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ENAIRE Drones helps you to prepare your flight

Last month we presented drones.enaire.es, a web application developed by ENAIRE’s Aeronautical Information Division, as part of the Strategic Plan to develop the drone civil sector 2018-2021 belonging to the Ministry of Public Works.

ENAIRE Drones is the official website that offers help to pilots and operators of remotely controlled aircraft (RPAS) by providing them with the aeronautical information needed to plan their operations safely. The correct planning of a flight is an essential part of air safety.

What do I have to do to comply with regulations and be able to fly my drone? Am I near an airport? In controlled airspace? Who should I coordinate with? With the help of this web application, drone operators have the possibility to prepare their flight, read NOTAM-type warnings and alerts in advance before flying one of these aircrafts. ENAIRE Drones enables the identification of possible restrictions to flying drones in a given airspace in accordance with current legislation.

On a map, ENAIRE Drones shows the air spaces in Spain where use of drones is permitted, as well as the areas to avoid, for example, those containing susceptible fauna, air traffic control areas close to airports, heliports, aerodromes, military bases or natural parks that require an additional licence to fly this type of aircraft..

Access to drones.enaire.es is free and, depending on the characteristics of each flight, the requirements to be met will be indicated by means of a questionnaire, and, depending on where you want to fly, you will be warned of any limitations, as well as any necessary coordination.

Our website drones.enaire.es is suitable for any device (PC, Tablet or mobile) and according to the statistics we have, there have been over 11,590 different users who have accessed ENAIRE Drones, with a total of 29,877 log-ons. Since its launching, we have continued to work every day to improve the information available, such as the recently added layers of information on Natural Protected Spaces and Cadastral Areas.

Fly safely, use ENAIRE Drones to plan your operation and identify all applicable requirements concerning you.

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