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S88 Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera With FPV Optical Flow Positioning RC Helicopter Quadcopter

S88 Drone - 4K HD Dual Camera With FPV Optical Flow Positioning RC Helicopter Quadcopter


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S88 Drone 4K HD Dual Camera With FPV Optical Flow Positioning RC Helicopter Quadcopter Mini Dron Christmas gift toys

Product Description

Number: S88
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4ch
Gyroscope: 6 A XIS
Quadrocopter battery: 3.7V 650mAh lithium battery (included)
Transmitter battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Charging time: 40 minutes
Flight time: 16-20 minutes
UAV weight: 51g (including battery)
Remote control distance: 80-100m
Color: black, white
Camera: standard fixed height/4K single camera/4K high-definition dual camera
Quadrilateral size: 14*14*4.5cm

-More advanced appearance, 15 LED lights, 68 flashing dynamics, cool body
-With a foldable arm, it is small in size and easy to carry.
-With high hold mode function, provide stable flight.
-With wifi function, it can be connected to APP and APK system to take pictures, video and transfer pictures in real time through the phone camera.
-With orbital flight mode. You can choose the route you need.
- MV music editing function.
-Equipped with a 4K wide-angle camera, which can take a variety of high-definition pictures and videos.
-Optical flow positioning function, cool colorful lights
-Headless mode, emergency recall, no need to adjust the aircraft position before flying.
-Anti-interference adopts 2.4GHz technology.
-4 channels, up and down, forward, backward, left-handed, right-handed, and 360° scrolling.
-Six-axis gyroscope, the flight is more stable, and the control is easier.
-The quad-rotor fuselage is made of high-strength engineering plastic, which is light and durable.

Up/down, forward/backward, left/right turn, side fly, three-level flight speed, LED light, headless mode, one-key automatic return, one-key emergency stop, gravity sensor mode, altitude hold mode, WiFi FPV

Package Included:
1 x s88 remote control quadcopter
1 transmitter
1 x 3.7V 650mAh lithium battery
1 x USB charging cable
4 protective covers
4 spare blades
1 screwdriver
1 x User Manual


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S88 Drone Reviews


S88 Drone image:

S88 Drone, 4k aurora hd double camera light flow hover 58S88 Drone, anti-interference adopts 2.4ghz technology .S88 Drone, the quad-rotor fuselage is made of high-strength engineering plastic S88 Drone, flaeghip double view angle switch lets your creation be more comfortable

4k hd double photo flaeghip double view angle switch lets your creation be more comfortable . adjust wide angle 45 120 front lens "flat angle"

S88 Drone, gold size, Only 14 cm size Small size, small to just; Give you enough and worry

This tiny drone measures only 14cm in size, making it perfect for carrying with you wherever you go without worrying about its bulk.

S88 Drone, multiple color flashing light circular discoloration the above data is the

The drone features a circular LED display with multiple color flashing lights that provide real-time data from the manufacturer's skilled professionals. Under ideal conditions (no wind, no interference) and outdoor sky surveys, the specific data may vary above. The LED light will change colors as you lock in on your target.

S88 Drone, flaeship 50 times zoom free view no fear of high altitudeS88 Drone, be better than ordinary products clear achieve an aerial photographer yl S88 Drone, flaesk aerodynamics one-click instantly no tedious control

Experience effortless flight with Herk Aerodynamics' one-click instant takeoff - no more tedious controls needed! It's designed for fun and ease of use.

S88 Drone, stunning value fiscitation unlock new technology aesthetics cost 4 flaeS88 Drone, 0 the above data is the manufacturer professionals 15 led light in the

The above specifications are based on manufacturer recommendations for optimal performance in ideal conditions (sufficient lighting, no wind, and minimal interference) when flying outdoors. Actual results may vary depending on actual operating conditions.

S88 Drone, the smooth surface of the high-end process,can do this textureS88 Drone, flheship hover "god operation" flight is stable

The S88 drone boasts stable

S88 Drone, flaesiz filter shooting net red iove "

falesiz filter shooting net red iove 'beauty' take a big piece, shoot stunning multiple filter selection vs ordinary free filter shooting

S88 Drone, it is amazing your eyel a variety of light transformations in

It's amazing that you can experience a variety of lighting effects in the Optical Positioning mode, specifically designed for the S88 Drone's Custom Edition.

S88 Drone, flaeship open your entertainment moment: see yS88 Drone, -six-axis gyroscope,S88 Drone, this time, we are equipped: flaeshi big battery modular convenience

Equipped with a flashier design, this drone features a modular convenience concept, boasting an impressive 15-minute flight time on a single charge at a voltage of 3.7V.

S88 Drone, mv production fl lasting net red special effects one-

Enjoy advanced features with our S88 Drone, including 4K HD video recording, dual camera setup, and optical flow positioning for smooth flight. Additional features include one-touch short film mode, 50x zoom, gravity sensor for stable flying, and trajectory control for precise movements. Plus, you can control the drone directly from your mobile phone and choose from a range of colorful flashing lights to add some fun to your aerial adventures!

S88 Drone, scm flight system light streaming hover flight function 4k

Equipped with a SCM flight system and real-time video streaming, this drone features hover flight functionality, dual camera switching, and a 4K HD camera. It also comes with a range of lights that showcase gravity sensing capabilities, as well as 50x zoom functionality. The battery life allows for approximately 15 minutes of flight time, with a maximum flying distance of around 150 meters.

S88 Drone, remote control guide headless mode return speed switch roll throttle steering wheel right

The remote control features a headless mode, allowing for return-to-home functionality. It also includes a speed switch, roll and throttle steering wheel controls, and a right fine-tuning adjustment. Additionally, there are left fine-tuning adjustments available through long press of the one-button switch.

S88 Drone, parts list drone remote control body battery wind leaf* 4 protection circle charge

Parts List for S88 Drone: Includes Remote Control, Body, Battery, Windproof Protection Circle, Charger Line, Screwdriver, and Manual Storage.