The best drones for beginners in 2023

For starters, the best drones will be relatively affordable (or equipped with crash sensors), as flying a drone is never without risk - even the best pilots can have accidents! Many drones have built-in safety features, such as distance limiters, return-to-home functions, and propeller guards, to help you when you find yourself in a sticky situation. Once you understand how the drone is controlled and feel more confident flying it, you can start experimenting with taking more exciting photos, but it's best to use the tutorial or pre-programmed modes first.

Whether you're investing in a drone for aerial photography or videography, or for drone racing, some of the best drones(opens in new tab) are less expensive than you might think. This guide is for those who haven't flown before, but if you're considering an upgrade, check out the best indoor drones(opens in new tab) or the best FPV drones(opens in new tab).

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If you're looking for the best drones for kids(opens in new tab), low-cost drones are also a great option. That said, you might want to spend a little more for a drone with crash sensors to help prevent any unfortunate accidents.

We've selected the best drones for beginners below, but it's worth remembering that their design and price will vary depending on what the product will be used for.

1. Rez Taylor
A lightweight drone ideal for those looking to complete short flights
Weight: 235g Controllers: Via phone, preferably with a bluetooth game controller Video resolution: 720p, 30fps Camera resolution: 5MP Battery life: 13 minutes (1100mAh) Max range: 100m Max range with controller: 60m Maximum speed: 36 km/h
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reason to buy
+ DJI software
+VR Compatible
+ affordable
reason to avoid
- No SD card onboard
DJI has more than half of the global market, and its technology has always been at an important end of the market. However, a friendly relationship with neighboring company Ryze has spawned the Tello, a compact drone that doesn't skimp on technology. It transmits 720p video back to phones within WiFi range (100m), or 5mp photos, recorded by the app.

This data link also gives you battery warnings, and the drone is able to take off and hover using its 14-core processor and built-in sensors. This power leads to fun features such as "Throw & Go" launches and flips, but also supports Scratch, a simple, block-based programming language that means anyone, including kids, can Have fun while ordering Tello.

2. DJI Mini 3 Pro
Hard to crash and with a powerful camera, this drone is hard to beat
Weight: 249g Dimensions (folded): 145×90×62mm Controller: Some options Video resolution: 4K 60fps Camera resolution: 48MP Battery life: 34 minutes (or 47 minutes battery plus) Max range: 12km/ 7.5 mph Maximum speed: 58 km/h/36 mph
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reason to buy
+3 way crash sensor
+ excellent video
+ Camera rotation to portrait/horizontal
+Extended battery options
reason to avoid
-Susceptible to crosswinds
- not a budget friendly option
- Not all AI features are available in portrait
We don't give 5 star reviews by all means, but as long as you don't mind spending a little more, the Mini 3 Pro is an amazing drone. It offers enough photographic quality to please serious creatives, and with all the smart features found on DJI's high-end drones -- including the ability to fly around obstacles and keep going -- it still manages to stay underwhelming. below the weight threshold.

The Mini 3 Pro even adds a feature that wasn't on the "helicopter" before; a rotating camera that helps capture people without the loss of resolution caused by vertical social media cropping into a horizontal image -- for some, This may be a feature of the drone being sold separately. Other big pluses are the choice of controllers (none, standard, or with display), and longer-lasting battery options. It really feels like the Pro Flex has made its way into the ultralight category - the only reason it didn't rank at the top is that the price makes it hard to recommend it as a first drone, but if you're feeling on the loose, why not? Those sensors make collisions hard!



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