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BETAFPV Cetus X - Brushless FPV/BNF Frsky Quadcopter Adjustable Camera Indoor Racing Drone ELRS 2.4G Outdoor RC Helicopter

BETAFPV Cetus X - Brushless FPV/BNF Frsky Quadcopter Adjustable Camera Indoor Racing Drone ELRS 2.4G Outdoor RC Helicopter


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Warranty: 30days

Warning: no

Video Capture Resolution: 480P SD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Set specification: Dual battery (total weight 353g)

Remote Distance: 100

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y,14+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: Original Charger

Package Includes: Original Box,Camera,Batteries,Remote Controller,Charger,USB Cable,Operating Instructions

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner,Intermediate,Expert

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: cetus X

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: 3-4mins

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 95MM

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 1S 450mAh *2

Control Channels: 8 Channels

Charging Voltage: 7.4V

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: 2-axis Gimbal

Brand Name: BETAFPV

Aerial Photography: No


Cetus X RTF Version

Whether skillful pilots or new beginners, Cetus X FPV Kit, as the advanced 2S power whoop bundle, is a completely primary choice to reach a higher stage. From its unparalleled control to its exciting flying that has you immersed your experience through every FPV flight, there is simply nothing like Cetus X FPV Kit. With the combination of Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter, LiteRadio 3 Radio Transmitter, and VR03 FPV Goggles, get ready for the next level.

Recommend the newest BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery. More flight time and higher discharge rate.

Bullet Point

  • Nothing quite beats the experience of flying Cetus X with an enhanced propulsion system, and longer radio and video transmission. With a very functional and potential remote controller and FPV goggles, pilots can unlock more accomplishments to the next level.

  • The Betaflight FC comes with the most popular firmware in the FPV community.Beginners are able to learn and understand more about FPV, which is an essential way to get drone experience.

  • The Cetus FC version offers anauxiliary flight function for pilots with three speed modes. It is easier and more suitable for initial pilots.

  • Classical white design inherited fromCetus Seriesand ade of PA12 material, the Cetus X frame has an excellent impact resistance in drop & impact and reduces the risk of damage, giving you more peace of mind.

  • The 360° protection of the whoop frame ensures safe flights both indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile, the FPV camera supports 0°-40° adjustable degrees, which provides different views for pilots.

  • LiteRadio 3 reserves a nano bay that supports the external TX module for the compatibility of more quadcopters. And the VR03 FPV goggles which are newly added a Micro SD card slot to save the video with DVR recording, support most Analog VTXs in the market.

  • The quadcopter, radio transmitter, FPV goggles, and all of the accessories are packed in an EVA portable storage bag. It is convenient to carry outside and better to protect the equipment.


  • Item: Cetus X FPV Kit

  • Weight: 55g

  • Wheelbase: 95mm

  • FC: F4 1S 12A FC (Betaflight FC Version)/Cetus BL V3 Flight Controller (Cetus FC Version)

  • Motors:1103 11000KV Motor

  • Props:Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Props

  • Camera: C04 FPV Camera (Caddx Nano Ant Camera/Runcam Nano 4)

  • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0°-40°

  • Receiver Protocol: ELRS 2.4G (Betaflight FC Version)/Frsky D8 (Cetus FC Version)

  • VTX: M04 25-400mW VTX (Betaflight FC Version)/Cetus 25-350mW VTX V2 (Cetus FC Version)

  • Quadcopter: Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter

  • Transmitter: LiteRadio 3 Radio Transmitter

  • Goggles: VR03 FPV Goggles

  • Battery: 2*BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery

  • Flight time: 5 mins

Cetus FC or Betaflight FC

Cetus X with the classical Cetus flight controller version is released. It supports the position hold function, which provides easier control to pilots. If select the Betaflight FC version, pilots are able to get and learn tons of FPV knowledge via the popular open source Betaflight flight controller community. Both FC versions perform great in power and speed and feature higher-grade control modes for pilots to get advanced.

Cetus FC Version

Betaflight FC Version

Flight Controller

Cetus BL V3 Flight Controller

F4 1S 12A Flight Controller

Receiver Protocol

Frsky D8

ExpressLRS 2.4G

Flight Mode

N/S/M/Turtle Mode

Angle/Horizon/Air/Turtle Mode




Position Hold


Not Support

Configuration Software

BETAFPV Configurator

Betaflight Configurator

Auxiliary Flight Function

Built-in highly precise barometer to detect the height, the version with Cetus FC benefits from great stability due to its position hold mode, and auto-hovering, which enables the drone to stay at the current height. This function also ensures an emergency landing of the drone whenever loses control or is on low battery. Meanwhile, its stable flight allows you to catch the best footage with the VR03 FPV Goggles very well. It really does an immense amount of fun and ease of flight for all pilots.

Powered by 2S, Cetus X has loads of punch and speed, making it smoother and more suitable for outdoor practice, great for the next level. For indoor practice, the Cetus Pro with 1S power, which has the same auxiliary flight function, is easier for initial pilots to control and fly.

Note: The position hold function is only available in N mode.

Powerful Propulsion System

Equipped with1103 11000KV Brushless Motorand Gemfan 2020 4-blade props, Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter delivers powerful propulsion, making it a 2S power whoop drone with some real punch to it. Besides, the whole quadcopter is light and durable enough, offering pilots a high-efficiency flight experience.

Recording Every Flight Moment

Newly developed by BETAFPV, and based onVR02 FPV Goggles, the VR03 FPV Goggles take features of VR02 and come with a DVR recording function. Pilots can enjoy the playback saved through the goggles or export the videos by Micro SD card. This exciting function allows pilots to catch the memorably breathtaking moment, greatly heightening the FPV flying experience.

Improved Video Transmission

Cetus X comes with M04 25-400mW VTX and C04 FPV camera. Both VTX features a lightweight and adjustable output power for longer distance flying. Combining this VTX and the excellent radio link ExpressLRS 2.4G, pilots can fly whoop drones longer to explore more possibilities and have fun. In addition, C04 FPV camera (based on Caddx Nano Ant Camera/Runcam Nano 4) shows better quality in FPV flight compared withC02 FPV camera.

LiteRadio 3 Radio Transmitter

This transmitter features an ergonomically designed handle and has superb performance in its working time, a newly updated gimbal. Besides, this version supports BETAFPV Configurator, which is a utility designed to simply update, configure, and tune the radio controller. Experience the thrill of total immersion with unrivaled control and capture the world around you.

FPV Simulator Supported

First time flying a quadcopter? You can learn and practice flying a quadcopter through an FPV simulator before real flying. LiteRadio 3 is available to play FPV simulators like DRL/DCL/Uncrashed/Liftoff. More convenient for practicing and charging at the same time. Here is the display of Liftoff.

Various Modes, Accessible to All

Cetus X (Betaflight FC) supports Angle/Horizon/Air Modes, which can satisfy the different needs of pilots and adapt to various flight environments. When the quadcopter falls to the ground and upside down, you can activate turtle mode by LiteRadio 3 transmitter to flip it over and resume flying. 

The version with Cetus FC has N/M/S three flight modes and supports 3 different speeds with SLOW/MID/FAST. Whether you're a seasoned FPV pilot or a complete beginner, the Cetus X FPV Kit helps anyone fly confidently from day one.

Note: The slow speed of Cetus FC version is not available on its M mode.

BETAFPV Cetus Series

BETAFPV Cetus Series has been very popular since its release in 2021 and become the primary FPV choice for new beginners. Whether propulsion system, radio transmitter, VTX range, or other functions, BETAFPV never stops step to make the product better. From the initial Cetus to Cetus X so far, Cetus Series always satisfies customers' needs no matter new beginners or seasoned pilots.


  • 1 * Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter (Betaflight FC or Cetus FC Version)

  • LiteRadio 3 Transmitter (ELRS 2.4G or Frsky)

  • BETAFPV VR03 FPV Goggles   

  • BT2.0 450 mAh 1S Lipo Battery     

  • BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

  • USB Charging Cable (Type-C)

  • Type-C to FC Adapter

  • Prop Removal Tool

  • 4 * Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Prop (Spare Set)

  • 2 * User Manual (Betaflight FC or Cetus FC Version)

  • Portable Storage Bag

Cetus X BNF Version

Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter is a 2S power whoop drone and a primary choice for beginners who want to get advanced flight skills. It features a stronger propulsion system for a speedier and more violent flight, which is capable of performing diverse freestyle tricks. Equipped with M04 400mW VTX and C04 FPV camera that is optimized for longer radio and video transmission. Meanwhile, it supports the Betaflight configurator which is a popular application to configure RC aircraft.

Bullet Point

  • An excellent preference for beginners to get advanced level. Cetus X brushless Quadcopter is proud of its lightning speed with rapid startup due to its stronger propulsion system.

  • Build-in ExpressLRS 2.4G receiver that is the most popular radio link, low latency, and far controlling range are possible. Pilots can not only enjoy the flight indoors but also explore the scenery outdoor.

  • Featuring M04 400mW VTX, C04 FPV camera (based on Caddx Nano Ant Camera or Runcam Nano 4), and 2*BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C battery for longer radio and video transmission and flight endurance, Cetus X brushless quadcopter allows beginners to gain more achievements in FPV flight.

  • Flying a drone expertly is the first step to being a drone master and the next is to set up. With the support of Betaflight configurator, beginners are able to learn flight controller settings, which is an essential way to get drone experience.

  • Classical white design inherited from Cetus Series and made of PA12 material, Cetus X frame has an excellent impact resistance in drop & impact. The 360° protection of the whoop frame ensures safe flights both indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile, the FPV camera supports 0°-40° adjustable degrees, which provides different views for pilots.


  • Item: Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter

  • Weight: 55g

  • Wheelbase: 95mm

  • FC: F4 1S 12A FC V2.2 (ELRS 2.4G)

  • Motors: 1103 11000KV Motor

  • Props: Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Props

  • Camera: C04 FPV Camera (Caddx Nano Ant Camera/Runcam Nano 4)

  • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0°-40°

  • Receiver Protocol: ELRS 2.4G/Frsky D8

  • VTX: M04 25-400mW VTX

  • Battery: 2*BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery

  • Flight time: 5 mins

Improved Video Transmission

Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter comes with M04 25-450mW VTX and C04 FPV camera. M04 25-450mW VTX features a lightweight and adjustable output power for longer distance flying. Combining this VTX and the excellent radio link ExpressLRS 2.4G, pilots can fly whoop drones longer to explore more possibilities and fun. In addition, C04 FPV camera (based on Caddx Nano Ant Camera/Runcam Nano 4) shows a better quality in FPV flight compared with C02 FPV camera.

Powerful Propulsion System

Equipped with 1103 11000KV Brushless Motor and Gemfan 2020 4-blade props. 1103 motors are designed for 2S quadcopters with incredible power, smooth and quiet operation, and light enough. Besides, Cetus X quadcopter adopts 2020 4-blade props, which are lighter and durable enough, offering pilots a high-efficiency flight experience.

Primary Choice for Next Level

Cetus X Brushless Qaducopter Betaflight FC version supports configuring on Betaflight configurator. It is a primary choice for beginners who start to learn drone configuring, which helps beginners to get advanced level. With the Betaflight configurator, you can calibrate accelerometer, custom OSD content, adjust the video transmitter and etc.

Note: Please DO NOT configure ESC or Motor settings on Betaflight configurator.

F4 1S 12A FC V2.2

F4 1S 12A FC board with version V2.2 is first used on Cetus X BNF drone. Here is the specification of the F4 1S 12A FC (ELRS) V2.2.

  • CPU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ )

  • Six-Axis: BMI270 (SPI connection)

  • Firmware version: betaflight_4.3.1_BETAFPVF4SX1280

  • OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)

  • Receiver: SPI ELRS 2.4G Receiver

  • Motor Pin Connector: 1.25mm Header Pins

  • Mounting Hole Size: 26mm x 26mm (suitable for whoop pattern mounting hole)

  • USB Port: SH1.0 4-Pin

  • Built-in ESC with 12A continuous and peak 25A current

  • ESC input voltage: 1S-2S

  • ESC firmware: C_X_30_REV16_7_20220802.hex for BB51 BLHeli_S hardware

  • Signal support: D-shot150, D- shot300, D-shot600, Oneshot125, Multishot, PWM

As you know, the yaw axis will be not working anymore on ICM20689 gyrometer some times. Listening to pilot's feedback, working with the developer on Betaflight, contacting with the FAE on TDK. But until now, not solved. So we update the gyro to BOSH BMI270 since V2.2 version. Also, all the Betaflight FC boards will update the gyrometer to BOSH BMI270 or TDK ICM42688 following.

Pay attention, ONLY the newest Betaflight firmware 4.3.1 start to support this BMI270 gyrometer or ICM42688. Please check the below link to download the firmware.

Note: If your FC board has the yaw axis issue unfortunately, please feel free to email for a replacement. Order list and a short video for this issue would be appreciated.

The BLHeli_S firmware could support the BB51 hardware now. This V2.2 board is powered by BB51 hardware. If you want to setup the ESC specification, please update to the newest BLHeliSuite-16714902a first.

Note: BetaFlight Configurator, BLHeli Configurator, Bluejay Configurator are invalid for the BB51 ESC now.

Cetus X BNF version Package List

  • 1 * Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter (Betaflight FC or Cetus FC Version)

  • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

  • 2 * BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery

  • 1 * Phillips Screwdriver

  • 1 * Prop Removal Tool

  • 1 * Type-C Adapter

  • 4 * Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Props





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BETAFPV Cetus X Review: A Compact and Powerful FPV Kit for Endless Fun

Introduction: The BETAFPV Cetus X FPV Kit offers an exciting and immersive flying experience in a compact and lightweight package. Designed for both beginners and experienced pilots, this kit combines high-performance components with user-friendly features. In this review, we will explore the specifications and features of the Cetus X, highlighting its impressive flight performance, versatile camera options, and comprehensive FPV kit. Compact and Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 55g, the BETAFPV Cetus X is a compact and lightweight FPV kit perfect for indoor and outdoor flying. With a wheelbase of 95mm, this quadcopter offers excellent agility and maneuverability, allowing pilots to perform precise and acrobatic maneuvers with ease. Its portable design makes it convenient to carry and transport, ensuring that you can enjoy FPV adventures wherever you go. Powerful Flight Controller and Motors: Equipped with an F4 1S 12A FC (Betaflight FC Version) or Cetus BL V3 Flight Controller (Cetus FC Version), the Cetus X delivers reliable and responsive flight control. The 1103 11000KV motors provide ample power for thrilling flights, enabling rapid acceleration and impressive maneuverability. Combined with Gemfan 2020 4-blade props, this FPV kit ensures efficient thrust and stable flight performance. Versatile Camera Options: The Cetus X offers two camera options to cater to different preferences and needs. You can choose between the C04 FPV Camera with Caddx Nano Ant Camera or Runcam Nano 4. With an adjustable angle of 0° to 40°, you can customize the camera position to capture the perfect FPV footage. Whether you prefer vivid colors or low latency, the Cetus X provides versatile camera choices to suit your style. Receiver Protocol and VTX: The BETAFPV Cetus X offers two receiver protocol options, depending on the version chosen. The Betaflight FC Version supports ELRS 2.4G for extended range and reliable signal transmission, while the Cetus FC Version features Frsky D8 compatibility for seamless integration with popular Frsky radios. The VTX (Video Transmitter) options include the M04 25-400mW VTX (Betaflight FC Version) or the Cetus 25-350mW VTX V2 (Cetus FC Version), providing flexible power outputs for different flying environments. Comprehensive FPV Kit: The Cetus X FPV Kit comes complete with the BETAFPV LiteRadio 3 Radio Transmitter and VR03 FPV Goggles, offering a comprehensive FPV experience. The LiteRadio 3 transmitter ensures smooth and reliable control, while the VR03 goggles provide an immersive viewing experience with their high-quality display. The kit also includes two BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C batteries, offering approximately 5 minutes of flight time for extended flying sessions. Conclusion: The BETAFPV Cetus X FPV Kit combines compact design, powerful components, and a comprehensive FPV package to deliver an exceptional flying experience. With its lightweight frame, impressive flight controller, versatile camera options, and reliable receiver and VTX choices, this kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots. Whether you're exploring indoor spaces or flying outdoors, the Cetus X offers endless fun and excitement. Unleash your FPV potential with the BETAFPV Cetus X FPV Kit and embark on thrilling aerial adventures. 




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дрон очень хорош, крепкий шустрый. без сноровки легко потерять. так что сперва надо в приложении научится летать. пришел в двух посылках. батареи отдельно. сразу берите комплект с 6 акумами минимум, время полета на двух акумах около 5 минут

Abdullah Nitzsche

BETAFPV Cetus X - Brushless FPV/BNF Frsky Quadcopter Adjustable Camera Indoor Racing Drone ELRS 2.4G Outdoor RC Helicopter

Laverne Altenwerth

The shipment arrived in a reasonable time. Came with damage to the camera... but the seller made sure to quickly send a new camera. In the end I am satisfied. Nice product.

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Love it puts a smile on your face flying! Came faster then estimate. Tracking number let me meet mailman at the door.

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veio melhor que o primeiro BNF que comprei