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M1 pro drone - HD mechanical 2-Axis gimbal camera 4K HD Camera 1.6KM control distance 5G wifi gps system supports TF card Toy Professional Camera Drone

M1 pro drone - HD mechanical 2-Axis gimbal camera 4K HD Camera 1.6KM control distance 5G wifi gps system supports TF card Toy Professional Camera Drone


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Warranty: 30day

Warning: NO

Video Capture Resolution: 4K UHD

Type Number: M1


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 1.6km

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: USB

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: M1

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: About 30 minutes

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 45*40*12 CM

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: Rechargeable Battery

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Voltage: 11.1V

Charging Time: About 240 minutes

Certification: CE

CE: Type

Barcode: No

Aerial Photography: Yes

Basic Information:

Product name: GPS Brushless Quadcopter Drone

Product Code: M1 / M1 PRO

Product Color: Black

Product size: 45x40x12cm (before folding)

21x11x9cm (after folding)

Positioning system: GPS / GLONASS dual-mode positioning

Brushless motor model: 1806

M1 PRO : 2-axis anti-shake Gimbal

Flight information:

Charging time: about 6hours

Remote control distance: about 3000m

Transmission distance: about 1500m

Remote control height: about 120m

Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m

Aerial image parameters:

Wifi frequency: 5G

Camera resolution: 4096 * 3072 (APP)

4096 * 3072 (TF)

Video resolution: 2048 * 1080 (APP)

2048 * 1080 (TF)

Camera memory: up to 32G

Transmission frame rate: 25fps

ESC camera angle: 110 Ì»

Two-axis stabilization: Click pictures from innovative angles with this mini drone’s two-axis stabilization mechanical Pan-Tilt feature.

The Pan-Tilt camera helps you to achieve a tilt angle of 110˚ while the vertical photography angle is -90˚/+20˚.

One-click operation: You can command the aircraft to take off, land and even return from a distance with just a single click.

When summoned back, the drone will come to the original location from where it took off.

Gesture recognition: When you make a gesture looking at the drone camera, standing 1-3m away from it, it will click your picture.

The aircraft smartly recognizes the gesture and instantly turns your happy moments into everlasting memories.

Fixed-point surround: Now shoot cool videos with this professional drone without any additional effort.

Fix a point and then set the radial distance with the joystick and watch the drone take videos encircling the selected object.

Share pictures and videos easily: These amazing quadcopter drones let you share pictures and videos as well. While you can share multiple pictures, one video can be shared at a time.

Explore new places and amp up your videography skills with the NWE M1 Pro 4K HD camera drone.

It can fly for 30 minutes continuously and shoot amazing HD videos at 25fps.

The quadcopter also boasts an excellent video resolution of 2048×1080 and picture resolution of 4096×3072.

You can also transfer images in real-time with the help of Wi-Fi up to a distance of 600m. It has a two-axis anti-shaking self-stabilizing drone camera gimbal, which will make your videos extremely stabilized.

Shoot videos of athletes or follow a flying bird high above! The NWE drone with camera 4K by will help you live your artistic dream. Buy now to bring this amazing device to your next adventure with you!


Features a 16 million-pixel movie-level camera, equipped with Elite Edition GPS, allowing for 1.6 kilometers of control distance and up to 30 minutes of flight time, with increased high-definition image quality.

M1 pro drone, the arm has a classic and convenient three-dimensional folding design; and the hand feel is

The M1 Pro Drone features a compact and ergonomic design, allowing for easy storage and transportation. After unfolding, the arm provides a comfortable grip, making it simple to maneuver and control with one hand.

M1 pro drone, BLACK eagle GPS positioning Optical flow positioning Air pressure stabilization .

Equipped with advanced navigation systems, including BLACK Eagle GPS, optical flow positioning, and air pressure stabilization, this drone ensures secure and precise relocation through multiple navigation modes.

M1 pro drone, UA 3rd generation chip to quickly complete the command, receive no GPS signal .

The M1 Pro Drone features a 3rd-generation processor that enables fast command execution and receives GPS signals when available. Additionally, it boasts intelligent return-to-home capabilities and a robust 64-bit CPU performance with a 100% aerial stability system.

M1 pro drone, AK 56 Aerial photography ESC 90* 4K16 million SGWiFi

AK-056 aerial photography drone features a 90-degree 4K camera with 16 million pixels, Wi-Fi image transmission, and intelligent flight capabilities for automatic following, surrounding, and map-pointing flights from a distance.

M1 pro drone, remote control distance is as far positioning air pressure stabilization 1.6 kilometers; and the average distance

The remote control distance reaches an impressive 1.6 kilometers, with an average distance of approximately 309 kilometers. The camera boasts a 16 million pixel lens and supports 4K resolution. Additionally, it features extended battery life of up to 30 minutes and easy installation. The drone is equipped with four brushless motors, Smart Follow technology for wind resistance, and can store up to seven custom waypoints.

M1 pro drone, 7 strong wind resistance Equipped with 4 brushless motors Black eagle Double performance

Equipped with 4 high-performance brushless motors, this drone provides exceptional wind resistance and increased durability. The black eagle design enables improved performance and longer lifespan compared to ordinary motors, while its high-speed capabilities make it suitable for harsh weather conditions.

M1 pro drone, intelligent optical flow sensing system at the bottom of the fuselage . achieve smooth rise,

The M1 Pro Drone features an Optical Flow Positioning System, which enables a seamless takeoff, flight, and landing experience. Additionally, the intelligent optical flow sensor located at the bottom of the aircraft provides stable hovering capabilities.

M1 pro drone, 5G aerial aerial photography is equipped with a remote control of about 1.6 kilometers .

Equipped with advanced 5G technology, our drone features an impressive remote control distance of approximately 1.6 kilometers, which is about 30% farther than what is typically offered by ordinary drones.

M1 pro drone, drone automatically launches satellite signal, loses control, returns to low power, returns beyond distance

The drone automatically connects to a satellite signal, losing its connection and returning to the air. When the drone's battery level falls below a certain threshold, it returns to a safe distance, but if that attempt fails, it will not return until its power is replenished.

M1 pro drone, 5G suspension head 909 remote ESC lens adds self-stabilizing electronic anti-

The M1 Pro Drone features a 5G wireless transmission system that includes a stabilized gimbal head, equipped with an anti-shake electronic stabilization system (ESCs). This technology effectively minimizes camera shake and blur, resulting in high-quality images.

M1 pro drone, 1209 wide angle and large field of view Black eagle 1209 90o Wide

Features a wide-angle lens with a 1209mm focal length, offering a broad field of view that doubles the shooting distance. This allows for stunning 90-degree wide-angle shots.

M1 pro drone, 5G HD image transmission Feel immersive The aerial picture of the drone is transmitted to the mobile phone

Experience stunning 5G high-definition image transmission directly to your smartphone, allowing you to immerse yourself in breathtaking aerial views captured by the drone.

M1 pro drone, 3 seconds folding Use every square inch Black eaM1 pro drone, 2500 mAh 11.1 Volt Durable life Battery capacity Lithium voltage flight shooting

Equipped with an 11.1V, 2500mAh durable lithium-ion battery, this drone offers a stable flying and shooting experience, with a flight time of up to 30 minutes.

M1 pro drone, Highlight night light Unblocked at night Black eaM1 pro drone, the follow function is turned on to automatically follow the movement of the controller . the maneuvering

The Follow Me feature is enabled, allowing the drone to automatically track and maintain a distance of approximately 5 meters behind the controller's movements.

M1 pro drone, Surround of interest Find the surrounding center point and set the surround radius aircraft through the APP

Use the app to set the 'Circle Me' mode, which automatically centers the drone around your target of interest and sets a surround radius. This feature enables 360-degree filming with no blind spots or dead angles, allowing for smooth and seamless round-trip flights.

M1 pro drone, open the real-time map on the APP; draw the flight waypoint on the map

Open the real-time map on the app, draw your desired flight route by creating waypoints. The drone will then autonomously follow that route, eliminating the need for manual control.

M1 pro drone, APP phone control Richer and smarter Black eagle Free wifi connection VR3

Control your M1 Pro drone using a smartphone app, enjoying a richer and smarter experience with free WiFi connectivity, which enables real-time data transmission and immersive VR3D capabilities.

M1 pro drone, gimbal has two-axis anti-shaking self-stabilizing droneM1 pro drone, One key surround auRC One button upfdown Throttle lever Direction rod Return School geo

One-key surround mode; one-button up/down; throttle lever; direction rod; return to home; geomagnetic switch; headless mode; take photo/video; acceleration/servo up/down/deceleration.

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M1 pro drone - HD mechanical 2-Axis gimbal camera 4K HD Camera 1.6KM control distance 5G wifi gps system supports TF card Toy Professional Camera Drone

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M1 pro drone - HD mechanical 2-Axis gimbal camera 4K HD Camera 1.6KM control distance 5G wifi gps system supports TF card Toy Professional Camera Drone