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S604 PRO Drone 4K 6K Dual Camera GPS 5G Wifi Brushless Motor FPV Professional Foldable Aerial Photography RC Quadcopter

S604 PRO Drone 4K 6K Dual Camera GPS 5G Wifi Brushless Motor FPV Professional Foldable Aerial Photography RC Quadcopter


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S604 Pro Drone Parameters

Model Number
S604 Pro Drone
4K HD pixels
Product Materials 
ABS+ Alloy
Capacity of battery 
7.4V 3000mAh 
Flying time 
about 30 mintues 
Battery life 
about 30 mintues 
Charging time 
about 80 mintues 
Remote Control distance 
about 3000 meters
Product package weight 
Remote Control Frequency
Flight function 
4K HD aerial photography, GPS intelligent return home ,GPS / optical flow hover, 5G image transmission, intelligent follow , waypoint flight, circle flight .MV production ,one -button take -off and landing , headless mode, highlight night lights . 
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S604 Pro Drone Review


S604 Pro Drone Details

S604 PRO Drone, s604 pro 4k gps global positioning system

The S604 PRO drone, featuring a 4K GPS system, boasts an innovative design introduced in 2021 that combines cutting-edge flight technologies. This advanced aerial platform is equipped with a high-definition camera, allowing for seamless and effortless creation.

S604 PRO Drone, s604 foldable portable design for outdoor take good shot at

Experience seamless aerial photography with the S604 Pro drone, featuring a foldable and portable design for effortless transport and deployment in your preferred outdoor location. The GPS anti-lost system ensures safe and reliable flight at all times. With 5G image transmission, you can transmit stunning footage up to 3000 meters away with just one click, making it easy to capture breathtaking moments from afar.

S604 PRO Drone, after tens of thousands of tests and adjustments, "4k

After conducting extensive testing and fine-tuning, the '4K Ultimate Edition' has consistently delivered enhanced aerial photography capabilities and improved flight performance. Furthermore, this advanced flight equipment offers an even more immersive flying experience for both novice and experienced pilots alike.

S604 PRO Drone, folded, amazingly expected s604 convenient body folding design,

Featuring a remarkably convenient foldable design, the S604 Pro's compact body can be easily folded, boasting an impressive thousand-fold reduction in size, while still maintaining remarkable stability.

S604 PRO Drone, 5gwifi 4kcinematic 3km high frequency signal

The S604 PRO drone features a 5G WiFi connection, capable of transmitting 4K cinematic footage at high frequencies, with a flying distance of up to 3 kilometers. It also boasts GPS positioning, allowing for precise navigation. The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 30 minutes, and it's equipped with an anti-lost system to prevent accidental loss of the drone. Additionally, the image transmission distance is quite remarkable.

S604 PRO Drone, gps return over distance smart return home with one key
S604 PRO Drone, optical flowlindoor hover can automatically maintain a stable hover both

Equipped with optical flow technology, this drone can autonomously maintain a stable hover both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, its anti-shake stabilization feature ensures smooth shooting, making it accessible for anyone to operate.

S604 PRO Drone, advanced 5g technology; picture transmission is not delayed . google play

Featuring advanced 5G technology, this drone enables seamless, non-delayed picture transmission. Enjoy smooth flight experiences on Google Play or Apple App Store, with distances up to 3 kilometers in reach.

S604 PRO Drone, 4k hd camera (45*adjustment)

This drone features GPS intelligent return home capabilities, 5G image transmission for real-time monitoring, and intelligent follow modes that track subjects with ease. Additional features include waypoint flight planning, circular flight paths, manual video production, one-button takeoff and landing, and headless mode for easy operation. The highlight is the night light feature, which enhances visibility in low-light conditions. The battery life is approximately [insert number here] minutes.

S604 PRO Drone, parts list flagship drone remote control (not including mobile phone) storage bag

Accessories Package for S604 PRO Drone: Includes Remote Control (excluding mobile app), Storage Bag, Spare Blades, Protection Frame, USB Charging Cable, and Instruction Manual (x2)






Customer Reviews

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Nice S604 Pro Drone

Nice camera drone, easy to operate. Camera imaging is good. The flight photography is very stable, fast, and the delay is very small, almost in real time.