Collection: CUAV RTK&GPS Module

NEO 3x IP66 Waterproof GNSS Module
NEO 3x GNSS Module Introduction Specifications Tutorial Buy now IP66 Waterproof NEO 3x GNSS Module Buy Now Watch Video

C-RTK 2HP Dual Antenna for Yaw RTK Module
C-RTK 2HP Dual Antenna RTK Module Introduction Specification Tutorial Buy Heading Nova C-RTK 2HP Dual Antenna Centimeter-Level Positioning And

C-RTK 9Ps Centimetre-Level GNSS Module
Introduction Specification Tutorial Buy Small&Percision C-RTK 9Ps Centimetre-Level GNSS Module Watch Video Introduction The C-RTK 9Ps is a four-star

NEO 3 GNSS UAV Navigation Modules
NEO 3 uses a hardware design similar to NEO V2, and upgrades the GNSS navigation module to the M9N
NEO 3 Pro GNSS UAV Module
NEO continues the hardware design of NEO V2, upgrade the GNSS module to Ublox NEO M9N, supports Beidou, Galileo,

NEO V2 Pro is a GNSS positioning system based on the UAVCAN communication protocol. It integrates an industrial-grade compass,

NEO V2 GPS module
Neo V2 is a cost-effective UAV positioning and navigation module, which integrates a compass, barometer, flight controller status light,

C-RTK 9P High precision positioning module
C-RTK 9P is a professional RTK positioning module (Real Time Kinematics) launched by CUAV. Through 2 C-RTK 9P modules

C-RTK Base
C-RTK-BASE differential high-precision GPS base station system, built-in multi-star single-frequency RTK receiver module, P9 over-the-horizon data transmission module, WIFI