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F9 drone obstacle avoidance brushless motor profesional GPS 6k camera drone

F9 drone obstacle avoidance brushless motor profesional GPS 6k camera drone


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F9 drone obstacle avoidance brushless motor profesional GPS 6k camera drone

Product name

F9 GPS Brushless Quadcopter Drone

Product Color


Positioning system

GPS / GLONASS dual-mode positioning

Charging time

About 120 minutes

Remote control distance

About 2000m

Transmission distance

About 1500m

Remote control height

About 120m

Gesture recognition shooting


Wifi frequency


Camera resolution

4096 * 3072 (APP)

Video resolution

2048 * 1080 (APP)

Transmission frame rate


ESC camera angle

110 Ì»

The Pan-Tilt camera helps you to achieve a tilt angle of 110° while the vertical photography angle is -90°/+20°.

Package Included

1 x F9 RC Quadcopter

1 x Remote Controller

1 or 2/3/4 x  Battery (option)

2 x Propellers(1A+1B)

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x User Manual


F9 drone Features

1.One-click operation: You can command the aircraft to take off, land and even return from a distance with just a single click.
   When summoned back, the drone will come to the original location from where it took off.
2.Gesture recognition: When you make a gesture looking at the drone camera, standing 1-3m away from it, it will click your picture.
   The aircraft smartly recognizes the gesture and instantly turns your happy moments into everlasting memories.
3.Fixed-point surround: Now shoot cool videos with this professional drone without any additional effort.
   Fix a point and then set the radial distance with the joystick and watch the drone take videos encircling the selected object.
4.Share pictures and videos easily: These amazing quadcopter drones let you share pictures and videos as well. While you can share multiple pictures, one video can be shared at a time.
   Explore new places and amp up your videography skills with the NWE F9 4K HD camera drone.
   It can fly for 25 minutes continuously and shoot amazing HD videos at 25fps.
   The quadcopter also boasts an excellent video resolution of 2048×1080 and picture resolution of 4096×3072.


1. All data comes from the Super Drone laboratory, the specific use time is subject to actual operation.
2. We do not sell batteries separately, if you need to get a longer flight time, please buy a more advanced package.
3.Please pay attention to the direction of the battery socket when replacing the battery.
4.When descending and returning home, please slow down first to avoid impacting the ground and causing product damage.

F9 Drone Review

F9 drone Details

F9 drone, gps return home brushless power 2021 highly recommended to

gps return home brushless power 2021 highly recommended to give you unexpected surprises . f9 uav pro pro is a powerful uv pro with a wide range of

F9 drone, gps positioning runaway low power return return over distance

This professional drone features GPS positioning, automatic return-to-home functionality when power runs low, and a maximum flight distance. It also includes a high-frequency optical fence system that provides real-time obstacle avoidance. The drone has a battery life of up to 30 minutes, is equipped with a 6K anti-shake camera capable of capturing 60 million pixels at 5G HD resolution, and features brushless motors for smooth and quiet operation.

F9 drone, 6k anti-shake camera self-stabilization gimbal

This drone features a high-resolution 6K anti-shake camera equipped with a self-stabilization gimbal, which provides an incredibly wide angle of 110 degrees and effectively eliminates camera shake. The camera also offers adjustable angles up to 90 degrees, allowing for greater flexibility in capturing shots from various perspectives.

F9 drone, gps satellite return technology can fly unimpeded and can

Our drone features advanced GPS satellite return technology, ensuring that it can maintain its flight path and return safely even in areas with weak signal strength. Additionally, the drone's low battery warning system allows for one-button returns home when necessary.

F9 drone, return home with one button low powertreturn return over distance .

Our drone features advanced GPS satellite return technology, which allows for seamless flight and real-time control. With our intuitive return-to-home system, you can simply press one button to bring the drone back when its battery level is low. Additionally, the drone can automatically return home or continue flying at a safe distance if it becomes disoriented or lost.

F9 drone, four powerful brushless motors with fast speed, low noise, strong

Equipped with four powerful brushless motors, this drone delivers exceptional performance and stability, capable of withstanding strong winds and turbulent conditions up to level 7. With its robust design and advanced motor technology, you can confidently fly your F9 drone even in harsh environments, such as coastal areas or open fields.

F9 drone, configure electronic virtual fence technology to reach the limited distance or altitude

Configure our advanced electronic virtual fence technology to set boundaries for your drone, limiting its flight range or altitude to ensure safe and responsible operation. This feature automatically prevents the drone from flying beyond designated limits, providing you with increased peace of mind and making it an ideal solution for novice pilots.

F9 drone, uav fuselage battery adopts large-capacity

The F9 drone features a robust fuselage with a modular battery design, allowing for easy replacement or upgrade. With a large capacity battery of 2500mAh, you can enjoy up to 30 minutes of continuous flight time, providing ample opportunity to capture stunning aerial footage and images every time.

F9 drone, high-frequency 5g wifi hd signal transmission, always can

Experience seamless video transmission with our advanced 5G WiFi technology, allowing you to stream stunning HD aerial footage from up to hundreds of meters away in real-time. Capture breathtaking views and share them instantly with friends and family, as if you're right there with your drone.

F9 drone, gps optical flow positioning, flight is as stable as mount

Benefit from our advanced GPS-optical flow technology, which provides unparalleled stability and precision in flight. The unique dual-flight positioning system ensures that your drone remains steady and on course, making it easy for anyone to use, control, and capture stunning aerial footage.

F9 drone, download google app store t#etapp ko play

Download our official app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to unlock the full potential of your F9 drone. With our app, you'll have access to exclusive features, updates, and tutorials to help you get the most out of your McL products in 2021.

F9 drone, automatic follow-up shooting is possible with the follow function . the

Experience seamless follow-up shots with our Follow Function, which allows for automatic tracking of your subject. With GPS tracking capabilities, you can toggle it on or off as needed, and the drone will follow your every move, ensuring smooth and precise aerial captures.

F9 drone, make a great blockbusterl 360" surround shooting commonly used

Elevate your filmmaking experience with the F9 drone! Capture stunning '360' surround shots, commonly used in blockbuster films, by taking control as the center point and flying in a 360-degree circle. With our professional-grade camera drone, you'll be able to create visually breathtaking scenes from unique perspectives, making your next big project a cinematic masterpiece.

F9 drone, the drone will do it right away automatic flight; simpler and more interesting

Experience the convenience of automated flight with our F9 drone, which can take off and navigate to its destination quickly and effortlessly. With our intuitive real-time map interface, simply click multiple points to define your desired waypoints, and the drone will follow the pre-programmed route for a seamless and exciting flying experience.

F9 drone, gesture photo, automatic intelligent recognitionl during the flight . corresponding

Capture life's moments effortlessly with our F9 drone's gesture-based photography feature! During flight, simply use intuitive hand gestures to take stunning photos or record captivating videos. The drone's advanced AI technology recognizes your movements, allowing you to seamlessly trigger recording and capture special moments without having to touch the controls.

F9 drone, the bottom of the drone uses a porous distributed heat diss

Equipped with a innovative porous distributed heat dissipation design at its base, our F9 drone ensures efficient heat dissipation within the fuselage. This clever design effectively disperses internal heat, safeguarding critical chip components from overheating, ensuring reliable and prolonged operation of your drone.

F9 drone, the drone uses a convenient folding body design; the folded body is

Featuring a clever folding mechanism, our F9 drone offers unparalleled portability. When folded, its compact body fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it effortless to take with you on-the-go, worry-free, and easy to stow away when not in use.

F9 drone, gpsioptical flow positioning 26x31x5.

Key Features: * GPS/Optical Flow Positioning for precise navigation * Compact dimensions: 26x31x5.5cm (power system camera) * Brushless motor with 7-level wind resistance * 6K dual-camera setup * Up to 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge, thanks to our modular lithium battery * Real-time image transmission via 5G WiFi remote control * Remote control distance: approximately 3 kilometers

F9 drone, headless mode geomagnetic calibration one return one-click take

Advanced Features: * GPS + FDLow (Flow-based) navigation for precise positioning * Joystick control with surround 50.96° field of view * Automatic Return Home feature for safe and easy retrieval * High-speed takeoff and landing capabilities * Emergency Landing mode for added safety * Switchable map for customizable flight experiences * Unlockable Stop function for seamless video recording * Front camera pan and tilt control for enhanced aerial photography




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Vera Messina

F9 drone obstacle avoidance brushless motor profesional GPS 6k camera drone

Sarita Vitale

F9 drone obstacle avoidance brushless motor profesional GPS 6k camera drone

Egisto Parisi

F9 drone obstacle avoidance brushless motor profesional GPS 6k camera drone

Lazzaro Neri

Fast delivery. Drone works but not yet all have tested. To correct work needed applique. Image camera not top quality.

Giancarlo Ferri

Exactly as they offer it…