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A13 Drone 4K Profesional Aerial Photography Drones Toys With Foldable RC Quadcopter Camera Backpack With USB

A13 Drone 4K Profesional Aerial Photography Drones Toys With Foldable RC Quadcopter Camera Backpack With USB


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A13 Drone Item Specifics

A13 Drone
Place of Origin
Model Number
Headless mode, Altitude Hold Mode, 3D View Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, with G-sensor, 3D flip, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, With Remote Control, Foldable
image capture resolution
Private Mold
Operator Skill Level
Control Type
Remote Control
image transmission distance
Indoor hover

Maximum Flight Time
Drone Type
toy drone
Product name
Foldable Drones 4k
Charging time
120 Minutes
3.7V 2000mAh

A13 Drone Pics 

A13 Drone, 113dro obstacle avoidance low noise brushless motor capable

The A13 drone features advanced obstacle avoidance technology, combined with low-noise brushless motors that can withstand strong winds of up to 7 levels. With continuous updates, this powerful motor setup offers more than 8 times the durability of regular motors, making it less prone to damage.

A13 Drone, intelligent obstacle avoidance 8k high-definition aerial photography drone

This A13 Drone features intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, capable of capturing stunning 8K high-definition aerial photographs with its optical flow localization system and dual cameras that switch seamlessly between shots. Additionally, it boasts all-directional intelligence, avoiding obstacles with ease.

A13 Drone, easy play new optical hovering avoiding obstacles 8k pixels avoiding

Experience easy and intuitive flying with our A13 Drone, featuring new optical hovering technology that expertly avoids obstacles. Capture stunning 8K pixel images without worrying about impact risks, thanks to its brushless motor and advanced optical flow localization system. Enjoy stable flight, one-click takeoff, and a maximum altitude of approximately 3000 meters. Plus, with intelligent return-to-home functionality, you can easily land the drone with just one click from your remote control.

A13 Drone, 113dro obstacle avoidance 360*omnidirectional intelligent obstacle

Featuring advanced 113dro technology, this A13 Drone boasts intelligent 360° omnidirectional obstacle avoidance capabilities, allowing it to detect and avoid obstacles in all directions - front, back, and sides. With its omni-sensing system, you can trust that the drone will automatically detect and navigate around any hazards in its path.

A13 Drone, 360 intelligent obstacle avoidance system
A13 Drone, 113dro obstacle avoidance 8k high-defini

This A13 Drone features advanced 113dro technology, including obstacle avoidance capabilities, 8K high-definition resolution, and an adjustable lens for precise control. The camera also supports manual lens adjustment, making it easy to capture large scenes with stunning color accuracy and lossless restoration.

A13 Drone, 11zdro obstacle avoidance high definition dual camera free switching

This A13 Drone features advanced 11zdro technology, including high-definition dual-camera capabilities that allow for seamless switching between shots. With two high-definition cameras at your disposal, you can freely switch between shooting angles to capture stunning aerial photography.

A13 Drone, front camera bottom lens shooting effect shooting
A13 Drone, 113dro obstacle avoidance optical flow localization always hover

With advanced 113dro technology, this A13 Drone features obstacle avoidance capabilities that utilize optical flow localization, allowing it to hover smoothly whether indoors or outdoors. Moreover, it can consistently maintain a high hovering height, making it easy to capture stunning aerial footage with minimal effort.

A13 Drone, 113dro obstacle avoidance carbon fiber material body carbon fiber

This A13 Drone features advanced 113Dro obstacle avoidance technology and boasts a durable carbon fiber material body with a textured finish. Additionally, the drone's body is designed to be foldable, making it easy to transport and store when not in use.

A13 Drone, 113dro obstacle avoidance modular battery durable and durable batteries

This A13 Drone features advanced 113Dro obstacle avoidance technology and boasts durable and interchangeable modular batteries that are easy to install and remove, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum flexibility. With large capacity lithium batteries, you can enjoy extended flight times and capture stunning aerial photography with confidence.

A13 Drone, drones can be controlled from afar using a mobile phone

Experience seamless control over your A13 Drone with our intuitive app, allowing you to pilot your drone remotely using your mobile phone. Enjoy real-time viewing of the breathtaking scenes captured by your drone, with no delay in image transmission. Stay connected and in command, wherever your aerial adventures take you.

A13 Drone, 50.ox follow me intelligent follow follow up assistant is a

Experience advanced navigation with our 50.ox Follow Me intelligent follow-up assistant, which allows you to zoom in on your mobile phone's screen. This feature enables automatic tracking, effortlessly following your remote control without the need for constant input, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning aerial footage wherever your adventures take you.

A13 Drone, trajectory flight trajectory flight as you please draw the desired flight trajectory on the

Experience the thrill of flight with our trajectory mode, allowing you to draw your desired flight path on the mobile app. Once set, the drone will automatically follow the route, eliminating the need for manual control. For added fun and creativity, try gesture-based photography by aiming at the drone's lens and making intuitive gestures to capture unique self-portraits and memorable moments.

A13 Drone, a13 aerial drone signal/distance 5g image transmission

The A13 Aerial Drone features advanced signal transmission capabilities, utilizing 5G technology to transmit stunning 4K images in real-time. With its compact design, the drone measures 25*22*5.5cm when unfolded, but can be easily folded down to a portable size of 13*8*5.5cm for convenient storage and transport. Equipped with an impressive camera system capable of capturing 8K high-definition video, the A13 also boasts dual cameras and optical flow localization for precise navigation and stunning aerial footage.

A13 Drone, ong power switch emergency stop camera down short press to fine tune long

Enjoy seamless operation with our intuitive control system, featuring: * One-click calibration for quick setup * Obstacle avoidance mode for safe flight * Headless mode for easy navigation * Throttle ever direction lever for precise control * One-click takeoff and landing * Camera up and down buttons for convenient angle adjustments * Power switch with emergency stop function * Short press to fine-tune calibration, long press to land safely

A13 Drone, a13 drone place of origin shenzhen model number
A13 Drone, accessories display drone remote control battery spare blades taniaar 7

Enjoy comprehensive accessories with your A13 Drone, including: * Remote control for precise flight * Spare battery for extended flying time * Replacement blades for effortless maintenance * Taniaar 7136 screwdriver (1 bolt) * USB charging cable for convenient recharging * Detailed instructions for easy setup and use * Packing box to store and transport your drone safely

A13 Drone, 04t a13 photography drone intelligent aerial 9 1





Customer Reviews

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Sahida khanam
Best esc camera drone and very powerful 👏

Best drone in the world

First use

Today was our first attempt, charged battery, downloaded app, directions didn't seem really clear but figure out enough to get it flying.

Fun playing with flight controller up, down, etc.. so glad for the land qui k wind picked it up and had to land fast. But we couldn't get the camera working on first battery life.