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S135 Drone - 8K HD ESC Dual Camera GPS 5G 28 Minutes 3-Axis Gimbal Brushless Motor Professional Camera Drone

S135 Drone - 8K HD ESC Dual Camera GPS 5G 28 Minutes 3-Axis Gimbal Brushless Motor Professional Camera Drone


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S135 Drone Parameters

Product number: S135 three-axis gimbal + radar obstacle avoidance Body color: gray/black

Full set weight: 823 grams

Take-Off weight: 243 grams
Battery weight: 90 grams

Radar obstacle avoidance: 22 grams
Package size: 30*22*10CM

Aircraft size: 32*32*10CM

Battery capacity: 7.4V 3000MAH

Flight time: about 28 minutes
Image transmission distance: 1000-1200M

Remote control distance: about 5000 meters
Picture resolution: 7680*4320

Video resolution: 1920*1080

Basic functions: 5G brushless GPS folding drone with obstacle avoidance dual wifi professional aerial camera: wide-angle 8K high-definition WIFI on the front lens, bottom high-definition 1080P with optical flow to switch the camera angle, precise positioning, long battery life 7.4V large battery, Low power/out-of-control/over-distance can return, intelligent follow, fly around point, double fold, APP mobile phone control, custom route, one-key return, ascend and descend, forward and backward, left and right side flight, headless mode, automatic switching of optical flow /GPS, LCD display (remote control rechargeable)


S135 Drone Features

4K FHD Camera with Image Stabilization: Thanks to the shock absorber included with the camera, you can take photos in full resolution of 7680*4320 and video resolution: 1920*1080! without vibration. 5G FPV transmission and 90° adjustable lens allow you to view images and videos from unimaginable angles.

GPS Smart Flight: Never lose your drone. When the battery becomes weak, the signal is lost, or the one-button return button is pressed, the drone will automatically fly back to the starting point. The drone can automatically follow you in precise circles or around points you set. During this time, you can only focus on recording.

30 minutes. Flight time and improved configuration: Smart battery allows approximate flight time. 26 minutes. every charge. Brushless motors have low power consumption and high smoothness. Thanks to the foldable design and custom carrying case, the drone can easily be taken anywhere.

Ease of use: Thanks to the multi-sensors, the drone has a very stable hover flight and can take high-quality photos of the environment. If the GPS signal is too weak or lost, the drone can still land safely through optical flow positioning. Due to the simple conditions of start/stop, one-button start, automatic altitude hold and return functions, both beginners and advanced users can fly this drone with ease.

Radar obstacle avoidance: When you are flying, after turning on obstacle avoidance, our obstacle avoidance head will automatically scan for nearby obstacles to avoid, to ensure your flight safety


S135 Drone Introducing


S135 Drone Operation Guide 

S135 Drone Details

S135 Drone, three-axis self-stabilizing gimbal keeps lens steady at all times

Our drone features a robust three-axis gimbal system, which provides exceptional stability and smoothness, ensuring that the camera's lens remains steady and free from unwanted vibrations, resulting in crisp and distortion-free footage for your recorded video.


The S135 Drone is powered by a brushless motor, featuring an 8K dual camera system. Additionally, it includes advanced features such as 1-year warranty, voidance radar for obstacle avoidance, and a three-axis gimbal for smooth video recording.

S135 Drone, YLRII Black YRIN Grey Tesm 51354
S135 Drone, rich gameplay doubles the good play GPS intelligent 360 radar obstacle 8K ESC Dual fly around

The S135 Drone features advanced gameplay capabilities, including GPS intelligent navigation, 360-degree radar obstacle avoidance, and dual cameras capable of capturing 8K resolution video. The drone also boasts a high-definition 5G image transmission system, allowing for smooth and stable flight. Additionally, it includes brushless wind resistance, optical flow stabilization, and a three-axis gimbal for customizable flight routes. Other features include a large-capacity battery, the ability to hover in place, self-stabilizing gimbal, low-battery return-to-home functionality, and a headless mode that allows for easy takeoff and landing.

S135 Drone, 8K aerial photography master fold new
S135 Drone, three-axis anti-shake gimbal YLRC Effectively eliminate shaking

The S135 Drone boasts a 3-axis gimbal that ensures exceptionally smooth and stabilized video capture, effectively eliminating any camera shake or jitter during flight. This results in professional-grade, high-definition footage with cinematic quality.

S135 Drone, YLRC YKA 8K HD dual camera Support remote free switching of shooting angles

The S135 Drone features an advanced 8K HD dual camera system, allowing for seamless switching between cameras, and delivering high-definition, detailed, and wide-angle views to enhance your visual experience.

S135 Drone, YLRIG omnidirectional obstacle avoidance Help you fly worry-free Automatically detect

Equipped with an advanced omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system, our S135 Drone ensures a safe and worry-free flying experience by automatically detecting and intelligently avoiding surrounding obstacles as you fly, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning aerial footage with confidence.

S135 Drone, 3609 obstacle avoidance and refuse to bomb the plane
S135 Drone, GPS smart return LOW BATTERY RETURN Before takeoff and record the position

The S135 Drone boasts advanced GPS capabilities that enable smart returns, allowing it to automatically navigate back to its takeoff point if your battery level falls below a certain threshold during recording. Moreover, in case of unexpected situations, the drone can quickly re-establish its previous flight path, ensuring a safe and controlled descent.

S135 Drone, YLRC's flight is stable and supports sea flight: YRIE 9 9

The S135 Drone boasts a robust flight system, designed for effortless operation over water, making it an ideal choice for professional aerial photography or videography applications. Equipped with the YLRIE 9 brushless motor, this drone delivers reliable and consistent performance, guaranteeing a smooth and stable flying experience.

S135 Drone, YLriC 5G image transmission 5000 meters flight The above data is the

The S135 Drone boasts a 5G image transmission system, enabling smooth video transmission up to 5000 meters away. According to manufacturer specifications, professional pilots have tested the drone's capabilities under ideal conditions - no wind, no interference, and in an open outdoor environment. With GPS guidance, you can rely on accurate results.

S135 Drone, YLRC 7Av lithium battery 30OmAh capacity Module large battery 30 minutes battery

The S135 Drone is powered by a YLRC 7AV lithium battery module with a high-capacity 3000mAh rating, providing up to 30 minutes of continuous flight time on a single charge. This long-lasting and easy-to-install battery ensures reliable performance and extended use.

S135 Drone, YLRC Optical Flow Hover Steady as Mount Tai

The S135 Drone boasts advanced YKI Optical Flow technology, providing exceptional hovering stability and precision in various environments. Whether you're flying indoors or outdoors, this drone maintains a steady hover with ease, delivering smooth and professional-quality footage.

S135 Drone, YLRC allows you to achieve 1-50x free zoom through the app .

Using the S135 Drone, you can effortlessly utilize its 1-50x digital zoom feature through our user-friendly mobile app, providing an unparalleled level of detail and capturing stunning views with limitless possibilities.

S135 Drone, YLRC Jism is a smart follow follow-up assistant .

Equipped with our advanced technology, the S135 Drone features a smart tracking system that enables seamless follow-up capabilities through its 'Smart Follow' feature. This allows you to effortlessly track and capture your subject with precision, even in complex environments.

S135 Drone, YLRC surround shooting makes a blockbuster . ylrc

Capture stunning 360-degree footage with ease using our S135 Drone's advanced panoramic technology. Simply click and record breathtaking wide-angle shots, just like a professional filmmaker.

S135 Drone, PIx waypoint flight Autonomous flight Draw the desired flight waypoint on the

Seamlessly navigate with our S135 Drone's advanced flight system. Using the accompanying app, simply sketch out your desired route and the drone will autonomously follow it, enabling precise and effortless waypoint flights.

S135 Drone, YLRC YLRiC aims at the camera during the flight and poses

Equipped with advanced features like obstacle avoidance and follow-me technology, our S135 Drone tracks your movements and adjusts its position accordingly, making it easy to capture stunning photos or videos. With simple hand gestures, you can command the drone to take a shot, and it will automatically frame the perfect composition.

S135 Drone, rechargeable remote can be connected to mobile phone charging head, mobile power supply, computer; etc

The rechargeable remote control for the S135 Drone offers versatility and convenience in powering up your devices on-the-go. Simply connect it to your smartphone charger head, mobile power bank, computer, or other USB-enabled device, making it easy to keep your devices charged and ready to use.

S135 Drone, gimbal obstacle avoidance drone size Folded: 18x7x9c

Experience exceptional video quality with our S135 Drone's advanced features, including an 8K high-definition dual-camera system that captures stunning visuals. The drone's brushless power ensures smooth and stable flight, while intelligent follow modes such as orbit flight, waypoint flight, and SOx zoom allow for creative control. Additional features include gesture-controlled photo taking, out-of-controller range return, one-key take-off and landing/return, and a range of beauty filters to enhance your footage. The 8K ESC camera is stabilized by a three-axis gimbal, providing incredibly smooth and stable video capture.

S135 Drone, drone can automatically follow you in precise circles or around points you set
S135 Drone, Product configuration Whole 8
S135 Drone, Lens speed switch adjustment headless model PhotoNideo Long press the left and right hands One

Experience enhanced control with our S135 Drone's intuitive features, including the ability to seamlessly switch between headless mode and traditional photography using the lens speed adjustment. Additionally, utilize the one-key return function for easy retrieval, as well as geomagnetic calibration, GPS switching, and gyro calibration for precision flying. The drone is designed for ease of use, featuring a controller with a left joystick, right joystick, ON/OFF switch, and height lock (DIS) - allowing you to take full control. For even more advanced capabilities, simply long-press the up button on the controller to unlock 3-GPS mode.

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S135 Drone, the drone has a very stable hover flight and can take high-quality photos of the environment
S135 Drone, Product configuration Whole 8


S135 Drone Review


Customer Reviews

Based on 390 reviews
Dominique Bergeron
Qualité prix Super

tres bon service a la clientele, tres bon produit pour le prix, drone tres stable malgre le vent

Silvio Carlo Merli
Very low wind resistancee

Since the first fly the drone shown a very low wind resistance being not capable to keep the position even with low wind. The third day I used it, once reached 30/40 m of altitude a low wind took it away and the drone disappeared from the view behind a side of a small hill, … it was useless sending commmands and also it wasn’t able to return home alone…. So I lost it in the wood. Evidently the stabilizer is not of the minimal quality. Very bad experience.

norbert Martz

received en 10 days en express
the drone is good but the cameras could be better

Johan Ritchie

The goods arrived quickly, the seller is sociable, the track is tracked all the way, I recommend the seller.

Jadyn Lowe

S135 Drone - 8K ESC Dual Camera GPS 5G 28 Minutes 3-Axis Gimbal Brushless Motor Professional Camera Drone