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TBS Tracer Nano Fusion Pack

TBS Tracer Nano Fusion Pack


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  • 1 x TBS Tracer Nano TX
  • 3 x TBS Tracer Nano RX
  • 6 x TBS Tracer Immortal T Antenna
  • 1 x TBS Fusion

The TBS Tracer Nano Fusion Pack is a bundle that includes a goggle module and an ultra low latency radio control link. It is made for FPV enthusiasts. 

The TBS Tracer Nano RX is a 2.4G receiver for drones, planes, helicopters, and cars. It has the following specifications: 
  • Two u.FL/IPEX antenna ports
  • One TBS Tracer Nano RX
  • Two Immortal-T
  • Silicone cables
  • Protocols: CRSF, SBUS, PPM, 6 PWM, SmartAudio 2.0/2.1 (VTx Control)
  • Weight: 0.5g (receiver only)
  • Size: 11mm x 18mm
The TBS Tracer Nano RX has a 250Hz radio link with end-to-end latency that is barely noticeable. It uses 2.4GHz technology to speed up the best parts of Crossfire.

What is the difference between crossfire and TBS tracer?

Crossfire or TBS Tracer
There are 4 main differences between Crossfire and Tracer: Refresh rate, latency, range and antenna sizes. Tracer claims to have only 3ms latency while that of the Crossfire has been tested to be almost 14ms.

What is TBS tracer?

The TBS TRACER (XF) system is a R/C link system made for FPV enthusiasts. It features unheard of latency and performance without any of the clutter of choosing RF modes, link profiles.

How do you bind a TBS tracer?

On a new receiver, you can just bind it by the button as usual. On the other CROSSFIRE/ TRACER TX, just enable “Multi-bind”. When the first TX is shut down, you can power up the second transmitter. It should bind to this receiver within a few seconds.

What frequency is TBS Tracer?

TBS Tracer Micro TX Lite Specifications:
Latency & Refresh Rate 3ms, 250Hz
Frequency Bands 2.4GHz ISM
Input Voltage 3.5 - 13V
Connector USB-C
Power consumption 1.1W (@10mW) - 2W (@100mW)

Does TBS Tracer work with Crossfire receiver?

You cannot bind your Tracer Micro TX module to the Crossfire Nano RX receivers. You need Tracer Nano RX receivers. Tracer works on 2.4Ghz, and while still being able to be used long range (just not quite as long), the main highlight of this is super low latency.



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