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Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV Racing Drone 1700kv/2400kv Motor Mini Magnum Controller HDR Camera For RC Plane

Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV Racing Drone 1700kv/2400kv Motor Mini Magnum Controller HDR Camera For RC Plane


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Emax Hawk Pro/Sport PNP/BNF FPV Racing Drone SPECIFICATIONS

Video Capture Resolution: Other

Type: Airplane

Remote Distance: 300m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: Maternity

Package Includes: Original Box,Operating Instructions,Charger,Camera,USB Cable

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate,Expert

Material: Carbon Fiber

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Features: Other,Auto Return,Follow Me,FPV Capable,Integrated Camera

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: -

Control Channels: 6 Channels

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: EMAX

Aerial Photography:No

Emax Hawk Pro PNP FPV Drone Kit with 1700kv/2400kv Motor Mini Magnum Controller HDR Fpv Camera For RC Plane


Wheelbase (without propellers): 210mm

Weight (without battery): 265g

- Pulsar 2306 1700KV LED Performance Brushless Motors

- Mini Magnum III F4 Flight Controller (MATEKF405 Firmware)

- Magnum 3-6S 35A BLHeli_32 Electronic Speed Controller

- Caddx Ratel 1200TVL HDR FPV Camera Customized for Hawk Pro

- 25-200mW 37CH VTX w/ Raceband

package Includes:

1. Hawk 5 Pro 1x

2. Instruction manual 1x

3. AVAN 5*3.0*3 (3x CW, 3x CCW)

4. AVAN 5*2.8*3 (3x CW, 3x CCW)

5. Extra Hardware Set 1x

6. EMAX Nano RHCP SMA Antenna 1x

7. Clear Translucent Motor Bases 4x

8. Blue Translucent Motor Bases 4x

9. Spare Canopy 1x


Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro, EMAX has redefined the field in aerial drone technology with the revolutionary Hawk Pro .

EMAX has redefined the field in aerial drone technology with the revolutionary Hawk Pro . the Hawk 5 was first unveiled in june .

Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro, utilizing a comparatively lighter canopy, the Hawk Pro features a more aerodynamic profile

Equipped with a sleeker, lightweight design, the Emax Hawk Pro boasts improved aerodynamics, allowing for enhanced speed and agility. Additionally, its upgraded FPV transmission system and camera provide pilots with a crystal-clear view of their surroundings, enabling them to navigate challenging terrain with confidence.

Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro, AVAN Scimitar propellers and the Mini Magnum IIl power system are

Featuring Avan Scimitar propellers and the advanced Mini Magnum II power system, the Emax Hawk 5 Pro delivers an exceptional flying experience, surpassing its predecessor in terms of performance. When combined with the Pulsar brushless motor system, this setup provides maximum power, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and thrilling flight.

Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport P

The Mini Magnum II controller uses advanced technology to support up to 25.2V of power, providing precise control and optimal performance. Additionally, the Pulsar motor incorporates a novel visual feedback system that adjusts brightness levels in response to throttle input, allowing for more intuitive and responsive flight.

Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro, next generation performance, the Hawk Pro is here to set a new standard in FPV

Setting a new benchmark for FPV racing drones, the Emax Hawk 5 Pro elevates the bar with its cutting-edge performance capabilities, redefining the limits of speed and agility in the world of first-person view flying.

Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro, VISA WNLLET Aehbrw WebMoney Hacwet

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Emax Hawk 5 Pro - Sport PNP/BNF FPV, Emax Hawk 5 Pro, United States 10-15 Canada 15-20 Mexico 25-35 Puerto Rico 10-15 New Zealand 10-15 Australia 10-15 Poland 8

Shipping rates and estimated delivery times are as follows: United States, 10-15 business days; Canada, 15-20 business days; Mexico, 25-35 business days; Puerto Rico, 10-15 business days; New Zealand, Australia, Poland, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France, Finland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Vietnam, and Thailand, all with estimated delivery times of 8-15 business days.

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 Emax Hawk 5 Pro Review

EMAX Hawk Pro 5 Review: A Racing Drone Unleashed

When it comes to purchasing a racing drone, especially for first-time buyers, the task can be quite challenging. Understanding the essential features to look for and identifying compromises made by manufacturers in pursuit of speed can be overwhelming. Fortunately, this comprehensive review of the EMAX Hawk Pro FRSKY drone eliminates the guesswork and provides valuable insights.

EMAX has been actively involved in producing racing drones of various sizes, showcasing their expertise in the industry. For a glimpse into their capabilities, refer to our previous review on the EMAX Tinyhawk 2.5. If you're seeking a racing quadcopter, the EMAX Hawk Pro FRSKY drone should be on your radar. It excels at its primary purpose—speedy flights.

Investing in a racing drone entails a significant financial commitment compared to purchasing a regular drone. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you get excellent value for your money. Evaluating the drone's features and flight functions, if any, is an effective way to determine whether it's worth the investment. Let's delve into the features and technical details of the EMAX Hawk Pro FRSKY drone to make an informed decision.

EMAX Hawk Pro FRSKY: Unleashing Performance

When it comes to performance drones, brushless motors are often expected. However, a truly exceptional racing drone goes beyond just motors. Factors like wind resistance contribute to its overall excellence. So, let's examine the features of the Hawk Pro to determine its suitability and worth.

Design and Build Quality

With its aggressive appearance and striking red color, the Hawk Pro stands out in the crowd. As a racing drone, it embraces a minimalist design, focusing on the essentials that make racing drones captivating. The drone's hull boasts an appealing combination of red and dark gray colors.

The frame is constructed from lightweight and robust carbon fiber, featuring a wheelbase of 210mm (excluding propellers). The drone weighs 265g without the battery, which increases to over 500g when the battery is added. However, even with this weight, the drone can reach impressive speeds of 100km/h.

The EMAX Hawk Pro is available in two size versions, but the cost remains the same. The reviewed version is the 2400FRSKY BNF with a 4S Lipo battery, while the other option is the 1700 FRSKY BNF with a 6S Lipo battery.

Notably, the drone's slim open design allows users to customize it according to their preferences. Moreover, the streamlined profile minimizes air resistance, further enhancing its speed during flight. Additionally, the vibration damping system enhances battery life and provides a smooth FPV experience, even over rough terrains.


Equipped with an FPV-enabled camera, the Hawk Pro enables clear visibility of the drone's flight path. The Caddx Ratel 1200TVL camera offers low latency, providing real-time video transmission.

The Caddx Ratel camera excels in night vision capabilities, ensuring high-quality video even in low-light conditions. Its ND8 filter adjusts contrast during flight, enhancing visual clarity. With a wide field of view spanning 150 degrees, the camera captures extensive terrain details.

Inbuilt On-Screen Display

An invaluable addition to the Hawk Pro is its high-quality on-screen display, delivering real-time information on battery charge, signal strength, and flight time.


The EMAX Hawk Pro 5 incorporates a small D8 FrSky 2.4G receiver with eight channels and a range of 300 meters. The minimal latency ensures real-time data transfer. Similar to the Mini Magnum III F4 Flight Controller, the receiver comes preinstalled for added convenience.

Battery and Flight Time


performance drone requires a high-quality battery, and the Hawk Pro offers two options: a Lithium-polymer 4S battery or a 6S Lipo battery. While reviews on various online platforms often favor the 6S option, the manufacturer recommends using the 4S Lipo battery with the Kv2400 drone. Additionally, 4S Lipos are more affordable, making future replacements cost-effective.

The battery is positioned beneath the drone, which exposes it slightly during crashes. Given the nature of racing drones, crashes are inevitable, regardless of the pilot's skill level.

LED Lights

The Hawk Pro 5 boasts captivating LED lights that illuminate in either green or red, enhancing visual aesthetics during night flights. Users can even customize the LED colors by changing the plastic covers. These LED lights are fixed on the motor.

5-Inch AVAN Propeller Blades

The Hawk Pro 5 employs AVAN propeller blades specifically designed for optimal performance. These blades enhance lift and throttle response, allowing the drone to maintain top speeds while reducing drag during corners, ultimately saving crucial seconds.


As implied by the title, the Hawk Pro 5, like many racing drones, requires an FrSky transmitter. Specifically, you will need a D8 mode FrSky transmitter. Fortunately, there are various options available, such as the Taranis QX7, Taranis X9 Lite, and WT8 FrSky transmitter, among others. These can be obtained from online retailers like Banggood. It's important to note that purchasing a compatible transmitter will incur additional costs, unlike regular drones that include transmitters.

EMAX Hawk Pro 5 FPV Camera

Feedback from Current Owners

Existing owners of the Hawk Pro 5 have shared their experiences, highlighting the drone's exceptional speed and stability. EMAX's dominance in the racing consumer drones market is evident. However, it should be noted that this drone lacks many automated flight functions, making it unsuitable for beginners. Despite occasional drops, the drone remains resilient, sustaining minimal damage. Users praised the ready-to-fly nature of the drone, emphasizing the necessity of acquiring a compatible transmitter. Ultimately, the Hawk Pro 5 satisfies the desires of drone racing enthusiasts but is not designed for capturing video or photo footage, as it solely provides a small, low-latency camera for FPV purposes.

Pros of the EMAX Hawk Pro 5

- Ready-to-fly package
- Aerodynamic design facilitating high-speed flights
- LED pulsar motors enhancing visual appeal in low-light conditions
- Provision for camera mounting
- On-board display for battery and flight statistics
- High-quality 1200TVL HDR camera from Caddx Ratel, with remarkable night vision capabilities
- Spare canopy included
- Lightweight carbon fiber frame reducing overall drone weight
- Preinstalled flight controller and receiver for hassle-free setup

Cons of the EMAX Hawk Pro 5

- Requires a separate purchase of a compatible transmitter
- Not designed for capturing footage without an additional camera

Who Should Buy the EMAX Hawk Pro 5?

The EMAX Hawk Pro 5 is suitable only for experienced racing drone pilots. Its high cost, requirement for a compatible transmitter, and potential for significant damage in crashes make it unsuitable for beginners. However, if you possess drone-racing expertise, this drone will fulfill your dreams. It's essential to note that the Hawk Pro 5 is primarily a racing drone and lacks camera functionality. Its small, low-latency camera exclusively serves FPV purposes, allowing pilots to observe the terrain during flights.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you revel in the freestyle flight mode, the EMAX Hawk Pro 5 drone is a perfect choice. However, before taking flight, ensure you acquire a FrSky transmitter suitable for this drone. Additionally, thoroughly read

the user manual and consider watching instructional videos online. Familiarize yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills required to fly this type of drone safely. For first-time racing drone pilots, it is advisable to fly the Hawk Pro 5 during daylight hours in an open area, ensuring optimal conditions for piloting and avoiding potential hazards. 

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