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CUAV Raefly VT370 VTOL - 15KG Payload 10Hours FLight Time 10L Gasoline Electric Hybrid Tandem Wing VTOL UAV Fixed Wing Airplane Drone

CUAV Raefly VT370 VTOL - 15KG Payload 10Hours FLight Time 10L Gasoline Electric Hybrid Tandem Wing VTOL UAV Fixed Wing Airplane Drone


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CUAV Raefly VT370 VTOL Specifications

  • Layout: Tandem wing
  • Power: VTOL electric, fixed oil
  • Takeoff Weight: 35kg
  • Maximum Load: 15kg (including oil)
  • Battery Life: 10 hours (8kg load, 10L oil)
  • Wind Resistance Rating: Take-off and landing level 6, cruising level 6
  • Wingspan: Front 2820mm/Rear 3744mm
  • Full Length: 2022mm
  • Height: 696mm
  • Width: 470mm
  • Load Bin Size 1: 240240200mm
  • Load Bin Size 2: 160200120mm
  • Shipping Box Size: 2130750630mm (including wheels)
  • Standard Engine: Two-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 12L
  • Cruising Speed: 24-40m/s
  • Max Rate of Climb: 4m/s (Fixed-wing)
  • Max Flight Altitude: 5000m
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C


1-Tandem wing design to increase lift

2-Gasoline-electric hybrid, 10h flight time

3-ADIS sensor + custom external shock bed

4-Support off-site &moving platform take-off and landing, Terrain following, cluster formation and other functions

5-3 redundant IMUs to ensure flight safety

6-Quick loading structure

7-8kg payload



Notes: Product configuration can be customized according to your requirement, showing price is NOT including shipping fee. For more information please contact us . thanks so much.



Raefly VT370 Gasoline-electric Hybrid Tandem Wing VTOL UAV: Unleashing Innovation in Long-Range Flight

The Raefly VT370 Gasoline-electric Hybrid Tandem Wing VTOL UAV represents a revolutionary leap in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles. Designed for extended flight times and versatile payload capabilities, this UAV integrates cutting-edge technology to cater to a wide range of applications. Let's delve into the key features and specifications that make the Raefly VT370 a trailblazer in the field.

Key Features:

  1. Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Drive:

    • The Raefly VT370 adopts a pioneering gasoline-electric hybrid drive mode. In fixed-wing mode, it utilizes a self-starting EFI twin-cylinder gasoline engine with a 10L large-capacity fuel tank, enabling an impressive 10 hours of flight time.
  2. Tandem Wing Design:

    • The innovative large-aspect ratio tandem wing design reduces wing-induced drag, significantly improving the lift-drag ratio and cruise efficiency. This design allows for up to 10 hours of flight time, setting it apart from conventional configurations.
  3. Aerodynamic Subversive Tandem Wing Layout:

    • The tandem wing layout of the Raefly VT370 is aerodynamically groundbreaking. The two wings generate lift with the center of gravity positioned in the middle, ensuring optimal balance and enhancing lift-drag ratio and cruise efficiency.
  4. Advanced Flight Controller with Long-Range Capability:

    • The integrated CUAV flight controller, specifically developed for oil-powered UAVs, enhances stability and functionality. It supports remote take-off and landing, mobile ship take-off and landing, cluster formation, and more. With the LBA series Long-Range system, it achieves a communication range of up to 50km.
  5. Aerospace Grade Sensor and Double Shock Absorption:

    • The flight controller is equipped with ADIS aerospace-grade sensors, specially designed for oil-powered UAVs. The double shock absorption system ensures stable flight, even in challenging conditions.
  6. Extra-Large Load Bin and Quick Release Structure:

    • The Raefly VT370 features an ultra-large load bin, allowing for a maximum payload of 15kg (including oil). The quick-release structure facilitates tool-free disassembly and assembly, ensuring portability and operational efficiency.
  7. Versatile Payload Options:

    • With an impressive 8kg payload capacity, the Raefly VT370 supports various loads, making it adaptable to diverse and complex application scenarios.

Application Scenarios:

  • The Raefly VT370 finds utility in an array of scenarios, including mapping, security, 3D modeling, urban planning, geological exploration, anti-smuggling, anti-drug operations, land title confirmation, emergency rescue, scientific research, and more.

In conclusion, the Raefly VT370 Gasoline-electric Hybrid Tandem Wing VTOL UAV stands as a testament to innovation in long-range flight capabilities. With its unique design, extended flight time, and adaptable payload options, it opens up new possibilities for applications requiring endurance and versatility in UAV operations.



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