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New L100 GPS V-type Drone - Professional Aerial HD Dual Camera EIS 2-Axis Gimbal V-type Double Rotor 30mins Long-Endurance RC Aircraft Professional Camera Drone

New L100 GPS V-type Drone - Professional Aerial HD Dual Camera EIS 2-Axis Gimbal V-type Double Rotor 30mins Long-Endurance RC Aircraft Professional Camera Drone


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Takeoff Weight: About 280g

Storage: 32G/128G/256G

RC Distance: About 1200m

Pixels: 16 million

Origin: Mainland China

Motor Type: 1506 Brushless Motor

Motor Power: 1700/KV

Image Transmission Distance: About 1200m

GPS: Yes

Fps: 25*fps

Flight Time: 31min

Flight Time: About 30min

Flight Altitude: About 120m

Drone Weight: About 280g

Drone Battery Capacity: 7.7V 1900mAh

Control Channels: 2 Channels

Connectivity: Remote Control

Connectivity: Wi-Fi Connection

Connectivity: APP Controller

Color: Gray

Charging Time of RC: About 0.5 hours

Charging Time of Drone: About 6 hours

Certification: CE

Camera Stabilization: Gimbal Image Stabilizer

Camera Mount Type: 2-axis Gimbal

Camera Integration: Camera Included

Camera Features: 2.7K HD Video Recording

Camera Features: 1080p HD Video Recording

Brand Name: FLYRC

Aircraf Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

Aircraf Operating Frequency: 5GHz

Aerial Photography: Yes



DRONE EIS ELECTRONIC ANTI SHAKE Two-axis self-stabilizing gimbal 12.7K HD image transmission GPS 30 minutes 1200 meters positioning battery life flight distance FIRST MASS-PRODUCED CONSUMER-GRADE DUAL- ROTOR UAV "WING"

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, a more professional aerial drone Jusk to give you a better aerial photography experience

Experience professional-grade aerial photography with our state-of-the-art drone, featuring a high-definition dual camera system with 2.7K resolution at 1200 meters range. The two-axis EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) ensures smooth footage, while GPS and satellite positioning enable precise flight control. With up to 30 minutes of flight time, you can capture stunning aerial images and videos using the gimbal's self-stabilizing technology. Additionally, the drone is equipped with smart follow-me mode, gesture controls, optical flow tracking, and a long-lasting battery life. The accompanying APP allows for seamless control and recognition of your surroundings via 5G GPS.


This 'Performance Monster' drone features a portable and foldable design, measuring 66mm x 135mm x 179mm when folded, and expanding to 128mm x 208mm x 164mm when unfolded.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, GPS POSITIONING SAFE AND ANTI-LOST Use GPS satellite positioning

Enjoy Safe and Reliable Navigation: This drone utilizes GPS satellite positioning technology to ensure precise navigation and prevent loss of signal, making it easy to operate without needing a constant internet connection.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Return to home automatically Low battery when out of control Automatic return Return beyond Return home the distance with

Returns to its starting point automatically when the battery level is low or if it loses signal, ensuring safe and controlled landing.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Positioning MORE STABLE; BETTER FLY Unobstructed play, unimagin

Enjoy a more stable and better flying experience. With GPS satellite positioning, you can soar to new heights without worrying about getting lost. This drone features a remote control distance of up to 1200 meters and has a long-endurance battery life of 30 minutes.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, 2.7K HD shooting TWO-AxIS EIS SELF- STAB

Capture stunning 2.7K HD footage with our drone's two-axis EIS (electronic image stabilization) gimbal, providing stable and clear visuals for over a little bit. The bottom optical flow camera features high-pixel photo resolution.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, 1809 PTZ angle system Shooting with a large angle of view is shocking enough 25

The L100 GPS drone features an impressive panoramic shooting capability with a wide-angle PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) system, capturing breathtaking views. It also boasts ultra-clear 2.7K video resolution with HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities, ensuring stunning visual quality.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, download the APP to watch the aerial photography in real time Picture, see the world from

Download our app to view live aerial photography footage in real-time, and experience the world from a unique perspective.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Endurance STRONG ENDURANCE AND CALM FLIGHT Large-capa

Enjoy extended flight times with our drone's strong endurance and calm flight capabilities. Powered by a large-capacity smart modular battery, this device provides up to 30 minutes of continuous flight, giving you ample time to capture stunning aerial footage or photographs.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Endurance VECTOR FLIGHT STRONG POWER The whole machine is equipped with

Boasting strong power and enhanced endurance, this drone features two high-efficiency brushless motors with metal gearing, making it more agile and capable than traditional aircraft.


Equipped with Optical Flow technology, this drone offers stable positioning for anyone to fly. When a GPS signal is available, it enables precise hovering at a fixed point and height.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Waypoint flight WAYPOINT FLIGHT SMART AND EASY TO USE

Waypoint Flight: A Smart and Easy-to-Use Feature for Seamless Navigation

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Gesture GESTURE RECOGNITION AUTOMATIC PHOTONIDENew L100 GPS V-type Drone, Gesture video following SMART FOLLOW LAZY ASSISTANT ETNew L100 GPS V-type Drone, Optical Flow drone takes a 360*surrounding angle of view for shooting

The New L100 GPS V-type Drone captures a stunning 360-degree panoramic view, allowing you to capture breathtaking footage with a unique and thrilling perspective.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, Parameter name color "Wing LYZRC L1OO Grey Remote control Camera distance

Product Details: Color - Grey; Remote Control - LYZRC L100; Camera Distance - Up to 1200M; Pixel Resolution - 2.7K/25 frames per second; Body Weight - Approximately 280g; Battery Life - Up to 30 minutes. Product Features: • GPS Positioning: Enables precise location tracking and return-to-home functionality. • Out-of-Control: Allows for autonomous flight with no remote control input. • Return-to-Home: Automatically returns the drone to its starting point when out of range or low battery.

New L100 GPS V-type Drone, IOw Daltely, return I0 nome, electronic tence APP

IoD Altely, featuring the ability to return to home, electronic tense APP control with real-time image transmission, smart follow, gesture recognition, waypoint flight, and features such as circle flight, EIS (electronic anti-shake), etc.


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