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EFT X6100 Industrial Drone - 6-Axis 5KG 30Minutes Payload Hexacopters Light Load Flying Platform Frame Long Delivery Drone for Training, Inspection

EFT X6100 Industrial Drone - 6-Axis 5KG 30Minutes Payload Hexacopters Light Load Flying Platform Frame Long Delivery Drone for Training, Inspection


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Package includes:

Package 1: Drone Frame only

Pacakge 2: Drone Frame x1, Motors x6


EFT X6100 Drone Parameters

Single rack weight
Rack + Power weight
Maximum take-off weight
Effective load
Recommended motor
Recommended ESC
Recommended blade
17-18 INCH
Recommended battery
16000-22000MAH (6S)
Flight time


EFT X6100 Specifications:
Digonatal wheelbase: 1000mm
Unfolded size: 1447x1447x569mm
Folded Size: 541x478x525mm
Arm length: 325mm
Frame weight: 2.75kg  
Max. take-off weight: 12kg
Effective Payload: 3-5kg
Hovering Time: about 27minutes (5008 motor, 6S 16000mah battery with 17"/18" Propeller with 6.85kg take-off weight)

Recommended Parts:
Motor: 4216/5008 brushless motor
ESC: 40A brushless ESC
Propeller: 17"/18" Propeller
Battery: 6S 16000mah Battery



EFT X6100 Drone Detail

EFT X6100 is a 1000mm wheelbase hexacopter designed for light payload industrial application uses. With the waterproof body and expanded mounting platform, you can carry different devices with it in different applications. 
Main Features:
1. Modular Design
The main body of the X6100 drone adopts modular design.  The fuselage frame is integrally formed, with a simplified structure.  Easy to assemble and maintain. 
2. Seperate Arm Disassembly
The arm of the X6100 adopts a serparate disassembly desin and ingeniouly designed breakpoints to reduce damage to the parts of crash the drone and reduce maintainance costs. 
3. Umbrella Folding 
The X6100 frame adopts classic umbrella folding method, which minimizes the size of the drone after folding, more convenient to storage or carry out. 
4. Quick Release Battery Track
The X6100 drone battery track cooperates with the spring posioning knob to realize the tool-free replacement of the battery compartment, more convenient to use. 
5. Full Waterproof Body
The design of the whole drone is dustproof and waterproof, and the protection grade is IP65, which can fly in the rain.
6. Expanded Mounting Platform
The X6100 is capable of different mounting platforms, such as the gimbal, Pod, magaphone, releasing devices and etc. 

EFT X6100 Drone Review


EFT X6100 Drone Assembly Guide Video



The design of the whole machine is dustproof and waterproof, and the protection
grade is IP65, which can fly normally in the rain.

EFT X6100 Industrial Drone - Light Load Flying Platform SCALABLE MOUNTING PLATFORM
The expandable mounting platform can be adapted to equipment used in different industries, such as carrying PTZ, pod, megaphone, throwing device, etc.
The arm adopts a separate disassembly design and ingeniously designed
breakpoints to reduce damage to the parts of the bomber and reduce
maintenance costs
UMBRELLA FOLDING DESIGN : The whole machine adopts the classic umbrella-shaped folding method, which minimizes the size after folding, and is convenient for storage.
EFT X6100 Industrial Drone Size and Weight
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With the spirit of craftsman, providing high performance drone frames and seeding and spraying systems to support commercial uavs development worldwide is the purpose of EFT development.
Has won the trust and praise of major brands in more than 100 countries around the world.




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EFT X6100 Drone Review: Redefining Industrial Hexacopters

In the ever-evolving landscape of drone technology, the EFT X6100 drone emerges as a formidable player, specifically crafted for light payload industrial applications. This hexacopter boasts a 1000mm wheelbase, ensuring stability and efficiency in a variety of industrial settings. Let's dive into the intricacies of the EFT X6100, exploring its parameters, specifications, and the innovative features that set it apart in the industry.

EFT X6100 Drone Parameters: Unveiling Precision and Power


  • The X6100 drone impresses with a 1000mm wheelbase, providing a stable and reliable foundation for industrial tasks.

Weight and Payload:

  • The single rack weight stands at 2.75KG, ensuring a lightweight yet durable structure.
  • The maximum take-off weight reaches an impressive 12KG, showcasing the drone's robust capacity.
  • An effective load of 3-5KG further emphasizes its versatility in carrying various payloads.

Power System:

  • The recommended motor options include the powerful 4216/5008, emphasizing the drone's ability to handle demanding industrial applications.
  • Complemented by a recommended 40A ESC, the power system ensures smooth and efficient operation.

Flight Time and Battery:

  • The drone boasts an impressive flight time of 45 minutes, a critical factor for sustained industrial operations.
  • Compatibility with 6S batteries ranging from 16000-22000mAh provides flexibility for extended flight durations.

Waterproof Capability:

  • The EFT X6100 excels in challenging conditions with its IP67 waterproof rating, allowing it to operate in various weather scenarios.

Specifications: Unraveling the Details

Design and Dimensions:

  • The hexacopter unfolds to a size of 1447x1447x569mm, ensuring a substantial presence during operations.
  • Folding down to 541x478x525mm, the compact size facilitates easy storage and transportation.

Frame and Arm Details:

  • The frame's weight, at 2.75kg, strikes a balance between structural integrity and weight efficiency.
  • Individual arm length is set at 325mm, contributing to the drone's overall stability.

Recommended Parts:

  • Motor: 4216/5008 brushless motor for optimal performance.
  • ESC: 40A brushless ESC for efficient power management.
  • Propeller: 17"/18" Propeller, balancing thrust and stability.
  • Battery: 6S 16000-22000mAh Battery, offering a range of power options.

Innovative Features:

1. Modular Design:

  • The X6100 embraces a modular design, simplifying assembly and maintenance. The integrally formed fuselage frame enhances structural integrity.

2. Separate Arm Disassembly:

  • The drone's arms feature a separate disassembly design with strategically placed breakpoints, minimizing damage in case of a crash and reducing maintenance costs.

3. Umbrella Folding:

  • Adopting the classic umbrella folding method, the X6100 minimizes its size after folding, enhancing convenience for storage and transportation.

4. Quick Release Battery Track:

  • The battery track, in collaboration with a spring positioning knob, allows tool-free battery compartment replacement, streamlining operations.

5. Full Waterproof Body:

  • Designed to be dustproof and waterproof with an IP65 protection grade, the drone can operate seamlessly even in rainy conditions.

6. Expanded Mounting Platform:

  • The X6100's versatility extends to its mounting platforms, accommodating various devices such as gimbals, pods, megaphones, and releasing devices.



The EFT X6100 drone stands as a testament to the evolution of industrial hexacopters. With a focus on precision, power, and adaptability, it redefines the possibilities in light payload applications. From its modular design to the innovative umbrella folding mechanism, every aspect reflects a commitment to efficiency and user-friendly operation. As industries continue to embrace the advantages of drone technology, the EFT X6100 positions itself at the forefront, ready to elevate industrial operations to new heights.



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