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K101 Max Drone With Dual 4K HD Camera Optical Flow Localization Real-time Transmission Helicopter

K101 Max Drone With Dual 4K HD Camera Optical Flow Localization Real-time Transmission Helicopter


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K101 Max Drone Parameters

Specification Details
Item Model Number K101 Max
Remote Control Frequency 2.4G
Number of Channels 4 channels
Product Material Plastic, metal, electronic components
Camera Adjustment Electric, 90° adjustment
Remote Control Mode Left hand throttle
Flight Time About 18 minutes
Remote Control Phone Clip Size 5.5 inches
Remote Control Battery 3 AA batteries (not included)
Body Module Lithium Battery 3.7V 1800mAh
Remote Control Distance 200 meters
Charging Method USB cable
Charging Time 60 minutes
Drone Folding Size 12.5 x 8.5 x 5 cm
UAV Unfolded Size 23.5 x 21.5 x 5 cm
Image Return Distance 100 meters
Drone Weight 100 g

Packing list

k101 max Drone*1
Remote control*1
Body battery 1/2/3 (delivery according to choice)
USB cable*1
Protective cover*4
Spare fan blades*4
Drone manual*1
APP manual*1
Storage bag*1



  • System Upgrade: Experience simplified control with a fully upgraded system, eliminating the complexities of navigation.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Features three-way intelligent obstacle detection to navigate safely around objects.
  • Camera System: Dual 4K HD cameras deliver superior image quality.
  • Optical Flow: Stabilizes the drone using optical flow positioning for precise hovering.
  • Gesture Control: Take photos with simple hand gestures.
  • HD Image Transmission: Ensures clear, high-definition video transmission to your mobile device.
  • Mobile Phone Control: Manage flight settings and tracking directly through your smartphone.
  • Beauty Filter: Enhances photo aesthetics with built-in beauty filters.
  • One-Key Operations: Simplifies takeoff and landing with the push of a button.
  • 360° Tumbling: Adds dynamic aerial maneuvers like 360-degree flips.
  • Trajectory Flight: Follows pre-set flight paths for cinematic shots.
  • Zoom Capabilities: Features up to 50x zoom for detailed imaging.
  • Headless Mode: Eases navigation by making the drone move relative to the pilot.


K101 Max Drone Introducing Video

K101 Max Drone Unboxing and Review Video




Three-Sided Obstacle Avoidance for Safe Flight

This drone is equipped with a three-sided obstacle avoidance system that ensures safe navigation in tight spaces such as near walls, wires, and branches, significantly reducing the risk of flight accidents.

K101 Max Drone, k1o1 max acoidance three-

three-way obstacle) avoidance say goodbye to unmanageable 4k dual camera, see more 

K101 Max Drone, acoidance kiot max easy to shoot

easy to shoot and easy to control become an "old driver" in seconds . left and right three-way obstacle avoidance, automatic detection surrounding obstacles provide more security . lee

K101 Max Drone, 12 powerful features t0 experience twelve 4k hd dual

Experience 12 impressive features, including dual 4K HD cameras, three-way intelligent optical flow technology for fixed obstacle avoidance and point hovering, plus one-key takeoff and landing, 360-degree tumbling trajectory flight, S0x zoom, headless mode, and a beauty filter.

the whole system is upgraded and bid farewell to difficult control 12 powerful features t0 experience twelve 4k hd dual camera three-way intelligent optical flow fixed obstacle avoidance point hover gesture to take

K101 Max Drone, acoidance c big coffee the collision of aesthetic
K101 Max Drone,  three-

three-way obstacle avoidance guardian flight with front . automatic detection surrounding obstacles and intelligently avoid them for flight provide more security . bjuppioa

4K Dual HD Camera With 90° Angle

  • Video Quality: Captures footage at 4K resolution, offering movie-level high-definition output.
  • HD Dual Camera: Equipped with high-resolution pixel lenses for clear, detailed picture quality.
  • Adjustable Angle: Supports a 90° electric adjustment for user-friendly camera positioning.
  • Wide Scene Capture: Designed to effortlessly capture expansive scenes with superior image clarity.

These features ensure that the drone excels in providing professional-grade video and photographic content, making it ideal for both enthusiasts and professional cinematographers.

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oi max 4k

Compact and Portable Drone Design

This drone features a foldable design that easily fits into a pocket, making it incredibly portable and convenient for travel. Equipped with advanced obstacle avoidance, it combines practicality with safety, ensuring a user-friendly experience on the go.

K101 Max Drone, k101 max drone, acoidance k1oi max fold up

fold up space bring freedom one fold, one exhibition . travel it is more convenient and more humanized .

HD Transmission with Real-Time Viewing

Experience seamless, real-time video streaming directly from the drone's camera to your mobile app. Enjoy high-definition transmission without any delays, enhancing your viewing and control experience.

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oj max h

hd transmission cooll no delayl by carrying a mobile app . you can watch it in real time image from drone camera . kioi or muit

K101 Max Drone,  smart hover easy

smart hover easy to get started during the flight . drone will automatically maintain stable hover without oil the door masters the height .

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oi max 50x

Experience unparalleled vision with the K101 Max Drone's dual 4K HD cameras, featuring a 50x zoom lens that captures life-like images from unprecedented heights and distances.

50x zoom freely through the app the picture is more humanized, without fear of heights and distances .

K101 Max Drone, drones can fly autonomously without the need for button control .

With the K101 Max Drone's autonomous flight feature, you can fly it without manual control. Simply draw your desired flight path using the smartphone app for a smart and fun flying experience.

drones can fly autonomously without the need for button control . track fingering smart and fun draw the flight path you want on the app .

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oi max drone camera

Activate Photo Mode on the K101 Max Drone by simply pointing your camera at the drone's camera lens while in flight.

 drone can take pictures or videos now . aim at the drone camera make the appropriate gesture .

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oi max one key

One-Key Control: Enjoy seamless operation with simple and intuitive controls. With just one button on the remote, effortlessly take off, land, activate emergency stop, or return - making flying easy and convenient.

one key control simple and easy to use easy to do with one button on the remote take-off; landing; emergency stop, return, etc.

K101 Max Drone, acoidance kiol max battery adopts

The ACOIDANCE K101 Max drone features a modular battery design that allows for easy installation and removal, equipped with a large lithium-ion battery providing up to 18 minutes of flight time on a single charge at 3.7V voltage.

battery adopts a modular design; which is easy to install and remove large lithium battery; longer battery life 18minute battery life 3.7v lithium voltage voltage .

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oi max 3609

With remote control, this drone can perform impressive 360-degree stunt rolls in mid-air, delivering a thrilling performance. Additionally, it boasts advanced optical flow localization technology that enables it to 'see' its surroundings and avoid obstacles.

3609 tumbling cool stunt during flight . drone can pass the remote control realizes 3600 stunt roll in the air . kioi mx a

K101 Max Drone, acoidance k1oi max headless

Headless Mode Available: No need to orient the drone's direction, control becomes simplified - one step forward.

headless mode don't get lost . the direction facing the remote control is center to fly, no need to identify the direction of the drone .

K101 Max Drone, flight system lens optical flow fixed-point hovering/ 4k dual

Introducing the K101 Max Drone, a high-performance quadcopter featuring dual 4K HD cameras with optical flow localization and real-time transmission capabilities. Key features include a black-gray color scheme, folded size of 12x7x5cm (expandable to 24x24x5cm), an optical flow fixed-point hovering system, three-way obstacle avoidance, approximately 18 minutes of battery life, removable modular batteries, and a signal distance of about 200 meters. The product comes with a storage bag, gift box, and a user manual.

flight system lens optical flow fixed-point hovering/ 4k dual camera three-way obstacle avoidance battery about 18 minutes of battery life removable modular battery signalldistance product packaging 2.4glabout 200 meters storage bag gift box

K101 Max Drone, kioi max 3 23.5cm 21.5cm
K101 Max Drone, kioi max acoidance product a

KIOI MAX Accessory Package Includes: Drone, Remote Control, Spare Fan Blades (4), Gift Box, Storage Bag, Protective Frame (4), Charging Cable, Screwdriver, and Manual (2).

product acessories drone*1 remote control*1 spare fan blades*4 aqaa gift box*1 storage bag*1 protective frame*4 charging cable

K101 Max Review

 K101 Max Drone Outside Flight Video






Customer Reviews

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Hanna Yakovleva

Mon drone vole bien mais pas de connexion avec mon téléphone. Plusieurs portables ont été testé et toujours pas de connexion

Wolfgang Zindler
Alles i.O.

Alles i.O.

Sonia Thompson

K101 Max Drone With Dual 4K HD Camera Optical Flow Localization Real-time Transmission Helicopter

Gloria Hilll

Paquete increíble, funcionan muy bien probadas y todas las baterías, compre a este vendedor, excelente servicio y productos.

Judy Flatley

Arrived straight, 2 months ahead of schedule. Fast extreme seller. I haven't flown yet. Will be my first drone. Corresponds to what was announced.