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How to apply for lifting the no-fly zone for DJI drones

Hello everyone, I believe that when you use DJI drones on a daily basis, you must have the following doubts: why some check-in venues cannot take off, the app prompts no flight, and some areas are displayed in red on the map. This issue will lead you to learn more about the no-fly zone and the issue of lifting the ban on aircraft~

First of all, the establishment of the no-fly zone is to maintain the safety and order of the public airspace. The DJI geofence system has set different restricted levels of flight areas around the world according to the management strategies of different countries and regions.

But what should we do if we need to perform tasks such as rescue, firefighting, power inspection or aerial photography operations and must take off in a restricted area? At this time, you need to apply for the lifting of the ban. The lifting of the ban is mainly divided into three steps. First, you must prepare the necessary lifting materials, secondly apply for the lifting certificate on the DJI official website, and finally import the lifting certificate in the App to operate the lifting. Next, Lan Xin will give you a detailed introduction to these three steps.

Unblocking data preparation

Before applying for lifting the ban, you must confirm that the following information is complete, and you need to fill in all these information in the subsequent operation~

1. Personal identity information: name, phone number, email address, DJI account number, mailing address, ID card/passport/driver's license (any one is sufficient);

2. UAV flight control serial number: The flight control serial number needs to be queried in the App, you can poke →
Flight controller serial number query guide

3. Confirm the coordinates of the center point of the lifting area: you can poke →
How to find the coordinates of the center point of the unlocked area

4. Lifting radius and height: subject to the official valid approval or the value in the lifting application form (some models do not currently support lifting heights above 500 meters);

5. Unblocking time: individual users and organizational users can not exceed 1 year, and government users generally do not exceed 3 years;

6. Official valid approval document/application form for lifting the ban: The application form for lifting the ban needs to be stamped by the management department (public security/military aviation/civil aviation, any one of them) to be valid. You can click here to download the form and fill it out with reference to the following figure And go to the corresponding management department to affix the official seal;

After the above information is prepared, we can go to the next step~~

Apply for a certificate of release

The release certificate needs to be applied on the official website of DJI. You can directly click here to enter the application page. You need to fill in the background information first, and then add the release application. Follow the page prompts to fill in the release information we prepared and click submit. That's it.
The illustrated operation guide can be stamped →
Guidelines for Applying for a Release Certificate
After the application is submitted, you will receive an acceptance reminder in your mailbox. The processing result will generally be fed back to you through the official website and email within one hour. You can log in to check in time.
After receiving the reminder of the successful review of the ban, the friends can follow Lan Xin to the [Import of the ban certificate] link

Import certificate operation unlock

After the release certificate is obtained, it needs to be imported through the app to realize the release. Different apps have different operation methods. Lanxin has compiled the following operation guides for different apps. You can pick them up as needed~ ~

Friends who use DJI Fly poke→
DJI Fly Unblocking Step Guide (for iOS/Android)

PS: For friends who use DJI FPV aircraft, they need to connect the flight glasses to unlock the ban.
For the corresponding tutorial, you can click → DJI FPV aircraft unblocking steps guide (for iOS/Android);

For those who use DJIGo 4, watch this↓
Poke →
DJI GO 4 App Unblocking Step Guide (for iOS/Android)
Friends who use DJIGo, watch this↓
Poke →
DJI GO App Unblocking Step Guide (Android)
Poke → DJI GO App Unblocking Step Guide (iOS);

Friends who use DJIPilot App, watch this↓
Poke → DJI Pilot App Unblocking Step Guide (for iOS/Android);
For those who use DJIPilot 2 App, look here↓
Poke → DJI Pilot 2 App Unblocking Step Guide (Android);
Friends who use GSRTK, look here↓
Poke → GS RTK Unblocking Step Guide (Android);

For those of you who use the DJI Agricultural App, see here↓
Poke → DJI DJI Agriculture App Unblocking Step Guide (Android);
Friends who use DJIMG App, look here↓
Poke → DJI MG App Agricultural Machinery Unblocking Step Guide (Android);

If you encounter any questions during the lifting of the ban, you can also send an email to the mailbox of our ban lifting team: for further assistance. Here, Lan Xin needs to praise the colleagues of our ban lifting team. They provide ban lifting services for flying friends around the world online 7×24 hours, and can continue to protect everyone’s flying journey.

At this point, Lan Xin's small class on lifting the ban is over. I hope this article can help everyone. If you have any good suggestions for this article, or other flying knowledge you want to know, you can leave a comment below. Maybe Lan The next popular science article in your heart is what you are looking forward to.
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