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868 MHz Lora Antenna Wifi 915MHz Long Range Antenna for Internet Communication 900M Magnetic 868M Antena 915M Aerial with G900

868 MHz Lora Antenna Wifi 915MHz Long Range Antenna for Internet Communication 900M Magnetic 868M Antena 915M Aerial with G900


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868 MHz Lora Antenna Wifi 915MHz SPECIFICATIONS

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: G900-7, G900-15, G900-23, G900-33

Gain(dB): 6dBi

Brand Name: XHCRF

868 MHz Lora Antenna Wifi 915MHz SPECIF

Electrical Specification

Mechanical Specification

Frequency/ Band






Antenna Height




Cable Type




Cable Length


Radiation Direction


Magnet Base Diameter


Input Impedance


Working Temperature




Storage Temperature


868 MHz Lora Antenna Wifi 915MHz SPECIF868 MHz Lora Antenna, copper elements are adopted for ZIISOR magnet antenna for higher sending efficiency and longer communication distance

copper elements are adopted for ZIISOR magnet antenna for higher sending efficiency and longer communication distance . copper element common magnet antenna TX4G-XPLI7 is one of the most widely used copper antennas .

868 MHz Lora Antenna, the higher impedance match between antenna and device is, the lower power loss of the device

The lower power loss of this device is designed to match a lower loss, with an impedance of approximately 54.7 ohms, very close to the ideal centerline.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, Lower Data Loss Rapid data transmission; complete receiving with unlimited volume theoretically M . magnet

Low latency data transmission enables rapid communication, allowing for seamless reception of large volumes of data. This magnetic antenna features a high-performance design that efficiently transmits and receives data.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, magnet antenna gain is relatively higher for magnet antenna than rubber rod one with longer communication distance as well

This magnetic antenna enables a longer communication range, offering a higher gain compared to traditional rubber rod antennas, thereby extending the transmission distance.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, Omnidirectional Magnet Antenna High gain and 3609radiation magnet antenna .868 MHz Lora Antenna, no Frequency Fluctuation at 868M/915MHz ZI

ZIISOR's 868M/915MHz magnetic antennas are designed to provide stable performance with minimal Frequency Fluctuation. Unlike other antennas, our magnets maintain a consistent center frequency, ensuring reliable communication.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, Easy Fixing with Strong Magnet Strong magnet is adopted in the antenna base for easy installation by simply

Easy Installation Guaranteed: Our antenna features a strong NdFeB magnetic base that uses a powerful suction force of approximately 6.9 Nm, allowing for simple installation by simply attaching it to a metal surface.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, RG174 Cable Oxygen-free copper Excellent insulated core flexible rubber hose connector

This antenna features a high-quality SMA male connector with an RG174 cable, which includes oxygen-free copper, excellent insulated core, and flexible rubber hose. The cable offers customizable performance, low magnet heat resistance, temperature resistance, and easy installation, ensuring improved safety and reliability.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, SMA male Connector SMA copper connector; antioxidant and favorable for signal transmission connector .

This antenna features an SMA male connector, which is made of high-quality copper and includes antioxidant properties to ensure stable signal transmission. Additionally, it has a customizable device connector that can be connected to an RP-SMA female antenna.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, Application Easy install and widely applied to: wireless module; DTU, vending machine, charging

Easy Installation and Wide Applications: This antenna is designed for easy installation and can be widely applied to various scenarios, including wireless modules, such as DTUs, vending machines, charging piles, and more. It's also suitable for WiFi modules, DTU monitoring devices, and industrial routes.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, write to support@ziisor com for antenna customization . poor communication antenn

Customization Support: For customizations, please contact us at []( Note that this antenna is designed for general use cases and may not support specific applications such as poor communication conditions, installation location limitations, or data loss due to unmatched impedance or connector and size issues.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, Advanced Testing Equipment Agilent E5071C VNA Antenna Simulation Testing #

Advanced Testing Equipment: This antenna has undergone rigorous testing using advanced equipment such as Agilent's E5071C Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) for simulation, antenna performance evaluation, and actual VSWR testing. Additionally, it has been subjected to Smith chart testing, verifying its accurate performance and specifications.

868 MHz Lora Antenna, ZIISOR Technology Co, Ltdis a high-tech company devoted to antenna

About ZIISOR: As a leading technology company, ZIISOR Technology Co., Ltd. boasts extensive experience in antenna development and production, backed by skilled engineers and advanced manufacturing processes. Our expertise enables us to offer customized antennas that meet specific customer needs, combined with competitive pricing.

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