Drone

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The purchase went outstanding. I was very satisfied with the conversation and the provision of services. I recommend. Many thanks

The purchase went great. I thing very pleased with both the conversation and the provision of services. I recommend it. Thanks a lot