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Z888 Drone Obstacle Avoidance Low Budget 4K Mini Drone

Z888 Drone Obstacle Avoidance Low Budget 4K Mini Drone


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 Z888 Drone Parameters

Product Description
Fold size: 12.9x8x5.2cm
Expend size: 36.1x4.9x23.1cm
Camera lens: 90°ESC lens
Flight time: About 20mins
Charging time: About 120mins
Control distance(Free interference and no occlusion): 80-100M
5G Wifi image transmission distance (Free interference and no occlusion):  20-30M
Hand gesture shooting/video reconization: 1-3M
Video resolution bottom : 2560*1440
Photo resolution bottom :2560*1440
Video resolution Front : 2560*1440
Photo resolution Front :2560*1440

Capacity of smart lithium battery: 3.7V 1600mAh
One key to take off/land, optical flow positioning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, fixed height hover, 90°ESC lens, headless mode, 360°roll, positioning flight, long battery life, one key return, body folding, wifi connection, mobile phone control, 4k high-definition dual camera, gesture camera, gesture video, smart follow, beauty filter
Package Included
1 x Drone
1 x Remote controller
4 x Spare blades
1 x Body Battery
4 x Protection frames
1 x USB cable
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Manual
Packing Method
Any item will be in a storage bag then in a carton box


Z888 Drone Video

 Z888 Drone Details

Z888 Drone, hdoron? movie style 4k multi-directional obstacle

hdoron? movie style 4k multi-directional obstacle avoidance performance is very easy to start, easy to operate . with 4k high-definition dual camera and intelligent hovering positioning, it's very easy

Z888 Drone, new invention understand obstacle avoidance, understand better multi-directional detection of

new invention understand obstacle avoidance, understand better multi-directional detection of obstacles . automatic avoidance os air 2s 1 avoid obstacles on three sides and enjoy

Z888 Drone, z4chz remote control lasting 3607 gesture to take 360

Equipped with a Z4CHZ remote control, this mini drone features 360-degree gestures for taking photos along a 3609-foot tumbling photo trajectory. One-key return and 350-degree rolling motion allow for seamless navigation without needing to re-establish the flight path.

Z888 Drone, intelligent obstacle avoidance security escort the flight eeZ888 Drone, stqp automatically avoids obstacles within 30 square meters

Note that this drone does not have obstacle avoidance capabilities when encountering glass or transparent surfaces. However, it can automatically detect and avoid obstacles within a 30-square-meter range.

Z888 Drone, oasair 2s multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance 6

This mini drone features multi-directional intelligent obstacle avoidance capabilities, ensuring worry-free flight. Equipped with LED fill lights and an infrared obstacle avoidance sensor, it can detect the distance of obstacles around it.

Z888 Drone, camera 4k esc dual camera; double viewing angle 90 remote control

This mini drone features a dual camera setup with a 4K high-definition lens, providing a 90-degree viewing angle from two perspectives. The remote control allows for real-time picture transmission, capturing an ultra-wide 120-degree shooting range. Record your wonderful moments in stunning 4K (1080p) with 908 pixels of clarity.

Z888 Drone, oasair 2s fold just right make your every trip more

Enjoy effortless travel with our Z888 Drone, featuring a clever foldable design that minimizes bulk and makes every trip more convenient. The machine's innovative three-dimensional folding mechanism ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing the product to compactly shrink down to roughly the size of a [insert equivalent object or measurement].

Z888 Drone, shocking videos capture shocking angles of view from a flat angle .

Capture stunning aerial views from multiple angles, including bird's-eye perspectives, thanks to the adjustable front and bottom cameras that eliminate fixed viewpoints.

Z888 Drone, the drone will automatically maintain a stable suspension in real time .

Featuring optical flow technology for stable hovering, this drone is easy to start and maintain its position during flight. It will automatically keep the drone level and stationary in real-time, eliminating the need to constantly adjust the throttle to maintain height.

Z888 Drone, connect the drone via wifi friendly viewing experience and enjoy the take full control

Download our Google Play App or App Store app for multi-function control, featuring high-definition image transmission from your mobile phone. Connect the drone via WiFi for a friendly viewing experience and take full control of the Z888 Drone Obstacle Avoidance Low Budget 4K Mini Drone.

Z888 Drone, gesture photonideo using advanced and intelligent object recognition technology, the

Using advanced and intelligent object recognition technology, the drone autonomously takes photos or records video within 3 seconds after detecting gestures through its camera-facing interface.

Z888 Drone, oasair 2s low battery alarm when the drone is low

Equipped with a low battery alert system, this drone alerts you via the remote control when its power levels are running low, ensuring you're notified before the battery runs out and minimizing the risk of losing it.

Z888 Drone, oasair2s 50x zoom adopts a new

Equipped with an OASAIR2S 50x zoom, this drone features advanced lens zoom technology. Using the remote control, you can zoom in on distant scenes, allowing for a clearer and more detailed view from your current location.

Z888 Drone, oasair 2s 3608 stunt show one-click easy

Easily stage impressive aerobatic shows with a single click using the One-Click Stunt Mode, which allows for smooth and effortless 360-degree aerial stunts without complex controls.

Z888 Drone Obstacle Avoidance Z888 Drone, oasair 2s module large battery 18 minutes long battery life

The Z888 drone features an OASAIR 2S module with a large battery that provides up to 18 minutes of long-lasting flight time, ensuring you can enjoy high-quality aerial views without worrying about running out of power.

Z888 Drone, esc optical flow fixed-point hovering/ flight performance three-

esc optical flow fixed-point hovering/ flight performance three-way obstacle avoidance image transmission signal 2.4g wifi battery life about 18 minutes remote control distance about 200 meters grey,

Z888 Drone, remote control guide control guide camera up camera down short press t0

Remote Control Guide: Camera Up/Down - Short Press to Fine Tune; Speed Adjustment - Long Press; Headless Mode - Short Press; Light Control Model - Long Press; One-Key Takeoff/Landing - Short Press; Emergency Stop Switch - Long Press.

Z888 Drone, acessories drone x1 remote control x4

The package includes accessories for the drone, including one (1) drone unit, one (1) remote control, four (4) batteries, two (2) spare fan blades, three (3) charging cables, eleven (11) AA battery packs, and fourteen (14) protective frame parts. Additionally, a user manual is also included.