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K99 Max Drone - 4k camera Three-way Obstacle Avoidance Mini Drone

K99 Max Drone - 4k camera Three-way Obstacle Avoidance Mini Drone


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Product Description
k99 max  RC Drone
3.7V 1800MAH
remote control
Charging time
flight time
K99 Max Drone, k99 max multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance "black technology

K99 Max features advanced 'Black Technology' multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance, making it perfect for enthusiasts who want to capture stunning high-definition aerial photography with its dual cameras and enjoy smooth, stable hovering flights.

K99 Max Drone, trajectory flight app control 150 meters distance waypoint waypoint starting point

Enjoy trajectory flight with our app control, reaching distances up to 150 meters and setting waypoints with ease. Start your journey from any point and navigate through automated intelligent flight.

K99 Max Drone, folding design dual lens, dual perspective make creation more free since then

Featuring a foldable design with dual lenses and dual perspectives, this drone offers greater creative freedom by allowing you to easily switch between different shooting angles. With its 4K capture capabilities and self-stabilization technology featuring automatic intelligent anti-shake, it's perfect for capturing stunning videos.

K99 Max Drone, 360 rollover play a "new trick" achieve the air easily

With just one touch on your remote control, the K99 Max Drone can perform an impressive 360-degree rollover and achieve aerobatic stunts with ease, allowing you to experience thrilling 380-degree tumbling performances without having to manually adjust controls - it's a fun and effortless way to enjoy the thrill of drone flying!

K99 Max Drone, download on the google play app store for free . 150m flight

Download our official app from the Google Play Store for free, featuring 150-meter flight capabilities and advanced WiFi technology that ensures seamless and delay-free picture transmission.

K99 Max Drone, intelligent obstacle avoidance design escorting the flight st

Equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, this drone features triple-sensor environmental perception (front, left, and right) and infrared sensors to detect obstacles, ensuring safe and automatic flight without the risk of crashing.

K99 Max Drone, folding design one-click control multi-function and easy realization .

Equipped with advanced flight technology, this drone offers effortless operation and versatile functionality with just one click. With a range of one-touch features, you can easily access multiple functions through the remote control.

K99 Max Drone - 4k

The K99 Max's unique folding design allows for a compact, palm-sized form that can be easily folded into place in just three seconds with one hand. This innovative mechanism features a three-dimensional fold, providing a secure and comfortable fit that remains consistent even after repeated use.

K99 Max Drone, convenient folding design make travel "more worry-free" folding design:
K99 Max Drone, ak aerial photography 50x zoom 4k hd dual camera

AK aerial photography features a 50x zoom HD video system, transmitting high-definition video in real-time. The intelligent control allows for gesture-based photo capture and 360-degree rollover trajectory flight. Additionally, the drone boasts an impressive 18-minute battery life, with features like one-click take-off and landing, emergency stop functionality, and more.