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SJRC F22S Drone - 4K HD EIS Camera 3.5KM Distance 35 Minutes GPS Optical Flow Wifi Camera Drone

SJRC F22S Drone - 4K HD EIS Camera 3.5KM Distance 35 Minutes GPS Optical Flow Wifi Camera Drone


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SJRC F22S Drone Specifications

Feature Details
Color Silvery Grey
Operating Frequency 2.4G + digital image transfer Bridge
Drone Battery 11.1V 3500mAh
Control Distance 3500m (Outdoor and unobstructed, depending on the environment and mobile device)
Wifi Image Transmission Distance 3500m (Outdoor and unobstructed, depending on conditions and mobile device)
Flight Time About 30-35 min
Charging Time About 4.5 hours
USB Charging 5V/3A
Product Size Unfolded 350X350X80MM
Product Size Folded 210X95X80MM
Product Weight 585 g
F22 Remote Control Battery 3.7V 1500mAh (soft pack lithium battery)
F22S Remote Control Battery 3.7V 3000mAh (cylindrical lithium battery)
Remote Control Charging Time About 2 hours
Remote Control Operating Time About 2 hours
Camera 2-Axis Electronic Stabilization Gimbal, Real 4K Camera
Camera Lens FOV: 100°
Photo Resolution 38402160P (phone) / 38402160P (SD card)
Video Resolution 1280720P (phone) / 38402160P (SD card)
Frame Rate 30fps
Photo Format JPG
Video Format MP4
Mechanical Range & Control Range Tilt(X): -35° - +35°, Roll(Y): -100°- +70°
Adjustable Angle -80°- +0°
Gesture Shooting 1-3 M
Image Recognition Follow Me 3-10M
GPS Follow Me 10-100M
SD Card Supports 32G-128G (Not Included)
Mobile Device System Version iOS 9.0 or later / Android 5.0 or later

SJRC F22S Features:

  1. GPS-enabled one-click return to takeoff point, automatic return on low battery, and return when signal is lost.
  2. Intelligent GPS tracking and image following: the drone identifies and autonomously follows the tracked object.
  3. Gesture-based shooting and recognition: perform photo or video gestures within 1-3 meters in front of the camera.
  4. Multi-point route planning: The drone autonomously follows a preset route, allowing the user to concentrate on capturing footage.
  5. Point of interest orbit: Set the center of the orbit and adjust the radius using the control stick.
  6. Drone retrieval feature: Tap the GPS signal icon three times to display the drone's last known latitude and longitude on the map interface.
  7. Photo and video sharing: Select single or multiple photos for sharing; videos can be transferred one at a time.
  8. High-definition, 100° wide-angle adjustable camera with an 80° range.
  9. 11.1V plug-in smart lithium battery.


Package Included:

1 x F22S 4K Pro RC Drone

1 x Battery

1 x Remote Controller

1 x USB Charging Cable

4 x Spare Propellers

1 x Gimbal Cover

1 x User Manual

1 x Storage Bag




Introducing and Unboxing Video

EIS Gimbal Camera

This model features an advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) system integrated into its gimbal, ensuring clear and stable photographic outputs even during flight. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable image transmission capability, able to send high-quality visuals across distances of up to 3.5 kilometers, enhancing the drone's usability in expansive outdoor environments.

Experience extraordinary control and soar to new heights with the F22S drone, featuring mechanically self-stabilized head and seamless digital image transfer up to 3.5 kilometers.

F2Zs EXTRAORDINARY CONTROL SOAR HIGH IN THE SKY Mechanically self-stabilized head: EIS stability enhancement technology: Digital Picture transfer 3.5KM sjrc crrv

SJRC F22S Drone, 4K camera electrically digital picture Portable adjustable camera transfer 3.5KM folding Intelligattero

360° Laser Obstacle Avoidance

This drone is equipped with a state-of-the-art 360-degree laser obstacle avoidance radar system, designed to ensure maximum safety during flight. This advanced system performs comprehensive scans in all directions, effectively eliminating blind spots and detecting potential hazards from every angle. By continuously monitoring the surrounding environment, the radar provides real-time feedback to the drone, allowing it to make instant adjustments and maintain a safe distance from obstacles. This technology is crucial for navigating through complex terrains and crowded skies, making it an ideal choice for both professional and recreational use. The integration of this cutting-edge radar system ensures that the drone can operate safely and efficiently in a wide range of conditions, offering peace of mind to its operators.
SJRC F22S Drone, escort your flight: f22s [ INTELLIGENT LASER
SJRC F22S Drone, Cross the corridor to avoid obstacles Follow the shooting to Avoid obstacles at night Avoid
SJRC F22S Drone, the picture is more stable and clearer! FI2.15 FOV FUII E

f22s r mechanical head + EIS augmentation technology, the picture is more stable and clearer . the head is lateral Head lateral The head is longitudinal FI2.15 100" = FOV Wi-Fi Camcorder with a built-in microphone .

the picture is more stable and clearer! the head is lateral The head is longitudinal FI2.15 FOV FUII E Wi-Fi Camcorder .

SJRC F22S Drone, 4K + Aerial photography effect of self-stabilizing head ordinary cloud platform EIS

4K HD Camera

This drone features true 4K resolution photography, excellent low-light performance, HDR, rapid focusing, and other advanced imaging technologies. These enhancements ensure that its image quality is exceptional at all times—during both day and night, whether it's hovering or moving at high speeds. This versatile imaging capability allows for sharp, clear photos and videos under a variety of conditions, making it a superb choice for capturing high-quality visuals in any setting.

SJRC F22S Drone

The high-definition camera captures clearer images, especially in low-light conditions.

FI2.15 100" FOV FUM HID WiFi Cam specializes in high-definition pictures . the picture quality is clearer at night .

SJRC F22S Drone, 4K+HDR ultra-clear picture quality, H.265 coding;

3.5KM Flying Distance

This drone boasts an impressive flight and video transmission range of up to 3.5 kilometers, allowing you to fly with confidence and freedom without worrying about range anxiety. This extended distance capability ensures that you can explore and capture footage from afar, providing the freedom to venture boldly into wide-open spaces and remote areas.
SJRC F22S Drone, the distance of real-time picture transmission reaches 3.5 kilometersl 3.5 4K km

Dual Positioning: GPS + Optical Flow

The F22s drone features advanced dual positioning technology with GPS and optical flow. This breakthrough in height determination technology allows for precise optical flow positioning indoors, enhancing stability when GPS signals are unavailable. Outdoors, the combination of GPS and optical flow ensures dual positioning, maintaining balance and precision at a fixed point in the aircraft. This system, referred to as SIRS, ensures reliable navigation and steady flight under various conditions, making it ideal for both recreational and professional use.
SJRC F22S Drone, picture is farther and more stablel 88 80 GPSadl Cad e Data

The drone features a farther and more stable flight experience, with a maximum distance of 3.5 kilometers and up to 35 minutes of flying time using GPS and optical flow technology. It also has Wi-Fi camera capabilities for real-time video transmission.

picture is farther and more stablel 88 80 GPSadl Cad e Data cable connection; sirc Eyad 0L MSPELD 1 D SPEED EE HECHT DSTANCE .

SJRC F22S Drone, digital picture transmission faster and higher definition OJw@
SJRC F22S Drone, F22s 11.1V 3500mAh UPGRADE LARGE BATTER

The intelligent modular design features a large-capacity battery, equipped with real-time power display and long service life. The power switch has a simple operation: press and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on (all lights will be illuminated), and then release and hold again for another 3 seconds to turn it off (all lights will be extinguished).

J Intelligent modular large-capacity battery; real-time display of electricity; long service life and easy replacement Power switch Press for 3 seconds to turn on (the lights are all on) Press off for another 3 seconds (all lights are off)

SJRC F22S Drone, Folding compact and lightweight; easier to carry . Folding size:21*9.5*

The F22S drone features a compact and lightweight design that makes it easier to carry around. Its folding size is 21 x 9.5 x 8 cm, making it portable and convenient.

SJRC F22S Drone, the noise drops again and again, and the power continues to upgrade . the noise continues to

F22s r STRONG BRUSHLESS POWER J The noise drops again and again, and the power continues to

SJRC F22S Drone, aircraftl Sju F2is rc FC uutoicn Camn

Enable optical flow positioning when flying indoors, or opt for GPS-optical flow dual positioning outdoors. This ensures balanced flight stability at a precise fixed point, thanks to the Sirs F2isrc FC Kit's advanced features.

aircraftl Sju F2is rc FC uutoicn Camn point is a high altitude fighter jet . it can be positioned indoors or outdoors, and keep balance at the precise fixed of the aircraft .

 SJRC F22S Package list

(battery number is 1/2/3/4)

SJRC F22S Drone, Drone without S1rc Drone Fuselage*1 Drone Battery*1

 SJRC F22S Drone Review Video



Customer Reviews

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Rohan Morgan

SJRC F22S Drone - 4K HD PRO with Camera Toys Remote Control Wifi 3.5KM 11.1V 3500mAh quadcopter GPS F22s Drone Professional Camera Drone

Very good price for a drone with that features

A quality of the drone when you unboxing it is very clear, is stable on its position and flight with is easy. It is able to detect obstacles, camera is very nice. You need to have your own usb-C power supply to charge the radio control and the batteries. Onestly I'm surprised about the quality and features. It works very well.

Chris Howe
Gps F22s drone.

Great service and communication. Drone came excellently packaged, exactly what I was looking for. Flew straight out of the box. Be nice if camera settings could be adjusted but no biggie. Video and photo quality perfectly acceptable. Instruction manual could be bit better, and video tutorials don't work but again no big deal for me. Great product and great people to deal with. Batteries take a while to recharge so buy a few .

Rachael Crona


Kattie Schulist

The seller is very fast to ship! A little less than 3 weeks to Moscow, then to Surgut. Total delivery time 3 weeks, record with Alika! The drone is a worker, but did not try it on the street. Then I'll add it!