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TCMMRC Night Phoenix - 5-Inch Long Range Drone FPV Racing Drone kit Drones Toys Quadcopters with Camera HD 4K

TCMMRC Night Phoenix - 5-Inch Long Range Drone FPV Racing Drone kit Drones Toys Quadcopters with Camera HD 4K


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Warning: Prevent remote control errors and avoid injuries

Video Capture Resolution: Other


State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go

Remote Distance: as show

Remote Control: Yes

Recommend Age: 12+y

Power Source: Electric

Plugs Type: as show

Package Includes: Original Box

Origin: Mainland China

Operator Skill Level: Expert

Operator Skill Level: Beginner

Operator Skill Level: Intermediate

Motor: Brushless Motor

Model Number: night phoenix 225

Material: Carbon Fiber

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: Battery configuration

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: Five inches

Controller Mode: MODE2

Controller Battery: No configuration

Control Channels: 4 Channels

Charging Voltage: 5V

Charging Time: No battery configured

Certification: 3C

Camera Mount Type: Other

Brand Name: TCMMRC

Barcode: No

Aerial Photography: No

Note: (The fpv freestyle drone have two versions :① without GoPro, battery, receiver ; ② Receiver included, NO battery, and GoPro)

Pakket inbegrepen:
(the whole machine does not include: sports cameras, batteries, receivers)

(Pakket niet Runcam 3 S, de Runcam 3 S op de foto alleen voor referentie.)
Hier is de foto van de Runcam 3 S, kunt u op de foto, het brengt u naar Runcam 3 S

Product configuration information is displayed at the bottom

TCMMRC Night Phoenix, NGHT PHOENK READY TO SENDIT BLUETOOTH TCMMRC Night Phoenix, BRAND TCMMRC MODEL NIGHT PHOENIX 5 INCH FREE TCMMRC Night Phoenix, F4 BLUETOOTH FLIGHT CONTROL & 1OOA 4IN TCMMRC Night Phoenix, You can edit parameters such as name, power, time of flight, and more TCMMRC Night Phoenix, 3K CARBON FIBER FRAME WITH CHAMFERED EDGES TCMMRC Night Phoenix, FOXEER ARROW MICRO PRO 600TVL GREAT WDR FUNC. TCMMRC Night Phoenix, 5046 THREE-BLADE PROPELLER LARGE WINDWARD TCMMRC Night Phoenix, TPU PARTS FOR COMPREHENSIVE SECURITY AND PROTECTION TCMMRC Night Phoenix, ARMS EQUIPPED WITH LED RACEWIRE BRIGHTNESS CHAN TCMMRC Night Phoenix, always refer to the specific user manual and guidelines provided by the manufacturer for detailed instructions .

Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 225mm
Arm thickness: 5mm
X plate thickness: 2mm
Base plate thickness: 2mm
Upper plate thickness: 2mm

2206 1800kV brushless motor (purple)
Motor kv: 1800rpm / v
No-load current (IO / 10V): 0.72A
Support lithium battery section: 3-6S
Weight: 31.8 grams
Maximum continuous current: 25A
Maximum continuous power: 600W
Maximum thrust: 1116g (6s / 5 ")
Configuration: 12N / 14P
Motor resistance (Rm): 0.109 Ω
Stator diameter: 22mm
Stator thickness: 6 mm
Motor diameter: 27.7mm
Motor length: 19.2mm
Total shaft length: 34.2mm
Shaft thickness: M5
Mounting hole spacing: 16mm
Mounting screw: M3
Recommended propeller: 5-7 inches

32-bit 100A 3-8S Dshot1200 4IN1 ESC
MCU: 32-bit STM32F051K6U6
Con. Current: 100A
Peak Current:110A
Input Voltage: 3--8S
Current Sensor: Support
Support DShot300-1200/MulitShot/Oneshot/PWM
Firmware: BLHeli_32
Installation hole spacing: 30.5*30.5mm
Maximum external size: 42*43.5*11.5mm

F405 Bluetooth Flight Control
STM32F405 main control
MPU: MPU6000 (via SPI)
Input voltage: Support 2-6S Lipo input
Bluetooth module onboard, support APP configuration via smartphone
Firmware: MATEKF405
German Bosch BMP280 high-precision barometer on board
Flight control onboard OSD chip, support DMA mode (use F4 MCU to control OSD), you can use BetaFlight software
Adjustment parameters
Built-in 5v / 2A; 10V / 2A BEC output
Reserve MicroSD BlackBox
Reserve 5 serial ports and I2C interfaces for GPS access (Bluetooth takes TX5.RX5)
Support multiple types of receivers (such as: SBUS, SUMH, SUMD, SPEKTRUM1024 / 2048, XBUS, PPM, etc.
Type of receiver)
With LED programming signal output port, support programmable LED strip, can adjust the strip color and flash mode through flight control
With voltage monitoring port (BAT) and current monitoring port (CRT) to monitor battery voltage and current (requires additional power
Flow meter)
With buzzer output port, support external alarm buzzer for audible warning or notification of aircraft flight status
10V BEC on board, providing cleaner image display
All interfaces have socket and pad options, which are suitable for different people at the same time
Support betaflight / inav racing firmware
Size: 37x37mm
Mounting hole: 30.5x30.5mm
Weight: 5.9g

Image sensor: 1/3 "Sony Super Had II CCD + NextChip 2040 DSP
Pixel: PAL: 976 (H) x 494 (V); NTSC: 768 (H) × 494 (V)
TV system: PAL
Resolution: 600TVL (color) 650TVL (black and white)
Sync: Internal
Minimum illumination: 0.01lux
WDR: Supported
OSD programming board: support
White point repair: Support
Camera Title: Supported
Image adjustment: support
OSD: edit name, power, time of flight
Input power: 5-40V
Storage temperature: -40 C ~ 60 C
Working temperature: -10C ~ 50C
Power consumption: 70ma
Low voltage alarm: support
Preset modes: def, vivid, sunny, cloudy, led tr, usr1
Size: 18.5 * 19mm (without bracket)
Weight: 5.3g (without bracket)

XF5805 /5.8G 40CH(25/100/200mw/300mw)
Adjustable power image transmission
Support TBS SmartAudio
Transmitting power: 25/100 / 200mw / 300mw adjustable
Frequency: 40ch
Video Format: Full NTSC / PAL
Input voltage: 7V ~ 26V
Power consumption: + 12V / 600MW, 260ma @
Size: 25 × 20 × 4mm
Weight: ≤3.2g (except antenna)
With copper tube mini antenna (ipex interface)
Reminder: the antenna must be installed before power on to avoid the possibility of burning the high frequency head

DALPROP T5046C propeller
Specification: 5046 * 3
Brand Name: DALPROP
Product name: 5046 Propeller
Material: Imported Bayer PC from Germany
Quantity: 4 pairs (8 pcs)
Color: transparent
Weight: 5.1g / piece
Center thickness: 7mm
Spiral diameter: 127mm


Related Article:

TCMMRC Night Phoenix Review

**TCMMRC Night Phoenix - 5-Inch Long Range Drone FPV Racing Drone Kit: A Comprehensive Evaluation**

The TCMMRC Night Phoenix is a 5-inch long-range drone FPV racing drone kit that offers a combination of advanced features and reliable performance. With its durable frame, powerful brushless motor, high-definition camera, and adjustable image transmission, this drone aims to provide an immersive and thrilling racing experience. In this evaluation, we will explore the composition, parameters, functions, advantages, FPV selection, operating instructions, and frequently asked questions related to the TCMMRC Night Phoenix.

Parameters, Functions, and Advantages:
The TCMMRC Night Phoenix offers the following parameters, functions, and advantages:

1. Wheelbase of 225mm: Provides stability and maneuverability during flight, suitable for racing and long-range applications.
2. 2206 1800kV Brushless Motor: Powerful and efficient motor with a thrust of up to 1116g, supporting 3-6S lithium batteries and recommended propeller sizes of 5-7 inches.
3. 32-bit 100A 3-8S Dshot1200 4IN1 ESC: High-performance electronic speed controller with a current sensor and support for various protocols, ensuring smooth and responsive motor control.
4. F405 Bluetooth Flight Control: Advanced flight controller with a built-in barometer, OSD chip, and multiple connectivity options, allowing for precise control and customization.
5. FOXEER Arrow MICRO PRO Camera: High-quality camera with excellent resolution, WDR support, and configurable OSD, providing clear and vibrant video footage.
6. XF5805 / 5.8G 40CH Video Transmitter: Adjustable power transmission and TBS SmartAudio support enable reliable and clear video transmission during FPV flights.

6C Propeller: Durable and efficient propellers made from high-quality German Bayer PC, offering balanced performance and improved flight characteristics.

The advantages of the TCMMRC Night Phoenix include its robust frame construction, powerful motor, advanced flight control system, high-definition camera, reliable video transmission, and well-designed propellers. These features contribute to enhanced stability, speed, maneuverability, and overall performance.

How to Choose FPV:
When choosing FPV (First-Person View) equipment for your drone, consider the following factors:

1. Camera: Look for a camera with a high-resolution image sensor, low latency, and good low-light performance. The FOXEER Arrow MICRO PRO camera included in the TCMMRC Night Phoenix kit meets these criteria, offering excellent image quality and performance.

2. Video Transmitter: Opt for a video transmitter that supports a sufficient number of channels and has adjustable power output. The XF5805 / 5.8G 40CH transmitter in this kit offers 25/100/200mw/300mw power options and 40 channels, providing flexibility in different racing environments.

3. Antenna: Ensure that the FPV system includes a high-quality antenna for reliable signal transmission. The included copper tube mini antenna with an ipex interface in the TCMMRC Night Phoenix kit is designed for optimal performance.

4. Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the FPV equipment with the flight controller and receiver of your drone. The TCMMRC Night Phoenix kit ensures compatibility between its components, enabling seamless integration and operation.

Operating Instructions:
To operate the TCMMRC Night Phoenix drone, follow these general instructions:

1. Assemble the drone according to the provided instructions, ensuring all components are securely attached and connected.

2. Install and configure the flight control software (such as BetaFlight) on your computer or smartphone.

3. Calibrate the flight control system, including the accelerometer and gyroscope, to ensure accurate stabilization and control.

4. Connect and configure the FPV system, including the camera, video transmitter, and antenna. Adjust settings such as video transmission power and frequency channels as per your requirements.

5. Install and balance the propellers on the motors, ensuring they rotate freely without any obstructions.

6. Power on the drone, transmitter, and FPV system, ensuring proper connections and signal reception.

7. Perform pre-flight checks, including verifying battery levels, motor functionality, and control response.

8. Arm the motors and take off, gradually increasing throttle to achieve stable flight.

9. Practice flying in open and controlled environments, following local regulations and safety guidelines.

10. After each flight, inspect the drone for any damage or wear, and perform maintenance as necessary.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
Q1: What is the recommended battery for the TCMMRC Night Phoenix?
A1: The TCMMRC Night Phoenix supports 3-6S lithium batteries, providing flexibility in battery selection based on desired flight performance and duration.

Q2: Can I use different propeller sizes with the TCMMRC Night Phoenix?
A2: Yes, the recommended propeller size for the TCMMRC Night Phoenix is 5-7 inches, allowing you to experiment with different propeller options to optimize flight characteristics.

Q3: How can I adjust the power output of the video transmitter?
A3: The XF5805 / 5.8G 40CH video transmitter included in the kit allows adjustable power output. You can use the provided instructions or refer to the transmitter's manual to configure the power settings.

Q4: Can I customize the OSD (On-Screen Display) with the flight control system?
A4: Yes, the TCMMRC Night Phoenix's flight control system supports OSD customization through the BetaFlight software. You can edit parameters such as name,

power, time of flight, and more.

Q5: Is the TCMMRC Night Phoenix suitable for long-range flights?
A5: Yes, the TCMMRC Night Phoenix is designed for long-range flights with its 5-inch frame, powerful motor, and reliable components. However, it's important to comply with local regulations and ensure proper signal reception and battery capacity for safe long-range operations.

It's worth noting that these instructions and FAQs provide a general overview of operating the TCMMRC Night Phoenix drone. Always refer to the specific user manual and guidelines provided by the manufacturer for detailed instructions and safety precautions.

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