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K80 Max Drone - 8K HD Camera Drone Brushless Motor GPS 5G WIFI 360 Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter K80 PRO MAX RC Dron Toys Professional Camera Drone

K80 Max Drone - 8K HD Camera Drone Brushless Motor GPS 5G WIFI 360 Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter K80 PRO MAX RC Dron Toys Professional Camera Drone


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Sensor Size: 1/3.13 inches

Remote Distance: 1200m

Origin: Mainland China

Gyro: 6

GPS: Yes

Flight Time: 20min

FPV Operration: Yes

Drone Weight: 216g

Drone Battery Capacity: 7.4V/2200mAh

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Connectivity: Wi-Fi Connection

Connectivity: APP Controller

Connectivity: Remote Control

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording

Brand Name: FIJ

Aircraf Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

Aerial Photography: Yes

K80 Max Drone, KFIOIMAX 3-Axis Gimbal 4K HD Camera Image Transmission 3

KFIOIMAX 3-Axis Gimbal 4K HD Camera Image Transmission 3KM 300OmAh Battery 30min Flight Time Learn More >

K80 Max Drone, F11S 4K PRO 2-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer 3KM ImageK80 Max Drone, K80 PRO MAX RC Dron

K80 PRO MAX Drone 8K HD Camera Brushless Motor GPS 5G WIFI 360 Obstacle Avoidance Foldable Quadcopter VS L900 SE MAX RC Dron Toy


Model: K80 PRO MAX

K80 PRO: no 360° obstacle avoidance function

K80 PRO MAX: with 360° obstacle avoidance function

Channel: 4 Channels

Gyro: 6 Axis

Motor: Brushless Motor

Camera Wide Angle:120°

Configuration Frequency: 5GHz

Remote Control Distance: 1200M (No Interference, No Occlusion)

Image Transmission Distance: 600M (No Interference, No Occlusion)

Charging Time: About 3 Hours

Flight Time: 20-22 Minutes

Transmission Method: FPV

Photo Recording Mode: Remote Control + APP Control

Front Camera Photo Resolution: 7680*4320P

Front Camera Video Resolution: 1920*1080P

Bottom Camera Photo Resolution: 1920*1080P

Bottom Camera Video Resolution: 1920*1080P

Quadcopter Rechargeable Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium Battery (Included)

Quadcopter Size: 20.5*20.5*4.5cm (Unfoldable),13*16*4.5cm(Foldable)

Features :

· Dual positioning: GPS + optical flow positioning

· Brushless motor: Feel the surging power brought by the brushless motor. Level 8 strong wind resistance, support sea flight

· GPS intelligent return home, nothing is more important than safety. Over-distance return home, one-key return home, low power return home

· Intelligent follow-up, wherever you go, wherever you go. Turn on the follow function, you can automatically follow the controller, and at the same time turn on aerial photography, realizing follow-up while walking.

· Fly around and shoot great movies with one click. Set your favorite target as a hot spot, and fly around the target by yourself, making it easy to shoot blockbuster movies.

· Route planning: Click where you want to fly on the map. Draw the flight waypoint you want on the APP real-time map, and immediately press the drawn waypoint to fly.

· 20 minutes of long-lasting battery life, bottom LED light battery level display

· One-button take-off and landing, easy to get started; headless mode, anyone can fly; convenient storage, light travel

Package Included :

1 x Aircraft

1 x Remote Control

1 x 2 x 3 x Aircraft Battery (optional)

4 x Spare Propeller

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Manual

K80 Max Drone, 8 H2 MnX ASSER Restastee P3O KBo Photogra

8 H2 MnX ASSER Restastee P3O KBo PhotograPHY flying LASER dreaming f AERIAL sop never Bk HD Ne 0 8 POSITIONING Gp


The K80 Pro Max features Safe Flight technology, equipped with 360-degree omnidirectional laser-based obstacle avoidance perception capabilities.

K80 Max Drone, Ke flagship drone PRO MA is full of high profile 8K aerial photography . FLAGSHK80 Max Drone, HP OeSRC= Nsslic= No; OaSTaCLE NO

Introducing the K80 Max Drone, equipped with an 8K HD camera and brushless motors. This drone features GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as advanced 5G connectivity for seamless flight control. Additionally, it boasts foldable quadcopter design and innovative 360-degree obstacle avoidance system. Choose from two style options: a sleek, streamlined look or a rugged, textured finish.

K80 Max Drone, level 8 strong wind resistance, support sea flight  GPS intelligent return home, nothing is moreK80 Max Drone, the appearance and 8K HD performance are equally strongl Equipped with a number of flight

Both its sleek design and impressive 8K High-Definition (HD) camera capabilities stand out as exceptional features. This drone also boasts various advanced flight technologies that deliver seamless performance in any environment.

K80 Max Drone, EEzE3T, itieteakEabaetztA 1232747

Enjoy intelligent and stable hovering with 'getting started in seconds' ease. The drone features indoor and outdoor modes for seamless transition between environments.

K80 Max Drone, K8o PRO MAX 8K aerial photography master, folding new creation Big-name valueK80 Max Drone, Foldable One-handed Portable and foldable, smaller and lighter, easier t0 carryK80 Max Drone, KBo H2 VS UPGRADE THE ORDINARY CARBON

Upgrade to a high-performance carbon brushless motor, featuring high bursts and strong wind resistance up to level 3, which outperforms ordinary motors and minimizes damage from weak outputs.

K80 Max Drone, 8K high-definition dual camera, free switching, free framing .

Equipped with an 8K high-definition dual camera, you can freely switch between cameras and frames to capture even more stunning views.

K80 Max Drone, Front Lens Head-Up Shot Bottom lens - top view shooting Experience the thrill of sprinting

Capture stunning aerial footage with the K80 Max Drone's front-facing camera, perfect for high-speed shots or low-angle views. The top-down camera angle provides an immersive experience.

K80 Max Drone, beauty + Filter together later . post-shooting process completed in one go,

Enjoy advanced image processing with our exclusive 'Filter' feature, allowing for seamless integration into your post-shooting workflow and delivering a more comprehensive photography experience.

K80 Max Drone, 5Ox zoom shooting without fear of the distant view Through the app, You can achieve 1

Enjoy seamless zoom shots from afar using our K80 Max Drone's powerful 5x optical zoom feature, available through our intuitive app. With adjustable magnification settings from 1 to 50 times, you'll have greater control over your framing and composition.

K80 Max Drone, Goom Image transmission distance 1200m Remote control distance 120m remote control height 5G Transmission

Enjoy high-definition video transmission from far-off landscapes, with a transmission range of up to 1200 meters and a maximum remote-controlled flying height of 120 meters, utilizing 5G transmission technology.

K80 Max Drone, GPS return to escort the flight More accurate satellite positioning; always guaranteed, your flight

GPS ensures accurate satellite positioning, providing a safe and reliable flying experience. With features like one-key return, low-battery return, and runaway return, you can confidently navigate your flight and always find your way back home.

K80 Max Drone, "big scene" shooting is commonly used in movies . flying around to shoot a "

Capture breathtaking scenes with ease, as this drone's advanced camera system allows you to fly around and capture stunning footage from unique angles. The '360' surround shooting mode, reminiscent of cinematic techniques used in blockbuster films, is perfect for capturing immersive and visually striking moments.

K80 Max Drone, rechargeable remote can be connected to mobile phone charging head, mobile power supply, computer and other

The remote control can be connected to your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or other devices for charging via its USB port, allowing you to conveniently power up the device when the battery runs low.

K80 Max Drone, one unlock one landing and one return to home can be achieved through the remote control, without cum

One-touch control allows for effortless unlocking, landing, and returning to home via the remote control, eliminating tedious manual operations. Real-time image transmission enables live viewing on your mobile device, offering greater convenience and simplicity.

K80 Max Drone, headless mode makes it easier for beginners to fly . 7.4V 220OmAh

Headless mode simplifies flight for beginners, making it easier to navigate. The drone's 7.4V, 2200mAh battery provides long-lasting power, offering up to 20 minutes of continuous flight time. Additionally, intelligent follow shooting capabilities allow you to effortlessly capture special moments.

K80 Max Drone, packing list Aircraft xl Spare propeller x4 USB smart charging cable

Packaging includes: one K80 Max drone body, four USB charging cables (smart), two spare propellers, and one large storage bag (color-coded XL). Note that a mobile phone is not included.

K80 Max Drone, technical parameter aircraft model K80 Pro Max size fold:12x15.2x1Oc

The K80 Max Drone features a 3.7V, 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that provides approximately 20 minutes of flight time, a maximum flying distance of about 1200 meters, and charges in around 60 minutes. Additionally, it is equipped with a 5G high-frequency remote control signal.

K80 Max Drone,  Route planning: Click where you want to fly on the mapK80 Max Drone, Package dimensions 21.5cm 8.5cm 28cm 21.5cm)K80 Max Drone, remote control guide photo, video (wheel) lens adjustment speed gear switch left joystick right joy

Remote Control Guide: Unlock IDROP, GPS, Magnetic Pellong Possess One-Key Return and Switchable Power Indicator.

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