What to do if the DJI drone is lost | Super practical after-sales guide

Almost every pilot is reluctant to experience a situation, "go out happily, go home with control" - fly lost!

How to prevent flying away? You can click "
Learn these 4 points, no longer afraid of flying
"Learn the safety guide to prevent flying loss. ~

Flying feels so wonderful, but the risks of flying are unpredictable. What should I do if I lose it?

I hope you will never use these scenes and functions introduced by Lan Xin, but you still need to understand them carefully~~

First of all, friends can use the following picture to briefly understand some of the links that may be experienced after a flying accident occurs.

In this post, Lan Xin will mainly introduce the three aspects of trying to find a plane in the early stage, synchronizing flight records and how to contact DJI to create a flying loss case~

try to find a plane

The beloved small plane was lost, and the first reaction of most of the small partners was to try to find it. Lan Xin hereby reminds all flying friends to remember to pay attention to personal safety when looking for the aircraft. If the search environment is too dangerous, don't force it, safety first! !

The first choice for finding an airplane is definitely the airplane finding function that comes with the App~

Friends who use DJI Go4, watch this↓
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How to Use DJI Go 4 to Find Airplanes (Android)

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How to Use DJI Go 4 to Find Airplanes (iOS)

Friends who use DJI Fly, look here↓
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How to Use DJI Fly to Find Airplanes (Android)

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How to Use DJI Fly to Find Airplanes (iOS)

Learning to read flight records is very helpful for finding planes~~
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How to view flight records
(Both DJ Go 4/DJI Fly)

In addition to the above-mentioned aircraft finding function, you can also download the "two-step road outdoor assistant" app, enter the latitude and longitude coordinates of the missing point, and help you find the aircraft. Lan Xin has compiled the following tutorials for you, I hope it can help you~
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"Two-step Outdoor Assistant" App Operation Guide

View the latitude and longitude coordinates of the missing point:
DJI Fly: Click "My" to enter the "Find a Plane" function page, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the missing link will be displayed in the lower left corner;
DJI Go 4: Click "Me" to enter the "Flight Records" page, click to open the flight record corresponding to the accident, and you can see the latitude and longitude in the upper left corner of the playback progress bar. Pull the progress bar to the end, which is the lost contact point of the record. Location.

If you are lucky enough to retrieve the small plane and find that the fuselage is damaged, remember to pass
self service
Send the machine back to "mother's home" for maintenance, to avoid internal damage to the machine and affect subsequent cool flying~~

Just in case, if the small plane can't be found, don't be too anxious, our little brother and sister from DJI's technical support will assist you in further processing~~

Synchronized flight records

Friends, you can refer to the following tutorial to synchronize the flight records first, so that our technical support can understand the situation of the current flight accident, which can effectively shorten the communication time and solve the problem efficiently for you~~
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How to sync flight records with DJI Fly? (iOS/Android)

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How to sync flight records with DJI Go 4? (iOS/Android)

Reminder: In some cases, you may be required to provide more information, such as flight record files, cached videos, etc., to further assist in understanding the flight accident. If necessary, after your flying loss case is created, the technical support little brother and sister who follow up your case will take the initiative to contact you~

Contact DJI to create a flying loss case

After the flight record synchronization is completed, friends can contact DJI technical support as soon as possible to create a flying loss case~

Method 1: Create a flying case by yourself~
The following models all support self-service creation of flying loss cases. For non-following models, you can refer to Method 2 to contact technical support to create a case.
DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini SE, MavicAir 2, Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Cine
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How to create a flyaway case by yourself

If the device is purchased and bound with DJI Care, you can exchange it as you like and enjoy the rights of Feitou replacement. For those who want to apply for the use of Feitou replacement rights, you can do Feitou certification after creating a case by yourself~
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How to perform fly-drop certification?

Quietly tell everyone, do the Feidou certification in advance, and the efficiency will be doubled when applying for Feidiao replacement~~

Special reminder: The Feidou replacement rights will only take effect when the remote controller and account are bound. It is recommended that you open the aircraft, remote controller and mobile phone as soon as possible after activating the aircraft. App - My - Device management, operation association binding. For details of Feidou replacement rights, please click

About 1-2 working days after the creation of the flying loss case, technical support will take the initiative to contact you, please be sure to pay attention to the SMS notification/email/telephone call (caller number: 0755-XXXXXXX).

Method 2: Contact technical support to help you create a case~
Pay attention to the "DJI" official account, product support--online service or directly call 400-700-0303 to 9 to contact Feidou special line technical support, and proactively provide the following information to enable our little brothers and sisters to provide you with more efficient and convenient Oh service~~
【App Account】
【Whether the flight record has been uploaded】
【Accident time and description】
【Shipping address】

Once the case is created, someone from DJI technical support will follow up your case until the case is closed.
Finally, Lan Xin wishes all my friends to fly and never lose! !

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