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P9 Drone - ESC 8K Professional Dual HD Camera Obstacle Avoidance Aerial Photography Foldable Quadcopter RC Helicopter Toy

P9 Drone - ESC 8K Professional Dual HD Camera Obstacle Avoidance Aerial Photography Foldable Quadcopter RC Helicopter Toy


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Video Capture Resolution: 8K UHD


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: 200

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 14+y

Recommend Age: 12+y

Package Includes: Remote Controller

Package Includes: Operating Instructions

Package Includes: USB Cable

Package Includes: Original Box

Package Includes: Batteries

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Operator Skill Level: Expert

Model Number: P9

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Features: Wi-Fi

Features: Obstacle Avoidance

Features: App-Controlled

Features: FPV Capable

Features: Integrated Camera

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: 1.2.3

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount

Brand Name: KBDFA

Aerial Photography: Yes




Beautiful fuselage, ABS high-toughness casing, super drop-resistant, all-round LED lighting;
Function,Streamer positioning;

​General function:
Hover at fixed height;
Six-pass band gyroscope;
One-key takeoff/one-key landing;
360 degree roll around;
Rising and descending, forward and backward, left and right fly, steering;

​headless mode;
With camera added the following features:
Remote control ESC steering gear;

​Gestures to take pictures and videos;
emergency stop;
trajectory flight;

​Gravity sensor.
Remote control battery: AA battery * 4 (bring your own)
Operation mode: remote control/APP control
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Gyroscope: 6Axis

Channel: 4CH

Charging method: Universal USB interface


Battery capacity: 3.7V 1600mAH lithium battery


Flight time: about 15-18 minutes


Charging time: 80-100 minutes


Remote control distance: 150 meters


Camera Mode: FPV


Speed gear: slow/medium/fast


Maximum travel speed: 10Km/h


Maximum ascending speed: 3Km/h


Working temperature: 0-40℃


Material: ABS


Packing size: 27.5*8.5*18.5(cm)


Packing list:


1 x Drone


1 x Remote Control


Body battery (selected by option)


1 set of Spare Blades


1 x USB cable


1 x Screwdriver


1 x Instruction Manual




Please read the instructions carefully before use, if you are a beginner, it is recommended to be assisted by an experienced adult.


Be careful with batteries:


Do not overcharge or overdischarge.


Do not put it in high temperature conditions.


Don't throw it into the fire.


Don't throw it into the water.


P9 Drone, p9 drone induction obstacle avoidance uav safer

p9 drone induction obstacle avoidance uav safer aerial photography reaapq 6k dual camera optical flow positioning .

P9 Drone, 4k pixels p9 drone multiple technologies intelligent 4k dual remote

P9 Drone features multiple technologies, including intelligent 4K dual remote-controlled cameras with adjustable lenses. Equipped with obstacle avoidance capabilities and an optical flow system, this drone boasts 157 meters of extra endurance and precise positioning returns. With foldable design, headless mode, and gesture shooting, you can control the drone using a smartphone app from up to 150 meters away.

P9 Drone, p9 drone omnidirectional intelligent obstacle avoidance system .

P9 Drone features an omnidirectional intelligent obstacle avoidance system, capable of detecting obstacles in all directions and automatically avoiding collisions up to 2 times more effective than other quadcopters.

P9 Drone, 8 times higher than 108op high-definition pixels

P9 Drone features an electrically adjustable camera stabilizer for reduced shake and improved image quality. The camera captures stunning 4K resolution, boasting 8 times higher pixels than 1080p high-definition, resulting in a crisp and detailed visual experience.

P9 Drone, p9 drone dual camera switchable more comprehensive aerial photography angle

P9 Drone features a dual HD camera that allows for switchable angles, providing more comprehensive aerial photography options. The front camera can also be adjusted to suit various shooting preferences.

P9 Drone, double cameras don't miss recording every moment ofP9 Drone, p9 drone modular battery 15-18 minutes long endurance equipped with large

The P9 Drone features a modular battery design that provides up to 15-18 minutes of flight time, allowing for extended aerial photography and obstacle avoidance missions. Following multiple laps, the battery still has a significant amount of capacity remaining.

P9 Drone, drone optical flow positioning hover more stable and clear shooting intelligent altitude maintenance

Equipped with optical flow positioning technology, this drone provides more stable hovering and clearer shooting capabilities, along with intelligent altitude maintenance and smooth flight. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor flights, it's perfect for aerial photography - suitable even for beginners to get started in seconds.

P9 Drone, p9 drone newly upgraded night navigation searchlight the bottom is equipped

The P9 Drone features an upgraded night navigation system that includes a searchlight, accompanied by bright LED lights on the underside to illuminate the path ahead and guide your UAV.

P9 Drone, p9 drone 5g real time image transmission 150m remote control

P9 Drone features real-time 5G image transmission, allowing for a 150-meter remote control distance and providing an immersive experience akin to being on the wings of migrating birds.

P9 Drone, p9 drone folding fuselage design lightweight; easy to carry and

The P9 Drone features a folding fuselage design, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Its compact and portable nature means you can take it anywhere without worrying about its size or weight, which is significantly smaller than traditional UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) of similar quality.

P9 Drone, p9 drone easy to shoot, easy to use pattern flight,

Easy to operate, the P9 Drone features advanced autonomous flight capabilities, including pattern flight and intelligent hand-gesture control. With just one gesture, you can capture photos or videos, and the drone will automatically track and follow your movements.

P9 Drone, customize the route and fly wherever you want headless mode . noP9 Drone Product parameters Product name P9 obstacle avoidance aerial camera UAV Unfold

The P9 Drone features an ESC 8K professional dual HD camera, obstacle avoidance aerial photography capabilities, and a foldable quadcopter design. Key specs include: 1080p pixels, approximately 15-18 minutes of endurance time, 5G high-frequency transmission, flight distance up to about 150 meters, and remote control battery life (not included).

P9 Drone, p9 drone color display black greyP9 Drone, drone introduction to remote control short press: tumble long press: take photos

Introduction to Remote Control: * Short press for take-off/landing * Long press for photo capture (single shot) * Long press for video recording * One-touch takeoff indicator light: indicates when the drone is ready to take off * Obstacle avoidance camera adjustment switch: adjust camera direction down or up * Left and right control: rotate the drone left or right * Up and down control: control the drone's upward or downward movement * Power control trim: adjust the drone's power output

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