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F4S Drone - 6K HD ESC Camera GPS WIFI FPV Brushless Obstacle Avoidance Four Axis Foldable Remote Control Helicopter Toy Boy Professional Camera Drone

F4S Drone - 6K HD ESC Camera GPS WIFI FPV Brushless Obstacle Avoidance Four Axis Foldable Remote Control Helicopter Toy Boy Professional Camera Drone


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material: ABS + electronic components

Video Capture Resolution: 6K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 2000m

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Recommend Age: 14+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: Batteries

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: Camera

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Expert

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: F4S

Material: Metal

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Image transmission distance [meter]: 2000 meters

Function2: headless mode 360°

Function1: One key take off

Flight Time: 30min

Features: Auto Return

Features: Wi-Fi

Features: Obstacle Avoidance

Features: Integrated Camera

Features: FPV Capable

Features: Follow Me

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 36*33*7cm

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: AA*3

Control Channels: 6 Channel

Color: Black

Charging Voltage: 7.4V 2500mA

Charging Time: 180min

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: QJ

Aerial Photography: Yes

F4S Drone, Fa 6K ESC dual camera Three-axis self-stabilizing gimbal

Fa 6K ESC dual camera Three-axis self-stabilizing gimbal 3609 Laser Obstacle Avoidance GPS return home, brushless power A true zero-base takeoff FEATURES

F4S Drone, 6K ESC Dual Camera GPS positioning system Optical flow fixed point hover . laser

This drone features a 6K-resolution camera, dual cameras for simultaneous capture, GPS positioning system, optical flow technology for stable hovering, smart hover functionality, gesture-controlled photovideo capabilities, 360-degree laser obstacle avoidance, three-axis gimbal stabilization, and a self-stabilizing mechanism.

F4S Drone, FOLD F4 Little achievement Convenient and easy to carry Foldable body design; one

Enjoy the convenience of the F4S Drone's foldable design, allowing for easy portability and one-handed control. Take it anywhere, anytime, thanks to its compact size and intuitive operation.

F4S Drone, AVOIJANCE 360" Laser Obstacle Avoidance Insight into all directions

The F4S Drone features advanced 360-degree laser obstacle avoidance, providing complete insight into its surroundings. With automated detection of obstacles in all directions, the drone ensures safe flight and avoids potential hazards.

F4S Drone, CAMERA 6K video level Three-axis self-stabilizing gimbal

The F4S Drone features a 6K-resolution camera with a three-axis self-stabilizing gimbal, ensuring smooth and stable video capture at all times. Additionally, the drone allows for remote control adjustments of up to 90 degrees, providing greater flexibility and creative freedom.

F4S Drone, high-definition dual-camera, the front lens is eye-opening,

The F4S Drone features high-definition dual cameras, with the forward-facing lens offering an immersive view and the downward-facing lens capturing stunning scenery below.

F4S Drone, TRANSMISSION 5G video fast transmission 3 km flight Fu Watch high-definition

Enjoy seamless transmission with 5G connectivity, allowing for fast and efficient video transfer up to 3 kilometers away. With the F4S Drone, you can watch high-definition videos in real-time on your mobile phone, ensuring an immersive experience.

F4S Drone, RETURN GPS return Escort the flight F4 Intelligently record the flight position to

The F4S Drone features advanced GPS return capabilities, allowing for intelligent flight tracking and automatic return to base. This ensures the drone's safe return and eliminates the risk of lost or out-of-range flights.

F4S Drone - 6K

With our intuitive app, you can track your drone's flight in real-time using a live map, complete with GPS waypoints. No manual control required - simply let the drone's advanced AI take over for an automatic and intelligent flight experience.

F4S Drone, POWER Brushless power Grade 7 strong wind resistance Fu High speed and energy saving, more power

Equipped with a Brushless power system, the F4S Drone boasts exceptional performance in strong winds, thanks to its Grade 7 resistant design. This high-efficiency motor features fast heat dissipation and low noise levels, allowing for speeds up to 3200 RPM while minimizing energy consumption.

F4S Drone, HOVER Optical flow localization Hover smoothly all the time Fas6f4

Enjoy smooth hovering with the F4S Drone's advanced optical flow localization technology, which ensures stable flight in both outdoor and indoor environments. With this feature, you can effortlessly maintain your desired height and altitude, making it easy to get started and enjoy a seamless flying experience.

F4S Drone, BATTERY High burst battery make you happy Fu Equipped with high-cap

Experience long-lasting flight times with the F4S Drone's high-capacity, high-density battery. With up to 30 minutes of flying time, you can enjoy a more natural and immersive experience. Compare this to ordinary drones that typically only last around 15 minutes before needing a recharge. The F4S Drone's impressive battery life is thanks in part to its 2500mAh capacity, which means you'll get at least 70% longer flight times than other drones on the market.

F4S Drone, "Surround Flight 360" is a 360-degree shooting game with a remote

Experience the thrill of 'Surround Flight 360', a 360-degree aerial gaming experience controlled remotely. This immersive game mode offers a range of flight options, putting you at the center of the action as you navigate through various missions and challenges.

F4S Drone, Smart Follow No need to control, follow and shoot automatically Gestures to take pictures point at

Enjoy hands-free photography with Smart Follow mode, which allows for automatic tracking and shooting. Simply gesture towards the camera and the drone will intelligently follow your movements, capturing stunning shots effortlessly.

F4S Drone, ESC camera 3-axis self-stabilizing gimbal Bottom HD camera Use battery

The F4S Drone features a 3-axis self-stabilizing gimbal on its ESC camera, ensuring smooth and stable footage. The drone operates using a rechargeable battery (7.4V, 3500mAh) and can be controlled via a handheld remote control or a mobile phone app. With an estimated flight time of around 30 minutes, the drone also has a maximum flying distance of approximately 3 kilometers when connected to a 5G signal. The camera itself captures high-quality images with a range of about 1 kilometer.

F4S Drone, FPV Capable Features : Follow Me . QJ Aerial Photography F4S Drone, Aircraft Remote control body USB charging cable 1 Screwdriver are Spare fan blades (

The F4S Drone comes with a comprehensive accessory pack, including: * Aircraft body with USB charging cable * Screwdriver for any necessary adjustments * Spare fan blades (pair) Additionally, the drone features several useful modes and functions, such as: * VOCE: voice control mode * Speed gear: adjust the speed of your drone * Headless mode: long press to activate, allowing you to fly the drone without worrying about orientation * Emergency stop: press and hold to immediately stop the drone's motors The battery life is approximately [insert time].