Collection: EFT X Series

EFT X Series Light Load Flying Platform

The EFT X Series, encompassing the X6100 and X6120 models, represents a leap forward in the domain of light load flying platforms. Engineered for versatility, durability, and performance, these drones are tailored to meet the diverse needs of education, scientific research, and various industry applications. Below, we break down the features, design innovations, and specifications that set the X6 Series apart, highlighting their potential to revolutionize aerial tasks.

Modular Integrated Fuselage

  • Design Philosophy: The X6 Series features a modular integrated fuselage for streamlined structure and ease of assembly, enhancing operational efficiency and maintenance simplicity.
    • The X6100 utilizes a durable nylon + glass fiber material, offering a balance between lightweight design and structural integrity.
    • The X6120 opts for nylon + carbon fiber material, prioritizing strength and reduced weight for improved performance.

Separate Arm Disassembly

  • Innovative Breakpoints: Both models are designed with separate arm disassembly and ingeniously incorporated breakpoints. This design philosophy minimizes damage during operations and significantly lowers maintenance costs.
    • The X6100 features a carbon tube diameter of 25mm.
    • The X6120 increases this diameter to 30mm, accommodating higher load capacities and enhanced durability.

Umbrella Folding Design

  • The X6 Series adopts an umbrella-shaped folding mechanism, drastically reducing the drone's size when folded and simplifying storage and transport.

Quick Release Battery Track

  • A user-friendly battery guide rail, coupled with a spring positioning knob, enables tool-free battery swaps, making the process swift and hassle-free.

Full Waterproof Body

  • With an IP65 rating, the drones are fully dustproof and waterproof, capable of normal operation in rainy conditions, thereby expanding the operational envelope.

Scalable Mounting Platform

  • The series boasts an expandable mounting platform, adaptable to various industry-specific equipment like gimbals (PTZ), pods, megaphones, and even material dropping devices.

Performance and Specifications

Optional E5 Motor Set for X6100

  • An optional upgrade, the E5 motor set pairs with an 18-inch folding propeller, offering higher efficiency, more stable performance, and complete waterproofing.

Performance Parameter Table Highlights

  • Efficiency: The E5 335KV motor, when tested with an 18-inch propeller at 24V, demonstrates impressive efficiency metrics across various throttle settings, with optimal balance between power use and thrust output.

Product Parameters

X6100 Specifications

  • Wheelbase: 1000mm
  • Frame Weight: 2.82kg
  • Empty Weight: 4.85kg
  • Full Load Weight: 12kg
  • Effective Load: 0-3kg
  • Recommended components include the E5 motor, 40A ESC, 18-inch blade, and 16-22Ah (6S) battery.

X6120 Specifications

  • Wheelbase: 1290mm
  • Frame Weight: 3.04kg
  • Empty Weight: 7.5kg
  • Full Load Weight: 18kg
  • Effective Load: 0-5kg
  • Recommended components include the X6Plus motor, 60A ESC, 24-inch blade, and 16-22Ah (12S) battery.

Multi-Purpose Expansion

The EFT X6 Series is not just a flying platform; it's a versatile tool designed to expand the capabilities of various sectors, including education, scientific research, and industry applications. With its robust design, advanced features, and customizable options, the X6 Series stands ready to meet the challenges of modern aerial operations and research activities, paving the way for innovative solutions and enhanced efficiency in a multitude of fields.