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KK13 Drone - Brushless Gps Aerial Drone 4K HD 5G Wifi 2-axis Gimbal Long Range Smart Photography Gesture Helicopter Folding Quadcopter Professional Camera Drone

KK13 Drone - Brushless Gps Aerial Drone 4K HD 5G Wifi 2-axis Gimbal Long Range Smart Photography Gesture Helicopter Folding Quadcopter Professional Camera Drone


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Video Capture Resolution: 6K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: About 1.5 KM

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 14+y

Recommend Age: 12+y

Package Includes: Camera

Package Includes: Original Box

Package Includes: Batteries

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Charger

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Model Number: KK13

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: 22 minute

Features: App-Controlled

Features: Wi-Fi

Dimensions: 8*22*7.5cm

Controller Mode: MODE1

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: AA*3 (Does not contain)

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Time: About 4 hours

Certification: CE

Camera Mount Type: 2-axis Gimbal

Brand Name: YOQIDOLL

Aerial Photography: Yes

* Function: Forward, backward, rise, decline, left sideward, right sideward, turn left, turn right, GPS one key return, voice recording, take photo/video, gesture photo, filter adding, music adding, zoom, lens reversal, one-click fly away, follow up, waypoint flight, orbit flight, one-click landing/takeoff.
* GPS One Key Return: With GPS positioning system, the drone can automatically return to the home position. This is a powerful function for newbies to operate and safe for playing. Farewell to drone lost.
* 4K HD Wide Angle Camera & 5G WIFI Image Transmission: 4K High-definition 120° wide-angle camera are tuned amazingly to capture stunning sharp and vivid images with expansive backgrounds. Meanwhile, with the 5G WiFi image transmission, there will be no delay and interference and give you ultra-clear and real-time scenic live broadcast.
* Optical Flow Positioning: The optical flow position is mounted in the horizontal direction, and the air pressure is set at a high altitude to achieve stable flying, making the picture clearer.
* Orbit Flight: Choosing a point on the APP interface, and the drone will fly around it. 360° full angles shooting surround helps shoot chic videos easily.
* Warranty: Any problem, please contact our store without hesitation. Honor to serve you!

Item Name: RC Drone with Camera
Main Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Motor: 1406 Brushless Motor
Control Distance: About 1200m
Battery of Remote Controller: 350mAh
Drone Battery: 7.6V 3000mAh
Drone Battery Charging Time: About 6H
Working Time: About 22 min
Item Size: 22*7.5*7cm(folded); 33*23*7.5cm(unfolded)
Item Weight: 357g (including battery)
Age: ≥14 yrs

Wide Angle: 120°
Electric Adjustable Camera Lens: 170°
Photo Resolution: TF card: 2592*1520p; image transmission: 3840*2160p
Video Resolution: TF card: 2592*1920p; image transmission: 1280*720p
Gesture Shooting/video Recognition Distance: 1-300cm
Wifi Image Transmission Frequency: 5Ghz
5G Wifi Image Transmission Distance: 500m (Free interference and no occlusion)
Image Transmission Frame Rate: 25fps

* Please do not use in the situation of many WiFi options, there may be signal interference. If you have trouble connecting the drone's wifi, please try to turn it off and on again several times. Any other Wifi problem, please contact us as soon as possible. 
* The Drone has GPS function. Please fly the drone outside at open places, and make sure that there are at least 8 satellites are received.
* Pay attention that the optical flow positioning will be influenced by lighting conditions and other environmental factors, please read the optical flow sensor instruction for correct operation.
* Unable to take off: Before taking off, the drone must be paired with the remote controller, until the light not flash. To take off, you need to press the one-key takeoff button.
* APP can't control drones: When APP controls the drone and the drone cannot be connected to the remote controller, the drone needs to be calibrated, until the light not flash to take off.
* APP can't show the picture: You need to download the corresponding APP, first connect to the drone's WIFI, then confirm to keep the WiFi connection. The mobile phone system is best not to be too low or too high, because there may be incompatibility, try another mobile phone.
* When you use the self-timer, please keep the right gesture and keep an appropriate distance from your drone.

KK13 Drone, Protessional Aerial Photograph Drone 6K Cinematic-Quality Two-

Protessional Aerial Photograph Drone 6K Cinematic-Quality Two-axs Elctrohic Slf stablizg Giabal GPS: Wind-proof and Brushless ' Long Endurance Bionics ( Dragonfly-

KK13 Drone, TMX378 1609 Wide Adjustable View axis s Self-

Features a wide-angle adjustable view axis self-stabilizing gimbal for smooth video transmission, with 5G HD image transmission capabilities. Indoor optical flow positioning allows for precise gesture shooting and smart follow-me mode. One-key return-to-home and point-of-interest features ensure safe flight, even when out of control or low on battery. Brushless motors provide a level 7 wind-proof design, offering up to 22 minutes of flight time.

KK13 Drone, Foldable Body Upto 1,200 Meters Speed Control Foldable Ideal for outdoor activities 1 Dragon

Compact and foldable design, capable of flying up to 1,200 meters at high speeds. The ideal companion for outdoor adventures, featuring a dragonfly-shaped body with vacuum-sealed aerodynamics.

KK13 Drone, 01ndas L dL dlu JCtc Two-point design

Features a unique two-point design, providing lighter and more flexible performance. The front arm has been extended to provide a longer rear arm, resulting in reduced drag and less power consumption.

KK13 Drone, 360° full angles shooting surround helps shoot chic videos easilyKK13 Drone, 1609 Tilt Angle Two-axis Electronic Self-stabilizing Gimbal Multi

The KK13 Drone features a brushless, GPS-enabled, aerial drone with a 2-axis electronic self-stabilizing gimbal that allows for multi-angle photography from -160° to +160° tilt angle, providing strong stabilization with minimal vibration (less than 58°N/°S).

KK13 Drone, aerial photography from an eye-bird view HDAerialphotography from an

Capture stunning aerial photography with a bird's-eye view using our dual-lens design, which seamlessly switches between two high-definition cameras - one on the front and one on the bottom - both capable of recording in 6K HDR quality.

KK13 Drone, Front Camera Bottom Optical Flow Positioning 6k Shaper Images Better Color Rendition

Features include a front-facing camera, optical flow positioning for stabilized images with better color rendition, GPS tracking for safe flights, and low battery RTH (Return-to-Home) out of range.

KK13 Drone, Out Of Control RTH One Key Return DrasgnKK13 Drone, Indoor Hovering == Optical Flow Positioning and Hover .

Indoor hovering is supported through optical flow positioning, allowing for precise stabilization and hover capabilities. Additionally, the drone can maintain smooth flight indoors without relying on GPS, thanks to its advanced indoor mode features.

KK13 Drone, Barometer Altitude Hold, you can precisely lock the altitude you desire to help maintain the

Equipped with barometric altitude hold technology, this feature allows you to precisely set and maintain your desired altitude, ensuring optimal stability and control for the drone.

KK13 Drone, Bright Night Navigation Lights Apart from four motor colorful lights there is a headlight in the

Besides the four colorful propeller lights, the drone features a bright headlight located in the center, which helps it stand out and remains visible even in low-light conditions.

KK13 Drone, Level Brushless Power for Wind-resistance 7-level Wind-proof Sea flightKK13 Drone, 7-level Wind-proof Sea flightKK13 Drone, Air Speaker Independent Communication Real Time Voice D range Transmission Volume Adjustment Embedded

Features real-time voice transmission with independent communication capabilities, adjustable volume control, embedded battery for stable power supply, and firm message transmission.

KK13 Drone, muicaloi Ligiis The drone is equipped with smart battery that helps extend the flight

Equipped with advanced smart batteries, this drone can fly for up to 22 minutes on a single charge, with intuitive indicators showing remaining battery life. With a capacity of 7.6V and 3000mAh, this drone's endurance allows you to capture stunning scenery or unique architectural features as you journey along, inspiring moments.

KK13 Drone, the drone will automatically track far the target with movements of backward and ascent together with its

The drone can autonomously track targets at a distance while simultaneously moving backwards and ascending, all while keeping its camera close to the subject.

KK13 Drone, Smart Follow Me Your personalized photographer to follow where youKK13 Drone, Smart Gesture Shot Turn on the Gestures Shot mode, andyou can take photosKK13 Drone, Customize Your Flight Route point 1 point 2 point 3 pointKK13 Drone, the interference-free 5G Image Transmission feature makes it possible for you to see the smooth and

Thanks to its interference-free 5G image transmission capability, you can enjoy smooth and high-definition video streaming in real-time.

KK13 Drone - Brushless

To begin, download and install our companion app on your mobile device. Then, establish a Wi-Fi connection between the drone and your phone. Once connected, you can use your smartphone to easily control various functions and features of the drone.

KK13 Drone, Apple system Android system Rechargeable Remote Control System is featured with USB smart charging method to free

The smart remote control system features a USB charging method that allows for wireless charging, eliminating the need for battery replacements. This feature is compatible with various devices, including laptops, chargers, and power banks.

KK13 Drone, Portable and Sleek Multifunctional BackKK13 Drone, KK13 Product name Dragonfly Drone Product Color black 22X8X26c

The Dragonfly Drone (also known as KK13) measures 20cm x 20cm x 26cm in size before folding, features GPS-GLONASS dual-mode positioning for accurate flight tracking, and offers a flight time of approximately 22 minutes. Charging the drone takes around 6 hours.

KK13 Drone, Shours Hand Gesture Captureand Recoghiton 1-3m Wi-

Short-hand gesture capture and recognition supported via 1-3 meter Wi-Fi frequency. Equipped with a 56-degree lens offering an angle of view of 120°, capable of capturing high-quality images at resolutions up to 6144x3456 (via the accompanying app).

KK13 Drone, headless mode left control stick right control stick Landing Longpress for 3 seconds to switch to

To enter headless mode, press and hold the left control stick on the remote controller while simultaneously pressing and holding the right control stick for approximately 3 seconds to switch to advanced mode. Additionally, you can manipulate the gimbal's tilt angle by simply using your finger.

KK13 Drone, Accessories Preview Body X1 Blade X4 Screwdriver Xl MTTTKK13 Drone, Rocker accessories Xl Portable package 20CM 20cM Product Size 20CMKK13 Drone, optical flow positioning will be influenced by lighting conditions and other factors .